Bitcoin Revolution Platform Review: Legit or a Scam Software

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Bitcoin Revolution review

  • Trading Platform is not a Scam
  • Profit ratio of 88%.
  • Easy and fast withdrawals

Payment methods


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Cardano, XRP, Dogecoin and others.

Available accounts:

Only 50 new accounts a day

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These days, many people are looking for additional income streams. Unfortunately, some projects and jobs yield too little income but require lots of effort. With our focus on trading cryptocurrencies, we want to highlight platforms and services that can help people earn daily profits.

A quick online search will reveal many websites that claim to bring substantial profits from trading crypto. But certain unregulated brokers promise too much while delivering too little. We want to verify whether you can actually trust what they say.

In this review, we’ll be looking at Bitcoin Revolution app. Their trading software is said to have up to a 99.4% accuracy rate. Read on to learn if these claims could be backed up.
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What Is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is a live trading platform with automated trading functionality. The platform is fairly new - it was launched in 2017. Over the last few years, it has managed to build a good reputation, although some hurdles were faced along the way.

Bitcoin Revolution interface

This solution aims to meet the growing investor need for simplified crypto trading. With the Bitcoin Revolution bot, users get the opportunity to enter the market with a very basic understanding of crypto. While a human takes hours or even days to analyze signals and find potentially profitable positions, a bot can do so in just a few moments. Moreover, it might end up generating higher returns.

The Bitcoin Revolution bot speculates on crypto market movements through CFDs. This approach isn’t new - CFDs on stocks have been traded on Wall Street for many years. Only this time, Bitcoin Revolution app automates the process.


Bitcoin Revolution logo




  • Min. Deposit: 250$
  • Success rate: 88%
  • Free registration
  • Quick payout
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History and Notable Dates

There is no exact information on who founded the platform. The website mentions that the team consists of investment bankers and computer mathematicians with years of experience working for leading Wall Street institutional investors. They decided to take their knowledge and create cryptocurrency trading software enabled with an all-time winning algorithm.

Here is how the platform developed over the years:

  • 2015 - A team of Wall Street traders and MIT engineers reportedly gathered to develop automated trading techniques. The tool was initially only available to the founders and people they knew.
  • 2016 - The team claimed to have gained $560 million in profits. In September of that year, they decided to share the platform with the general public.
  • 2017 - This year saw an increase in the popularity of the tool. However, for a short period, the tool wasn’t available
  • 2018 - The tool was reintroduced during the crypto bubble. The automated algorithm was improved based on quantitative and qualitative data and worked well ever since.

Now the website features a trading guide and an option to open a demo account. The first allows you to get familiar with trading terms and strategies. The second allows you to practice in a safe environment without risking your money.

How Does Bitcoin Revolution Software Work?

Bitcoin Revolution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. Based on these technologies, the crypto bot processes fundamental and technical data to determine optimal times to enter trades. They have the ability to open or close trades on behalf of the trader. That said, they don’t roam free. Instead, they use the predefined parameters of the user’s choosing.

The Bitcoin Revolution trading algorithm is advertised to not only react to price movements but also predict them. According to the team, the bot can stay 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. This is due to the immense amounts of data it gathers across the Internet during market analysis.

The platform is partnered with cryptocurrency brokers by way of an API. With Virtual Private Servers (VPS), the trading signals are sent to the broker, and a particular asset is bought or sold.

In addition to automatic algorithms, users can also opt for manual trading. If you feel ready and experienced enough to manage manual trades, you can start customizing all the elements of trading. You can specify trading indicators, set stop loss, indicate daily limits, and more. Based on these particular parameters, the bot can manage assets without human intervention.

Is Bitcoin Revolution Legit in the UK?

With the rise of scammy services, many people are worried about the safety of their funds. Because of it, there are some unpleasant remarks circulating the Internet. For example, some publications are talking about the Bitcoin revolution scam, but we’re here to shine a light on it.

