Axie Infinity Game: What Is, How to Play and Make Money


Tactical Battles


iOS, MacOS, Android & PC


Ronin, Ethereum






Guilds, co-op challenges / TBD


Earn SLP on victory in    PVE & PVP     


Tactics and strategy, nice      graphics

Axie Infinity Game: What Is, How to Play and Make Money

What Is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a turn-based collectible NFT game based on Ethereum and Ronin blockchains, in which players fight against computer opponents or other players using virtual Axie creatures. The prototypes for these creatures were axolotls, some of the strangest creatures on our planet. During battles, the player earns a cryptocurrency called the Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which can be sold for money or used to breed new Axies.

The game is developed by the Vietnamese company Sky Mavis. The basic game mechanics resemble those of the Pokémon games. In Axie Infinity, for example, you can grow, collect, fight, and trade Axie creatures. This solution allowed the developers to make the entry threshold to the game as low as possible.

Token name


Market Cap

Axie Infinity (AXS)


$ 7.14B

Axie Infinity is now one of the most popular and dynamically developing NFT games. At the time of its ICO launch in late October 2020, the AXS token price was £0.1; in December 2021, AXS is capitalized at £6,430,604,197 with a price per token of £105.51. In July 2022, the AXS token has a price of £13.80 and a capitalization of £1,138,259,359.

Should You Pay Attention to This Game?

The game has many mechanics worked out over the years, borrowed from Pokémon and other similar games, making the game understandable even to those who have never played a video game. Featuring pleasing graphics, balanced gameplay and charming Axies creatures, the game allows players to have fun, relax and unwind.

However, Axie Infinity was conceived as an accessible way for everyone to learn about blockchain technology, and it's just another video game. Axie Infinity is also a financial tool, so it should be treated with caution — just like any other way to invest.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Axie Infinity



  • Available on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android
  • The Play to Earn system
  • Fight, collect and raise your pets in a vast universe
  • One of the most popular NFT games, you can always find an opponent
  • Opportunity to earn cryptocurrency legally
  • To start playing, you need to buy 3 Axie
  • Ethereum and AXS are the only accepted payment methods
  • High commission on sales on the marketplace

SLP and AXS tokens

SLP and AXS tokens

There are two types of tokens available to players in Axie Infinity.

Small Love Potion (SLP) are service tokens that are used to reward winners and to pay for in-game activities such as Axie breeding. 

Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) are ERC-20 platform control tokens. They are needed for:

  • Governance. AXS holders can vote on governance issues;
  • Steering. Holders can steer tokens with a yield of around 40% per annum;
  • Payments. Players can make in-game payments to purchase Axie, digital real estate and in-game items.

How exactly I can make money in Axie Infinity?

By playing and winning at Axie Infinity, you earn SLP tokens. These tokens are traded on Binance, KuCoin, and FTX. The SLP cryptocurrency earned can be withdrawn 14 days after the first game. Subsequent withdrawals are every 14 days.
There are several ways to earn SLP in the game itself, let's look at them in order.

Daily Quest

Daily Quest is updated once a day and consists of three items:

  • Daily check in. You have to check in by pressing the “Check In” button.
  • Complete 10 Adventure mode levels. It's necessary to pass 10 adventures (you can pass the first level 10 times, for example).
  • Win 5 Arena matches. You need to win 5 arena matches.
    After completing the quests and pressing the Claim button, you will receive 25 SLP.

PvP Arena

This is where Axie battles other users. Battles are fought in teams of three on three. The winner receives the bounty in SLP and raises their rank. The higher the ranking, the higher the bounty, but also the tougher the opponents.

PvE Adventures

If you're not ready for PVP battles, you can always take a trip through the Axie universe. There, you'll fight enemies that are controlled by the computer. Each new enemy you face will be stronger than the one you defeated previously.
You will be able to earn a maximum of 100 SLP per 24 hours in this mode.


Axies can be cross-bred to produce offspring. Each Axie can participate in breeding a maximum of 7 times. The commission for Breeding is 4 AXS tokens, a fixed amount that is sent to the Axie Community Treasury. The resulting offspring can be sold on the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

How to start playing?

How to start playing?

Step 1 — Downloading the game client

The first thing to do is to download the game client from the official website. On the website, click on the "Play Now" button and the system will prompt you to download a file to install the software. In the window, you should select the appropriate option, depending on the software of the device on which you plan to play: Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. In this article we will look at the option of using a personal computer.

Creating an account

Step 2 — Creating an account

To start playing Axie Infinity, you need to buy characters. You can do this with the Ronin cryptocurrency wallet. It can be installed as a browser extension from or as an Android or iOS app.

