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What Is Illuvium?

Illuvium is an open-world fantasy combat game built entirely on the Ethereum blockchain. It uses the Immutable X platform and its Layer-2 scaling technology. It is often referred to as the first true AAA game on Ethereum. The world of Illuvium is a world full of beauty and wonder, populated by creatures known as Illuvials.

The game's gameplay is an automated battle (Battle Arena mode), which results in the winner receiving a reward. Or it can be an Adventure Mode where players can level up their characters' skills, thus preparing them for battle. The characters in Illuvials are non-exchangeable NFT tokens.

ILV Token

By playing Illuvium, the player earns in-game rewards in the form of ILV tokens. This is an ERC-20 token that is compatible with the Ethereum network. The current value of the ILV cryptocurrency can be seen in the chart below:


Should You Pay Attention to This Game?

The game is user-controlled, integrated with a hyper-scalable solution.

Illuvium players get access to transaction times in less than seconds and zero fees for coining and exchanging assets. And all this with user-supported storage.
DeFi betting mechanisms earned in the game can be paid out as recurring rewards to token holders that provide liquidity.

In terms of graphics, Illuvium is one of the best NFT play-to-earn games.

How to play - Illuvium allows you to create your own characters, work with others as needed and compete against the best in the world. In the course of the game you can earn your own game token - ILV.

The project is definitely worth getting to know.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Illuvium



  • Deep and enjoyable gameplay mechanics
  • Unreal Engine 4 promises an immersive world
  • 100% of revenue is returned to the community
  • Strong token release strategy
  • Opportunities for expansion and spin-offs
  • Free NFT game
  • AAA level blockchain game
  • Interesting storyline and good graphics
  • Instant transactions
  • Integration with Immutable X
  • Game play to earn
  • Possible game lag
  • No genuine gameplay footage to back up plans
  • Only 100 illuvials at launch
  • Not available on mobile platforms

How Exactly I can Make Money in Illuvium?

Selling Illuvials

The main way to earn money in Illuvium is by catching and selling illuvials on the IlluviumDEX marketplace. The player simply has to walk around the world and find illuvials of varying rarity. The rarer the illuvial, the more you can sell it for.
IlluviumDEX is an online marketplace where you will be able to sell your illuvial finds for real money.

Battle Arena

Battle Arena

You have to fight your illuvials in the arena, where you get ILV for winning some battles against other players. There will be a betting system and whoever wins will collect all the winnings.

Selling Equipment and In-game Lands

Players can sell and speculate on various types of equipment and valuable resources.
The developers also talk about the possibility of selling in-game lands.

Sale of Illuvial Tokens

Players can collect shards by storing their illuvials in shards. Shards containing illuvials are likely to be donated and/or sold to other players. The more powerful the shard, the more it can be sold on IlluviumDEX.

Selling Gems

Players can sell the gems they find. IlluviumDEX is the best marketplace to sell them. Prize tags are very lucrative.

Selling a Treasure Island

You can also sell treasure islands where you store your treasures. To get lucrative ILV tokens, you need to sell on IlluviumDEX.

Treasure Island

What Other Ways Are There to Get Rich With Illuvium?

Stacking ILV tokens

In addition, Illuvium has an ILV token stacking option with quite flexible conditions and the ability to earn up to 330% per year ( The game also plans to add its own DEX, DAO.

How do I buy ILV? Read our detailed guide here.

How to Start Playing?

There is currently an opportunity to get a chance to be a member of Illuvium's Autobattler Private Beta 1.
Places are limited.

Private Beta

The first private beta will focus on the survival mode. Survival mode is a PVE autobotler in which rangers resist the onslaught of increasingly complex illuvial waves. Total victory is impossible - the question is how long you can survive.

Step 1 - Register an Illuvium account

You must enter a valid e-mail address in the form on the website.

Ready to start

Step 2 - Fill out the Beta Request Form

After registering your account, fill out the Beta Application Form.

Please note that applying does not guarantee that you will get access to the beta test, as space is limited.
It will last as long as it takes to test the systems to ensure they are ready for launch.

Illuvium Gameplay

The main aim of the game is to create your perfect team and strategy. This way, you can outsmart and counter your opponents to gain a place in the competition. Players travel to different regions of the world to encounter and fight monsters called Illuvials.
A further review of the game will show you how to customise your character's appearance. You will also be able to choose a drone to accompany you on your adventures as an assistant. It is called Polymorphic Subordinate Drone or PSD.

Polymorphic Subordinate Drone

There's an RPG in which you can mine, collect, capture and fight Illuvials. Once a team is assembled, you can join the battle in an auto-battler to defeat your opponents.

Steps and Functions Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty straightforward if you understand the basic and important steps and functions. Here are some steps each player should follow.