Bitcoin Revolution is a registered brand with the necessary licenses. The bot works as advertised, and there haven’t been any cases of the bot malfunctioning. According to the development team, they were inspired by modern macroeconomic trading models. Those allowed the developers to build their own predictive models to anticipate movements in the short term.

Additionally, we need to talk about the service’s security. Scams aren’t the only thing that might be damaging to traders. Malicious activity must also be considered. Based on our research, Bitcoin Revolution app wasn’t exposed to any hacker attacks. Granted, the platform was taken down for some time in 2017, but it’s unclear whether attacks had anything to do with it.

An important reminder: cryptocurrency trading always comes with a degree of risk. It doesn’t mean that it might turn out to be fraudulent. It simply means that you need to be prepared for occasional losses. The crypto market is very volatile and hard to predict. So, there will inevitably be some unprofitable trades that have nothing to do with the platform’s legitimacy.


Bitcoin Revolution logo




  • Min. Deposit: 250$
  • Success rate: 88%
  • Free registration
  • Quick payout
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Revolution Software

Can you successfully automate your trading activity with Bitcoin Revolution? For your convenience, we’ve listed the pros and cons in the table below.



  • An easy-to-use UI (user interface)
  • The crypto platform has a win-rate accuracy of 90%
  • Bitcoin Revolution allows a minimum deposit of $250
  • Quick transactions
  • All prices, fees, and commissions are transparent
  • Great customer service
  • Identifies with well-known digital currencies exchanges
  • Immediate Edge bot has an application for smartphones.
  • Restricted access based on your country

Bitcoin Revolution’s Main Features

Most trading platforms have similar features. This is unsurprising since you need roughly the same functionality to facilitate crypto trading. But Bitcoin Revolution wanted to put its own twist on each feature.

Fully Automated Trading Bot

The service’s biggest selling point is that they offer full automation. This platform carries out operations directly and automatically through online brokers, even if you're not behind your computer. The team has worked hard to develop its algorithms so that investors won’t need to worry about trading errors.

Once the bot is set up and ready to go, it needs practically no supervision or assistance. It’s up to individual traders whether they monitor it and how often. At first, if you want to be entirely sure of the bot’s effectiveness, visit the terminal to see all open positions. If something isn’t working, consider tweaking the settings. Other than that, it can operate on its own.

Customizable Trade Settings

Like we’ve mentioned, you aren’t subject to only one way of trading. There are strategies that are used most often. But as you learn more about trading, you start seeing where they can be adjusted and improved.

Here are the tabs where you can make changes:

  • Control Panel is where you can adjust settings and the state of your current portfolio. Here you can tweak the trading system to your liking
  • Trading History shows the entire history of account operations.
  • Open Trades shows which positions you’ve already entered. At any given time, you can look up how the bot is performing.
  • Go Live/Demo allows you to switch from a practice account to a real one and vice versa

Free Software

Essentially, you don’t pay anything to use the platform. The registration is free, and later on, you don’t need to pay for account maintenance either. All the funds sent to your account are ready to be used directly on trading.

What the service profits from is a cut from your profits. While it’s an important point to keep in mind, a 2% fee is a fairly reasonable requirement.

Variety of Coins

Despite the name, Bitcoin Revolution doesn’t only focus on BTC. In fact, the following cryptocurrencies are all supported on the platform:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Additionally, the service enables trading in currency pairs with BTC, EUR, and CHF.

Several Payment Methods

As for payments, there is also some variety. Funding your account with the platform includes several methods, such as:

  • Debit/credit card
  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Pioneer

Demo Account

If you’re new to the platform, a demo account is a great place to start. Try out the strategies you’re interested in without using real money. The strategies are tested on real trading conditions to get prepared for the actual thing.

A demo account grants you $1,500 in virtual funds. Choose the right settings and click Auto Trade to launch the bot. Take a peek at how it’s working and make the final decision if you want to continue.


Bitcoin Revolution logo




  • Min. Deposit: 250$
  • Success rate: 88%
  • Free registration
  • Quick payout
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Profitability of the Bitcoin Revolution Platform

Is Bitcoin Revolution real in terms of profits it generates? To start off, we should mention that a daily profit from the crypto market can be life-changing. However, there are no guarantees that a trading bot can help you achieve that. Regardless of the claims, there is never a 100% certainty in both automated and manual trading activities.