Using the browser extension, the wallet can be created quite easily:

  • Create a password
  • Write down the Recovery Phrase
  • Enter the Recovery Phrase verification words

On other devices, the steps to create a Ronin wallet are similar to those above.

Log In

After creating a cryptocurrency wallet, you need to log in to the Axie Infinity Marketplace using the created Ronin account.

Choosing a user name

After logging in, you will need to give your username. Then an email address and a password for the game account have to be provided. You can then move on to the next step.

Step 3 — Buy characters

You can purchase Axie on the Axie Infinity marketplace. The animals are sold as adults as well as matured (in an egg). They will subsequently grow into full-grown Axies. It takes 5 days from the egg stage to the emergence of a specimen.
The main page of the platform allows you to select the characteristics of interest, including Axie class and age. There are also tools on the platform to sort the offers by price.

Step — 4 Start the game

After the purchase of three Axies, the game can be started. This requires logging into the previously downloaded game client with the Axie Infinity account created at the end of step two.

How to play Axie Infinity? 

Axie Infinity Gameplay

Who are the Axie

As mentioned above, Axie are axolotls that live in a world called Lunacia.

Each Axie has its own special characteristics that distinguish it from its counterparts. For example, Axie differ in the number of body parts and colour. You can find the characteristics in the Axie cards on the Axie Infinity Marketplace and in your personal cabinet.

There are several classes of Axie. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the main Axie classes:

  • Beast. Warriors capable of inflicting significant damage on the enemy. They have poor health, though.
  • Plant. High health. Can heal. Slow movement speed is a major drawback.
  • Bug. High life span and hit accuracy. Inferior to other Axie species in strength.
  • Bird. Fastest Axie. All other Stats, including Health and Fighting Power, are less than other Axie species.
  • Reptile. Axies are fast and hardy. Low impact strengths distinguish them from other Axie species.
  • Aquatic. Good health and speed are two things that set them apart. Disadvantages include low hit accuracy.

An Axie upgrade is available to the player. This will require replacing parts of the Axolotl's torso. These affect basic performance and can be:

  • Normal;
  • Rare;
  • Ultra-rare;
  • Legendary;
  • Mystical.

The latter are extremely rare and only occur in a small fraction of the special animals — Origin Axie.

Game modes

Game modes

Axie Infinity has two game modes: PVP Battles and PVE Adventure. Each player is allocated 20 units of energy per day, a local currency that must be used to pay for playing in one mode or another. For example, one PVP game will cost you one energy unit. So before you start playing, you'll need to figure out how much energy you're willing to spend on each game mode.

PVP Battles

PVP Battles

This mode is battles between live players in a special arena. There are three pets on each side in combat. Axies, assigned to roles, take turns dealing damage to enemy fighters. The winner is the player whose team defeats all three enemy pets. Crushing the enemy gives experience and useful items such as power-ups, potions and other resources.

Deploying your pets correctly and making the most of their abilities and strengths is vital to the battle. PVP battles are available once every four hours. Users can only fight six battles in a day.

PVE Adventure

PVE Adventure

In this mode, the player explores the world of Lunacia with their pets. The player will encounter hostile creatures that grow stronger and stronger over time. Each defeat brings experience points to level up the player's pet, and periodically the player will need to start over from the beginning, as sooner or later they will come across an opponent whom they cannot defeat. It can be said that this mode is a typical roguelike game.

Axie's roles on the battlefield

Positioning is very important, and primarily because of the way Axie chooses targets to attack. They choose them very simply by attacking the closest enemy. If two targets are the same distance from the attacker, the selection will be random. This also means that in the front line there is usually a tank that takes the most damage and in the back line there is a tank that has little health but needs to do as much damage as possible. Therefore, Axies are divided into three types of fighters:


Each team needs an endurance fighter on the front line to absorb enemy damage. Tanks will protect your back lines while you're trying to get energy and cards to perform combos. Otherwise, all your flimsy Axie will simply die before they can even deal damage.

Axie Plants are the best candidate for the tank position. They have the most health, and their cards have bonuses that allow them to heal themselves or allies and increase their survivability and benefit in all ways. They also have a high defence rating.

Damage Dealer

These are Axies who deal damage to Axis. Their job is to deal as much damage as they can or to play a 3 or 4 card combo before they are killed that will definitely eliminate one of their opponents. Beasts and Birds are usually very high damage, high speed but low HP and weak shield, so they are usually placed on the mid or far line.

Water creatures deserve special mention, as they can compete with the aforementioned classes here as well.