  • Create a character of your choice
  • Test the effectiveness of your character
  • Send your character to the battlefield
  • Fight as hard as you can, subdue and defeat your enemy
  • Use splinters and various power-ups
  • Acquire free shards
  • Explore as many planets as you can to boost your power
  • Unlock the Obelisks - the keys you were given to the planets


Travelling around the world is done on foot or through Obelisks scattered around the world. There are also towns near these Obelisks, where you will not only build new equipment, but also provide a safe haven away from the Illuvials.
The Obelisks are challenging and provide more treasure.


Weapons are very important in battle. All weapons should be compatible with your fighter. For stronger weapons use gems that can be inserted directly to the weapon. And the more gems or fragments you use, the more likely you will win.



Armour is also very important in battle. If your armour is weak or damaged, repair it. You can do this by waiting a little and then going back to your original position.
On IlluviumDEX, you can find very powerful armour. If you have armour with a universal defence mechanism, you will be comfortable and protected on any planet.

Mining for Minerals

Different planets or landscapes have different treasures. Most often gems and minerals can be mined. During a battle you can attach a found gem immediately to a weapon.

Chief among these treasures are gems. They are very rare and scarce, so if you mine them, keep them safe. On the surface of every planet there are various minerals that are very profitable. Mining gems is good during combat because you can attach them to your weapons immediately.


When you defeat your opponent in battle, you can grab Illuvium in fragments (or shards).

Note: shards have different power levels.

illuvium Shards

Shards are the Illuvium pokéballs, the most important elements of the Illuvium world. They are mined from the ground in raw form. And which shard you retrieve is unknown; it is random in power. The stronger, the rarer. Of course, with strong shards it's easier to catch strong illuvials. Every planet has powerful shards. Always take very good shards with you to catch a strong illuvial.
This is the only way to capture illuvials. It is recommended to fight captured illuvials before preparing for competitive planets. The best way is to extract them and keep them.


Adventures are very exciting, even in the real world you can move from one place to another in search of treasure and valuable items. In this case the Illuvium is an adventure from one world to another, conquering the Illuvium, taking their energy and transforming into more powerful beings.

It's a lot of fun, because the different worlds have different backgrounds and themes. The basic rule of thumb when going on an adventure is to make sure you come back different. The developers have designed the adventures and expeditions in such a way that you can outsmart your challenge.

Players gradually build up a collection of monsters whose powers grow over time, which they can use to travel to more dangerous regions or fight other players.
Each character and monster has different classes and skills. A game mechanic called blending is implemented. It allows you to combine two creatures (Illuvial) into one more advanced creature, and then further improve it.

Who are the Illuvials

Illuvials are divided into 1 of 5 bloodlines and 5 classes . They also have 3 life phases through which to level up, evolving from cubs to deities.

Who are the Illuvials


The most important attributes of illuvials are their affinity and class. There are 5 basic attributes and 5 basic classes in the game. Stronger illuvials can include more than one affinity or class, resulting in a much wider variety of team compositions. The player is rewarded for choosing Illuvials of the same affinity or class with exclusive bonuses. The more monsters on the battlefield with this synergy, the stronger the bonus.


There are 5 basic properties in the game: Water, Earth, Fire, Nature and Air.The damage each Illuvial deals or receives depends on its proximity to each element, as well as the proximity and element of your enemy. A Fire Illuvial will deal extra damage to a Nature Illuvial, but will take more damage from a Water Illuvial. The type of gameplay is very similar to the types of Pokémon and Genshin Impact reactions.
It is very important to consider your enemy's composition, as sometimes your best chance of success is not necessarily your most powerful Illuvial.


There are 5 main classes in the game:

  • Combatant (fighter - probably DPS);
  • Guardian (possibly to be used as a tank);
  • Outlaw (Rogue - should specialise in rear or surprise attacks);
  • Psionic (Psionic - should be the equivalent of a wizard in role-playing games);
  • Empath (Empath - possibly a group healer).

Each roughly corresponds to traditional RPG classes. Each class has its own unique synergy.


When the battle begins, each Illuvial will find an enemy target and begin to attack it. During the battle they will gain energy through attacks and damage. Once they reach a certain limit, they will release a special Ultimate Ability that can change the course of the game.


These Ultimates can deal damage, enhance allies or themselves, impede enemies or hit so hard that enemies are knocked out of the arena. The battle ends when the team is completely defeated.


In Adventure Mode, after a successful encounter, the player will be able to catch defeated Illuvians. To do so, they must use a fragment (shards). They vary in their capture power. This capture power combined with the Illuvial's own power determines the chance of capture. If you succeed, the Illuvial is yours. If you lose, there is a chance the Illuvial will escape. When entering higher level areas it is advisable to use powerful shards, as weaker ones probably won't cut it.

Basically they look like pumpkins! The stronger the Pokéball (Normal, Master, Ultra, etc.), the better the chance of catching a stronger and rarer monster.

Rare Catches

There are some more riddles associated with how Illuvials are caught in fragments. One such mystery is the rare catches. If a capture is successful, there is a small chance that the fragment will be cosmetically altered. Rare catches such as Shiny, Rainbow and Holo can make your Illuvial stand out from the crowd. Each of these types is rarer than the last and gives a uniquely beautiful look to your collection (and more ETH, of course).

