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What Is Cloud Mining?

What Is Cloud Mining?

Cloud mining is the mining of cryptocurrency using the computing power of specialized data centers. Its main difference from traditional mining is that the user does not need to purchase the necessary expensive equipment, software, pay increasing payments for electricity, etc. Thus, cryptocurrency mining takes place in the cloud.

To know what Bitcoin mining is, you also need to know what Bitcoin is and how it works. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, and incidentally the one with the highest price.

Bitcoin, like most other crypto currencies, works with a data system called blockchain. Blockchain, as its name suggests, is a series of blocks also called nodes.

These nodes store transactions in a decentralised manner: there is no central authority or owner in the blockchain that keeps an eye on everything, as there is in today's banking system. Yet it is virtually impossible for criminals and fraudsters to manipulate the data in the blockchain, because the nodes constantly monitor each other.

Now we can conventionally distinguish 3 main types of cloud mining:

  • Hosting, which is the rental of equipment that is installed at the provider;
  • Virtual hosting - in this case, a private server is rented, on which the own software for mining cryptocurrency is installed;
  • Capacity rental - the most popular type, the essence is to rent computing power without access to the server.

Advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Mining



  • Saving on hardware, software, related costs;
  • No need for special knowledge in installing and configuring equipment.
  • Risks associated with unscrupulous companies;
  • Lower profit compared to the classic mining.

Overall, cloud mining is a great alternative to the traditional ways of mining cryptocurrency. It is quite easy to engage in such mining, but the main difficulty is the choice of the service that provides the service. The market is growing, the number of offers is increasing, some companies are faithfully fulfilling their obligations, and some are cheating their clients. We offer you a rating of 10 reliable sites for cloud mining.

Cloud mining platform operating since 2018. You determine the optimal hashrate amount, purchase a contract - and get daily income in VTS depending on the selected parameters. There are over 17,000 crypto investors working with Shamining.


  • Accessibility. Minimum deposit is only £250;
  • Daily Payouts. Thanks to the automated payment system, you will be able to withdraw your earnings daily (not less than 0.001 BTC). Cryptocurrency wallets, cards and payment systems are available for payments;
  • Free service. In Shamining there is no need to pay separately for equipment maintenance - everything is included in the cost of rented capacity (GH/s). No matter how powerful miner you use, price for power is the same;
  • Control from any device. You can use your computer or smartphone to control your miners and withdraw funds.

A special calculator will help you calculate your potential earnings in Shamining. You can choose the desired power (in GH/s) or the amount of investment (in USD). Given the current exchange rate VTS, the system will show your possible daily, monthly and annual earnings. The average yield of the project is about 143%.



The world's largest crypto-mining power broker, operating since 2014. NiceHash offers to mine cryptocurrency with its own equipment or rent mining power, directing it to the largest pools, as well as trade more than 50 cryptocurrencies on the built-in exchange.


  • Easy start. Minimum order price is as low as 0.001 BTS for any algorithm;
  • No contracts. You can cancel a trade at any time, getting your money back with no commission;
  • Ball Validity. In NiceHash you will not pay for invalid balls, wrongly configured rigs etc;
  • Real-time data. The system allows you to track statistics on orders and their performance in real time;
  • Multiple pools. You can allocate power to your favorite pool. The system supports Molepool, Nanopool, SoloPool and other platforms.

With the mobile app for Android or iOS you can manage your NiceHash account - e.g. check your mining status, deposit or withdraw cryptocurrency, manage orders, get notifications about any actions happening on the platform, etc.



A bitcoin cloud mining platform, the data center of which is located in the Free Economic Zone of Armenia. The company was created with the support of the Armenian government, so its activity is absolutely legal and investors can be confident in the safety of their investments.

ECOS allows renting capacity of its data center and mining bitcoins without experiencing the difficulties of independent mining. The company has been on the market for more than three years and in that time their number of clients has grown to 50,000 people.

The advantages of ECOS:

  • Prompt customer support on the website and in Telegram
  • Daily payments without extra confirmations
  • Dashboard in which you can track the process of mining
  • Company holds regular promotions in its Telegram-chat 
  • Ability to invest with a bank card, BTC, LTC, XRP and ETH
  • Yield calculator that allows you to predict your profit in advance and compare it to buying cryptocurrency on exchangers
  • Low entry threshold. The cost of the contracts starts at £125, which allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies even for customers with a small capital. You can also participate in one of the promotions of the provider and buy a contract for £49

Cloud mining platform operating since 2018. Provides services for residents of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. With BeMine, miners can place their equipment in the data centers of partners, and ordinary users can purchase and use it, without the need for configuration and maintenance. The total capacity of the service reaches 78.6 thousand Th/s, and more than 16.4 thousand users are clients of the platform.

