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The cryptocurrency fever is spreading to more and more familiar areas of life and changing them to suit itself. We've already written about the Play2Earn concept and Move2Earn, and today we're talking about the Let me speak project, which was the founder of the Learn2Earn idea. LetMeSpeak is an app, what makes it different from other language learning apps, and whether you can make money with it - we'll explore it together.

What is Let me Speak?

What is Let Me Speak

LetMeSpeak is a service for learning English created by a team of professionals who have been engaged in language applications for more than 10 years - their audience exceeds 30 million people worldwide, so they know exactly what users need.

According to the developers, the main problem that makes people quit learning is the lack of motivation. That's why they decided to combine learning with earning. As with Play2Earn, the Learn2Earn model is based on NFT. Users use in-game tokens to earn rewards while learning, and are free to buy and sell them on the marketplace.

However, if you're only interested in learning, Let Me Speak will suit you too - you can learn English here for free, without any investment. The team also plans to implement a scholarship system in 2022 to provide additional motivation for talented students. Let's take a closer look at how to start learning.

Should You Pay Attention to This Game?

If you decide to learn new language or improve your skill this game exactly for you.
With Let me speak your study will give you mental and material profit. Note that this is one of the first L2E applications available right now, it can be compared to the recent hit Stepn.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Let Me Speak


  • Nice and ergonomic design
  • Learn to earn system
  • Low price NFT


  • Not available on Android
  • Anonymous team

How to start play in Let Me Speak?

Step 1

Go to the LetMeSpeak website - https://market.letmespeak.org/#/ and click Sign Up in the upper right corner. Then fill in the proposed questionnaire, check the box and click Create my account.

Step 2

Connect a wallet in Solana network - click Register Wallet and choose your option (the most common wallet is Phantom, you can download it here - https://phantom.app/download ). After choosing, you sign the transaction - now your wallet is connected to your LetMeSpeak account.

Step 3

Buy an NFT by clicking Marketplace at the top of the screen and selecting your favorite character. Each of them has several key characteristics, which are reflected in the illustration.

It is important to understand that in this case you are not just buying an NFT, but an already rocked (to some extent) character in a foreign language app. Hence, each character has different characteristics, learned skills and achievements.

Step 4

Go to My account menu (upper right corner) and move the purchased characters to Active characters. Initially, the NFTs you purchased are in the Inventory field. You can have as many characters there as you like, but you have to move them to the Active characters field in order to earn language tuition. To do this, press the Pick button and select the desired characters.

Step 5

Press the Play and Earn button and choose the version of the game you want to play. Play on Web - the game in a browser (quite convenient). Play on Iphone - the game in the application on the iPhone (can be downloaded from the Apple Store).

Step 6

Learn and customize the interface. The previous owners of your characters may speak a different language, so in order to pass the tasks normally, go first to Settings (the gear in the upper right corner), and then select the native language.

Step 7

Complete the tasks and earn LSTARs. Go to the Grammar section and select any topic, such as the Past tense. After that, you will be prompted to either Read the rule (relevant to the exercise) or you can immediately click on Practice.

After you press Practice, you will start an interactive game. You will need to put the words in a sentence in the correct order. The content of all exercises is different, but the logic is always the same. The faster and more correctly you complete the task, the faster the moped reaches the star. Obviously, the more stars you get for the level - the better. If you make mistakes, you will have your heart taken away. 3 mistakes - the attempt is nullified.

After each level, you will be shown the results - how many LSTARs you have earned and how much experience you have gained.

Step 8

Convert your LSTARs into USDC. Go to My account, click Claim (to take tokens) and then click Swap to USDC. Received USDC - this is your profit in a secure, liquid token.

How to choose character in Let Me Speak

Presented characters are rare and are designed for users of different payloads and orientation. When choosing, you should first decide what you want from the game. Below we have marked the main parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing.

character attributes Let Me Speak

Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary

The rarity of the character. The higher the rarity, the higher the potential yield of the character.
Rewards rate - the level of accruals - depends on the rarity, can be over 100%, directly affects the yield.

