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Move to earn is a concept designed to encourage exercise and activity. Commonly referred to as M2E, Move to earn includes many projects that use motion sensor technology to create a new niche GameFi that promotes physical activity and healthy living.

How to choose the Best Move To Earn project?

As M2E apps become mainstream, you may be looking forward to joining them. But first, you need to understand how FitnessFi apps work and how you can get the most out of your workouts.


Whether you use a fitness tracker, an app, or something else, you need to make sure that your exercises are recorded accurately.

Simple registration

Cryptocurrency apps with complicated registration procedures often discourage newcomers to cryptocurrency. From cumbersome KYC checks to complicated wallet management, many M2E cryptocurrency apps intelligently avoid these pitfalls by simplifying the registration process.

Comfort of use

M2E apps won't do you any good if they're not easy to use. The best FitnessFi apps are intuitive and designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to not only sign up, but to start your fitness journey, participate in competitions, contests, games and more.

Cryptocurrency Tokenomics

M2E apps won't do you any good if they're not easy to use. The best FitnessFi apps are intuitive and designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to not only sign up, but to start your fitness journey, participate in competitions, contests, games and more.

Top 10 Move to Earn Projects

On the wave of popularity and the huge variety, we have selected for you the most interesting projects. Although they have the same concept, but each offers its own interesting implementation.

1. STEPN (GMT and GST)


We can safely say by the growth rate of STEPN that it is one of the best M2E cryptocurrencies today. STEPN is a lifestyle app built on the Solana ecosystem. It combines elements of GameFi and SocialFi, encouraging users to "move" to earn cryptocurrency or other rewards. As the name implies, STEPN only requires you to "step" or move, and your movements earn STEPN tokens, which you can use to mine NFT Sneakers or exchange for altcoins.

The STEPN project has two tokens of its own. A useful GST token is earned by running, exercising, and other interactions with various game activities. You can use a GST token to repair or upgrade sneakers and other in-game items, as well as to exchange for USDC stablecoins. On the other hand, a GMT token is a management token that you can earn by making runs and participating in in-game activities, and it distributes game profits and high-level in-game activities. You can also exchange GMT tokens for stablecoins.

2. Genopets (GENE)


This is a mobile role-playing game that gives you access to a digital "animal" that evolves as you go. As you complete various daily tasks, the fate of your Genopet will become clearer, and you will be rewarded for completing exercises. Each day you will have new opportunities to advance in the game, improving and perfecting your Genopet's Non-Flying Token (NFT), customizing it so that it becomes as unique as you are.

You can earn XP for your daily steps and use them daily to upgrade your Genopet. You can also take your Genopet with you into the battle arena to play for money on various items staked and to battle against other players in games designed to develop your cognitive skills. As you progress through the game, you can create and improve NFT crystals, earn staking energy and tokens, participate in fitness challenges, and earn achievement's.

Find out more about Genopets

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3. Calo Run (CALO and FIT)

Calo Run

Calo is one of the best M2E crypto apps based on running, in which you can earn tokens just by moving. It has two modes in which you can play. In single mode, you have NFT Sneakers, where you have to move for at least five minutes to earn stamina. You must have stamina to earn FIT tokens, and stamina will be replenished once you get NFT Sneakers.

You can participate in Challenge mode weekly and monthly. These challenges bring some variety to your daily workouts and, as the name implies, challenge.

Once you have two Sneakers, you can also combine Sneakers, that is, combine existing Sneakers into a new Sneaker or Shoebox.

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4. Dustland Runner (DOSE)

dustland runner

It is a health and fitness game on the Ethereum blockchain that motivates players to engage in running with the help of rewards. Runs and sprints propel players forward through the game's storyline.

Players' physical results are rewarded with a DOSE token. It can be used to improve characters, access additional features, or sold.

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5. Walken


Walken is game in which you can earn tokens for battles with other players. The game will be built around an NFT character they call CATthlete, working on this character the team was inspired by Tamagotchi.

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The idea behind playing DEFY is that you walk around in the real world with your feet, in the game app you hack towers, get wallets, which you then also hack, and thus get in-game tokens, which can then be exchanged for on chain tokens

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7. SkateX


SkateX is an NFT-driven skateboarding game that is being built on the Solana blockchain.

At its heart, SkateX is an action game, allowing players to perform tricks, complete challenges, and compete with others. Or, just relax with friends and skate around town showing off your swag. SkateX empowers you to carve your own online path.

8.Step App (FITFI)

step app

Step App is another analogue of Stepn, the principle is the same, but the main thing is the details.

Step App uses a dual token system, where FITFI tokens act as Step App control tokens and KCAL tokens are in-game tokens. FITFI tokens benefit from ecosystem fees and will mainly be used for redemption tokens, discounts and stakes. On the other hand, KCAL tokens are used to mine SNEAK NFTs, so users can earn even more KCALs by betting on their SNEAK NFTs and participating in races.

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9. Cycgo


CycGo is built around an essential daily activity for most people – moving around.

Users equip themselves with NFTs in the form of Bicycles. By walking, jogging, or cycling & riding outdoors, users will earn game currency, which can either be used in-game, or cashed out for profit.

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10. Defit


DEFIT (stands for Decentralized Fitness) combines sports, fitness and blockchain to create a digital fitness marketplace. Located on the Ethereum and Polygon networks, the app and its DEFIT tokens have been peer reviewed by none other than Blockchain Consilium. This makes DEFIT one of the best crypto apps to go to for earnings when it comes to preserving user privacy.

With the DEFIT app, you can enjoy an affordable alternative to fitness memberships and a fun and flexible alternative to fiat currencies that offers the flexibility you've come to expect from digital payments. You can access your classes, coaches, and data in real time without the inconvenience of intermediaries, providing a seamless customer experience with a coach and unparalleled support. DEFIT also offers in-app gamification for deeper engagement, exciting rewards and direct transactions between enthusiasts and coaches.

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The Future of Move to Earn projects

Cryptocurrency earning apps are predicted to continue to grow in popularity, which means that the user base will increase as well. Now is a good time to start working with M2E apps while the cost of entry is still relatively low, which could help boost overall earnings. FitnessFi users who plan to work with their M2E apps at least daily, and those who are active enough or have powerful upgrades, can expect the biggest rewards and benefits not only for their digital wallets, but also for their wealth.


Move-and-earn projects can be highly risky due to price volatility. This type of investment requires a balanced approach. Gamers' investment in the game could suffer. We do not encourage you to invest your money in such products, and we are not responsible for any money lost. All investments you make are at your own risk.


Physical activity is good for your body and mind, and with M2E apps, it can also be good for your bottom line. With the right FitnessFi app, you can set personal and societal goals, track distance and speed, create specific fitness goals, and track the number of calories burned. The goal of FitnessFi is not just fitness, but enjoyment and profit. As you achieve various goals, you can progress through levels, unlocking benefits and rewards that can supplement your income and boost your bottom line with the best cryptocurrencies to earn money.

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