To start mining you have to register on the platform, top up your balance and purchase suitable equipment (or sign a contract). The equipment is already running and ready to work, so you will get income on the very first day. You will be able to buy more equipment and withdraw your earnings at any time.


  • Rich choice of earning options. You can rent Bitcoin miners and Altcoin miners as well as sign contracts for 6, 8 and 12 months.
  • Buying whole miners or parts of them. If you can't buy an ASIC as a whole, take a fraction of a miner. You can buy up to 1/100th of a share of an ASIC, which will allow you to earn without a major investment. If you buy a whole miner, you can have it delivered door-to-door.
  • Convenient Payment. You can pay for the service via bank cards (Visa, MasterCard), e-wallets (Perfect Money) and even cryptocurrency (VTS).
Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining

The Genesis Mining platform is a service that allows you to engage in cryptocurrency mining in the cloud. At the moment, it supports earning 6 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, ZCASH and Monero. Each of the currencies supports 3 standard tariff plans that differ in cost, extraction volume and term of the contract, as well as the ability to conclude an individual tariff.

Among the advantages of the service are the absence of additional commissions, periodic promotions (distribution of Bitcoins that can be spent to rent computing power), instant earnings after launching without waiting for hardware setup, 100% server uptime. Withdrawal of funds is available after the accumulation of a minimum amount in the account (for each cryptocurrency has its own limit), the transfer of funds is automatic.



Cloud mining service OXBtc is the brainchild of large Chinese company Halleycloud Technology. Among the advantages of the system are:

  • A wide choice of products: users have three investment plans available, as well as the ability to purchase capacity MHs and GHs;
  • High reliability and safety: each account is protected by a two-factor authentication through Google Authenticator application, as well as a unique password that is requested at the moment of funds withdrawal; the company itself has been working on the market for more than 5 years;
  • A variety of bonus system: the loyal approach to clients is expressed through regular promotions and drawings of bonuses, such as free capacity or prize coupons with different denominations.

The service offers 2 main types of deposits: current and fixed. By maneuvering between them, users can recoup all their investments in the shortest possible time.



Hashing24 service has been operating in the claud-mining segment since 2012. Among its advantages are stable capacity and protection against failures, high efficiency from the use of high-tech equipment, prompt execution of all transactions, as well as cryptocurrency mining at the capacity of Bitfury, the leader in the field of mining.

Users of the service can calculate the potential profit thanks to a special calculator based on current statistical data. In addition, every new customer can take advantage of the demo platform, where the robot projects a model of return on investment depending on their volume. All the user has to do is to enter the number of hashes into the simulator, confirm the purchase and see the profits after a day.

All transactions in the system Hashing24 are made in BTC, but the acquisition of capacity can be done through a variety of methods: Bitcoin, bank cards, bank transfer, OkPay payment system.



HashNest is a clud-mining service of one of the leading manufacturers of cryptocurrency mining equipment - Bitmain. The main advantage of the system is the low cost of capacity: this is due to the fact that the equipment lessor is, in fact, its owner, which eliminates a lot of markups from intermediaries. Also, the project allows you to sell and purchase mining at current prices on a special capacity exchange.

The service currently offers contracts for AntMiner S7/S9/L3+ equipment. They are based on the SHA-256 script. Users can mine cryptocurrency with as little as 1 GHs. When working, customers do not pay for electricity, get paid for each block found and have a rollover profit payout.

IQ Mining

IQ Mining

A platform that combines cloud mining and an exchange that supports forex, options and cryptocurrency. Operates since 2016. To earn money from mining you just need to register, buy a suitable contract - and you will be able to withdraw profits every day. A yield calculator will tell you how much you'll earn each day, month and year based on the contract you choose, duration and investment.


  • Rich selection of contracts. IQ Mining offers 1, 2 and 5 year contracts, as well as a lifetime contract;
  • Regular Payouts. You can withdraw your earnings every day in VTN, VSN, ETN and USDT. The minimum amount of payments is equivalent to 10 GBP;
  • Wide network of data centers. Company servers are located in Russia, Canada, Georgia, Iceland, Algeria and China;
  • Loyalty program. Depending on the leased capacity, each user is assigned a status - Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond. The maximum status gives a 5% increase in capacity (i.e. income), as well as provides access to discounts, gifts, etc.

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