Daily Earnings

Specified range in LSTAR - the internal currency of the game. If you hover over the i in a circle you will see the current dollar values of earnings (so you can calculate the potential profitability of your character).
Talent level learning speed - your character's learning curve


The skills, which were developed on the account of your character in the process of training

Visa Days Left

Visa is a certain number of days during which you can earn without a commission. At the end of the visa, it can be extended (your character will be like renting a room - pay a small % of the earnings received for the classes).
If you are satisfied with all the parameters of your character, click the Buy now button next to the character you like.

How to earn in Let Me Speak

The earning mechanic is honed for NFT: if you have a paid character token, you can get currency for progress in training. Then the received LSTAR, in-game token, can be exchanged for USDC on Solana.

how to earn let me speak

Later, there are plans to add Scholarship - simply put, you can rent or lease NFTs. This model will suit investors who want to earn, but don't have the time or desire to learn the language, and users who are not willing to spend. Although so far the entry threshold is quite comfortable compared to Play2Earn projects.

Let me speak markeplace

Community in the chats told that the legendary NFT char payback about 50 days, and the average earnings on ordinary characters - 2.5-3 dollars, depending on the level of talent.

Also, earning is limited to energy - you can spend a total of 100 units of energy per day, within a day they will be restored. This helps to balance the economy, and also once again shows that the main purpose of the project - learning language, not making money.

And finally, about the mint. For each character initially available 6 mint's, here are called invites. After 3 invites you will have a chance to drop a rarer NFT, 6 epic is guaranteed. That's why characters with zero mint's are taken on the marketplace reluctantly. Let's look at specific numbers.

Suppose we take two NFTs with zero mint's for $560 and $575. The mint itself costs 16800 LSTAR for them, that's $487. If we cross them, it turns out that the first 2 invites we spent $1135 on will drop in value to $1,000 when sold. The $487 character we got can be sold for about $530 at best. Minus the 4% commission we will get $508.

Total when selling 3 characters: income is $1508, expense is $1622. That's a minus. While there is no profit, but with the influx of new users, the situation may change.

Let Me Speak Character

Let Me Speak Team Project

Team of 20+ people from product development, digital assets and marketing. Based in London, Dubai.

Social media


Let Me Speak Roadmap

LetMeSpeak pitfalls

But it's not that simple. In essence, Let Me Speak works according to the model with the first payment and subsequent subscription - the "visa days left" column of the character shows just how many free days he has left. Depending on the rarity you will be available from 90 to 210 days. This restriction was introduced by the creators to additionally encourage users not to miss days.

Extend the "visa" will be possible for the in-game token LSTAR, which pays rewards for completed lessons. The cost of the subscription is not yet known and will likely be based on demand. The project is now on a high with more than a million and a half installations, and the value of NFTs sold has crossed $1 million.

There are other spoons of tar in this barrel. Users have noticed a large number of bot accounts in the app's official Twitter feed.

We should not close our eyes to the fact that more than 91% of the project's tokens are concentrated in 10 owners (most likely, ovners and team members)

That is, there are questions to the project, but so far it looks like you can earn profits here and now, but what will be in the long term - is still unclear.


As in any other type of investment, the reader is responsible for all possible risks. The author of this article shall not be liable for possible losses from investment decisions made by third parties based on the information contained in this article. In preparing this article, information from public and official sources was used, the information is current at the time of this publication, which is May 6, 2022. The author is not responsible for the accuracy of the information in the above sources.


Which language is supported?

Now only English, but developers promised add all international languages of communication.

Will i earn if my language skill is low?

Yes, game was made to improve you not to shame, you will earn as many as your character can if you enough want it.

Is Let me Speak a scam ?

It is not scam because full functions to learn is available for free. Invest or not only you decide.


Before you sign up for Let Me Speak, it makes sense to look at the economics of the project and choose the best character for your needs. Now the price of Uncommon NFT starts at $ 83, a day they can get 2-3 dollars. The cheapest Legendary cost 1800-1900 dollars and bring 20-30 dollars. Thus, the actual payback Uncommon characters in the basic scenario is 30-40 days, Legendary - 60-90 days.

What is Let Me Speak

Let me Speak Rating Summary 

70% Overall

We have analyzed key features of Genopets based on 3 important criteria for choosing Learn to earn games:

  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Analysis of token value, capitalization and year-end value forecasts from analysts.
    Based on researches and our own tests, we have made an independent rating.

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