Rare Catches

This is a rare monster in Illuvium.


Illuvials do not evolve as in more traditional role-playing games. Instead, they merge to form more powerful stages of development. Two requirements must be met to merge.

  • First, the player must have three identical Illuvials.
  • Secondly, each of them must reach their maximum level attainable in combat.

Of course: the more powerful the fused monster is, the more expensive and valuable it will be in the RCN. That should be the main goal of players who want to make a lot of money playing Illuvium, train and strengthen monsters and then sell them for as much ETH as possible. Players also have the option to team up with one of their Illuvials to earn extra bonuses in battle. Choose wisely, as this is a semi-permanent process.

Experience & Upgrade

Illuvials gain experience and levels with each battle. This is a way to differentiate between two of the same types, as each Illuvial's strength increases with level. It's pointless to leave an Illuvial trapped in a shard without a fight, as it won't advance. But beware, in the jungle, Illuvials defeated in battle will return to their fragments, and it will take time for them to recover.

If you don't want to wait, there are several ways to revive them, including paying a small fee to revive them instantly. Here's a look at what would happen in the Pokémon world if there were no free Pokémon Centres.

A Collection of Resources

It's not just the Illuvians who are fighting. The player is also involved in the battle. In fact, the player character can be one of the most influential elements on the battlefield. Each player wears protective armour and wields futuristic weapons. When your armour and weapons are filled with gems and crystals, they radiate an aura of intimacy and class.


But to produce these weapons, you'll have to mine and gather resources from the environment. And for the adventurer who's short on time, there's always change. This means you can also match items for your character and thereby strengthen yourself so that you can defeat and capture stronger and rarer monsters. This is definitely the part that involves more RPG than any other element in the game.

Journey Through the World

Illuvium is a big world. Luckily, there are scattered obelisks that players can use to instantly move from place to place, opening up access to different regions and different illuvials. More and more obelisks will be unlocked over time, increasing the size of the world. The obelisks also provide some protection against floods. Inside its dome, towns have been built.

This basically sums up the system of quick world travel, which promises to be quite extensive and "safe". These towns are likely to have merchants and item vendors, a monster recovery system and locations for PVP battles.

Game Modes

Once launched, players will be able to travel the world and capture illuvials for their team. This will be the game's Story Mode. Shortly afterwards, battle arenas will be activated, where players will be able to battle each other to see who's the best. Two arenas are planned, both with different rules.

  • Na Ranking arena, players will be on equal footing. Experience levels will be normalised and with each Illuvial there will be a cost in points, making combat much more skill-based.
  • A Leviathan Arena will have no such restrictions. Spectators will also be able to bet on the results of these matches. This is where you go to claim superiority and showcase your collection to make (or lose) money.

Illuvium Team

The leaders of the project, brothers Kieran and Aoron Warwick, have assembled a development team of 75 people to date. They have recruited talent from all over the world.

Kieran Warwick — Co-Founder

Linked In

Aaron Warwick — Co-Founder and Game Designer

Linked In

Basil Gorin— CTO

Linked In


The game's developers have a roadmap showing the future development of the project until the end of 2023. It can be found on the project's website.


Investing in character purchases requires a balanced approach. Since gamers' investment in the game can suffer. We do not encourage you to invest your money in such products and we are not responsible for any money lost. All investments you make are at your own risk.


Can you Become a Millionaire with Illuvium?

The game is uncomplicated and the interface is easy to understand, so there is a great prospect of earning.
You can sell your precious items (shards, gems, Illuviumials) on IlluviumDEX to get profitable ILV tokens. Build the perfect team - recruit your starting players. Compete to become the best. There are many participants, so competition is fierce. Outsmart and counter your opponents strategically to take your place in the competition.

Is Illuvium a Pyramid Scheme?

This project is not a pyramid scheme. Illuvium is a long-term project and the value of the token is constantly growing. We assume that Illuvium will be one of the things that will contribute to changing the world for the better.

Can Illuvium be Hacked?

No, the game is well protected against hacking. The developers of Illuvium take the security of their product very seriously. The game meets all security standards.

Is Illuvium a Scam in the UK?

Illuvium is not a scam. The game is legal in the UK.


Illuvium is a revolutionary project built on the Ethereum (ETH) network of the world's second cryptocurrency in the play to earn genre.
Graphics that will allow developers to attract a large number of users who have never heard of blockchain and cryptocurrencies!
The NFT characters are designed by some of the best artists in the field and include rare glitter and gold illuvials, as well as some never-before-seen 4D holographic shading techniques.
At the heart of the Illuvium project is the desire to create an NFT collectible game that is open, transparent and community driven.
The project is definitely noteworthy, and if the developers continue to be as active, it will gain immense popularity.


Illuvium Review Summary 

86% Overall

We have analyzed key features of Illuvium based on 3 important criteria for choosing Play to earn games:

  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Analysis of $ILV value, capitalization and year-end value forecasts from analysts.
    Based on researches and our own tests, we have made an independent rating.

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