A support player that can e.g. debuff an enemy Axie and heal both yourself and your teammates. Speaking of classes, this is tricky because a lot of times supporters will have other classes, like Insects or Water creatures. Axes with a lot of health and some really useful effects, like Fear Imposition, buffing, or attack and speed reduction are great to have as a support in any case.

For more details on what the Axie Infinity game modes are like, see the video below:

Staking lands

In July 2022, Axie Infinity resumed land staking. The reward for staking depends on the degree of rarity the player possesses. The rarer the land, the more AXS tokens you will receive. Up to 30 lands can be staked per account. Let's look at the types of lands available to players:

Axie Infinity Team

Sky Mavis is a game studio that has focused on technology since its inception in 2018. It has more than 40 full-time employees and is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Axie Infinity's leading team members are:

Savannah plot

The price of such land at the time of writing starts at £1,670. For a Savannah plot, you will receive 0.08 AXS, approximately one pound per day. The payback on a stake is very long, around 1,000 days. Indeed, in addition to the normal steak, you will be able to generate additional income using this plot in-game.

Forest plot

The price of a Forest plot on the market is about £3,000, but in this case, it will bring us 0.26 AXS per day, which is £3 per day. If we take the payback in this case, we can expect 600-700 days. Do not forget that in-game land will also generate income.

Arctic plot

The price of such land is £6300, and gives a land of 0.74 AXS, or the same £9 a day. Payback 550 days.

Mystic plot

This land will bring 1.64 AXS per day and costs £20,400. Payback will be 600 days.

Genesis plot

The most expensive and luxurious type of land. It is expensive, or £235,000 and currently on sale is not a single plot. Payback of such land is 622 days.

As you can see, there is almost no difference in payback time. All lands have an average payback time of 500-600 days. It is therefore necessary to weigh the risks carefully before selecting the type of land and buying it. To find out the cost of land and to buy it, follow this link.

Trung Thanh Nguyen — CEO

Linked In / GitHub / Twitter

Aleksander Leonard Larsen — COO

Linked In / Twitter

Tu Doan — Art Director and Game Designer

Linked In


The game's developers have a roadmap showing the future development of the project until the end of 2022. It can be found on the project's website.


The developers at Sky Mavis take their game universe very seriously. They call their product revolutionary, saying they strive to make it one that the player community manages its development and economy. And of course, have fun playing the game. You can read more about the developers' vision for their product on their website.


Play-to-Earn games can be highly risky due to price volatility. It is worth remembering that the tokens used by Axie Infinity are not only in-game currency, but also cryptocurrency traded on an exchange. This type of investment requires a balanced approach. Gamers' investment in the game could suffer. We do not encourage you to invest your money in such products, and we are not responsible for any money lost. All investments you make are at your own risk.


Is Axie Infinity a pyramid scheme?

Axie Infinity is a long-term investment related project whose activities are in plain sight. So, this project is not a pyramid scheme.

Can Axie be hacked?

In March 2022, the Ronin network on which the game runs was hacked. The hacker managed to get their hands on 173,600 ETH, as well as USDC Stablecoins worth a total of $25.5 million. Immediately after discovering the hack, the developers began acting to create defences against future attacks.

Is Axie Infinity a scam in the UK?

Axie Infinity is not a scam. The game is legal in the UK.


Axie Infinity was conceived as an accessible way for everyone to learn about blockchain technology. While the game has many mechanics borrowed from Pokémon and other similar games, Axie Infinity's ecosystem has much more to offer.

In Axie Infinity, everyone can experience the joy of owning a pet, albeit a digital one. The game has nice graphics, clear gameplay and can allow players to have fun, relax and unwind.
However, not everyone plays just for the fun of it. Some players have managed to make a fortune. For example, John Aaron Ramos, 22, claimed to have bought two houses in the Philippines with the profits from the game.

The “play and earn” system is just one of the many features of the game. According to the developers, players will soon have almost complete control over the development of the game and its ecosystem. Thanks to the AXS-based control system, they will be able to decide in which direction the game will evolve in the future.

Previously, new players had to pay a high price, around £600, just to join the game. Now, with the drop in the price of in-game tokens, the game has become available to a wider range of individuals.

It should not be forgotten that Axie Infinity is not just a game, but also a financial tool that should be treated with caution. 

Axie Infinity Game: What Is, How to Play and Make Money

Axie Infinity Rating Summary 

87% Overall

We have analyzed key features of Axie Infinity based on 3 important criteria for choosing Move to earn games:

  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Analysis of token value, capitalization and year-end value forecasts from analysts.
    Based on researches and our own tests, we have made an independent rating.

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