The promise of a large payout shouldn’t be the only driving force in the choice of a trading bot. Potential investors should manage their expectations, even considering the advertised >90% success rate of the bot.

One thing to consider about the platform’s intentions and potential profitability is that they earn a cut of successful trades. Bitcoin Revolution takes a 2% commission from the profit that their users make.

This proves that the platform is directly interested in users making profits. The more advanced their bot becomes, the more money users will make. Subsequently, the more prosperous the platform becomes.

Judging from real users’ accounts, weekly earnings can sometimes exceed $1,000. It doesn’t happen for every trader, but it is a possibility.

How to Trade with Bitcoin Revolution

Buying Bitcoin today is very easy, and the easiest way to do this is through an online broker. In this Bitcoin Revolution Review, we will show you the easiest way to do this; we recommend the online broker Libertex.

With a clear and user-friendly interface, you will be comfortable with the platform in no time. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you choose an online broker.

Later in the bitcoin revolution review we will go into the pros and cons of the platform and tips before you get started.

Step 1 – Register

The way the Bitcoin Profit platform works is quite simple and will help you from A to Z in devising a good trading strategy.

To sign up, create a Bitcoin Profit login, and trade crypto, you need to complete the following steps:

Registration form

Please provide accurate details to avoid potential issues later during verification. After clicking “Register Now”, your information will be verified by the system, almost instantaneously, to confirm the validity of what you’ve provided.

Once you have a registered account, log in with your credentials, and you’ll be transferred to a new page.

Step 2 – Practice on a Demo Account

Inside the Member’s Area, you will see tables of information on open trades, trading history, and a few other essentials. But before you proceed to live trading, it’s useful to explore the demo mode. All features are available for demo traders, so you’re not sacrificing anything.

Demo trading

Demo trading is the best way to understand the basics as a beginner. You get a chance to place trades in real market conditions but without exposing yourself to risks.

Sure, demo trading doesn’t offer any profits in return, but it’s an invaluable experience to get familiar with new interface and strategies.

Step 3 – Make a Deposit to Start Live Trading

Finally, you’re ready to activate your account and get to the real thing. If you’re in demo, on the left section of the screen, you will see “Go to Live”. If you’re in live trading mode, it will say “Go to Demo”.

Account deposit

When you switch to live trading, you will see a green button “Deposit”. Click it to make your first deposit ($250 or more). Once the funds are added to your account, you can place trades on the crypto market and, hopefully, see satisfying results!

 On TrustPilot, we’ve found the following reviews:


Bitcoin Revolution logo




  • Min. Deposit: 250$
  • Success rate: 88%
  • Free registration
  • Quick payout
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Bitcoin Revolution on TV and in Media

During the 2017-2018 crypto boom, there were some rumors about Bitcoin Revolution software. For example, some said that the tool was featured in popular TV shows. Let’s see whether any of them are true.

Shark Tank was one of the shows that reportedly had Bitcoin Revolution in one of the episodes. In reality, it’s not the case. The rumor was probably started by a few users who invested recklessly and wanted to take their form of vengeance.

At some point, people believed that Bitcoin Revolution appeared on the UK version of the show, Dragon’s Den. However, the British “sharks” haven’t made any investments in the project. If you come across screenshots from the program, don’t be fooled by them - they’re fake.

Another British show, This Morning, also reportedly had associations with the software. This may be linked to the fact that the hosts, Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, were featured in an online ad. Similar to the other shows, these images were most likely photoshopped by some bored online users. So far, we haven’t seen any confirmations that Bitcoin Revolution was on the show.

Does Bitcoin Revolution Have Celebrity Endorsements?

There are stories circulating the Internet about Bitcoin Revolution and its celebrity endorsements. The promo video paints a very pleasant picture - Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Google’s Eric Schmidt, and Virgin Galactic chairman Chamath Palihapitiya all reportedly endorsed Bitcoin Revolution. But we can’t say with certainty that they actually stand behind the project.

Anyway, it’s common for celebrities to share their favorite crypto. Taking into account the growing interest in digital currencies and trading activities, we may see more and more endorsements in the future. With this particular robot’s efficiency, it won’t be surprising if some celebrities start sharing their affiliation with Bitcoin Revolution.

What Do Real Users Think?

There is a good mix of both positive and negative reviews about Bitcoin Revolution. This is actually a good thing. It would be suspicious if the service only had positive comments. A few negative testimonials here and there show that the platform is used by real people that can’t possibly have one shared opinion.

Positive Reviews

Happy with the service provided.

This user found the platform easier to work with compared to similar ones. They appreciated the interface layout that had just the right amount of details. They also found customer support to be helpful and patient.

Superb services.

This user noted that payments were fast. It didn’t take long to see BTC accumulating in their account. They are praising this broker for reliability.

Thank you very much.

Although they haven’t used the platform very often, this user still found it effective. Since everything went well, they promised to come back to make more trading transactions.

Worth trying out!

This user was surprised by the fact that you could make money without making manual trades. The bot was consistently entering profitable trades for months. Over the period of trading, their account was topped up with some generous gains.

Negative Bitcoin Revolution Reviews  

Is Bitcoin Revolution a scam? At least one person thinks so. Although we’ve verified that the service doesn’t engage in fraudulent activity, it’s important to also consider reviews from unsatisfied customers.

Works okay, just don't expect too much.”

They were aware of the mixed reviews and press coverage. They didn’t make a fortune but still shared that there is a possibility to capitalize very nicely. The fact the trading software runs on autopilot makes up for the negatives.

I am a victim.

This is by far the most negative review that we’ve come across. The user claims that the website showed errors during deposits and transactions and that it was troublesome to withdraw funds. Still, it’s unclear whether these claims are actually true.

All  Bitcoin Revolution reviews on Trustpilot

Tips and Tricks for Beginner Traders

 We understand that the crypto world might be intimidating. If you’re just starting out with this activity, there is a lot to learn. We wanted to share our suggestions on making the journey as smooth as possible. Bear in mind that it’s just a fraction of the knowledge that you need to possess.
  • Have a clear profit direction. Set a reasonable target selling price. The benefit of auto trading is that it takes greed out of the equation. But you still have some control over the bot, and it’s important not to set it too high. This way, you’d be exposed to unnecessary risk.
  • Trust the strategy. Traders often look at one particular transaction and magnify its importance to the overall trend. But bots usually have these things covered. One unprofitable trade doesn’t mean the strategy isn’t working.
  • Don’t be afraid to make adjustments. Slightly contradictory to the previous point, you should also learn when it’s time to change the settings. How do you know when? One thing is relying on your limits for losses. If the bot goes over the limit, it may indicate that your interference is needed.
  • Spread out buy and sell orders. Consider buying and selling cryptocurrencies in increments rather than going all out at once. Pick the settings that catch crypto at varying price points. Prices usually go up and down depending on different factors and circumstances; you can take advantage of that.
  • Venture into altcoins. You don’t need to stick to BTC when there are so many other coins to make profits from. Keep track of the market in general and see which coins are getting traction. This advice goes back to the concept of not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Bitcoin Revolution vs. Regular Trading Systems

Let’s compare the Bitcoin Revolution bots to the traditional trading format.


Bitcoin Code

Regular Trading System

Trading Options

A user can opt for either manual or auto trading

Only manual trading


100%: Beginners can practice with a demo account. Moreover, they can get help from the customer support

Depends on the platform. Typically, a user should be competent enough to trade crypto on his own

Success Rate

According to some data, it’s above 99%

The profitability of the deal depends on the trader’s skills and knowledge

Customer Support

Available 24/7. Can provide advisory services

Depends on the platform. Typically, it aids in solving technical issues only


Supports the major cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc.)

Depends on the platform: some are limited to a couple of cryptos, while others support all.

Demo account

Available for all registered and verified users

May not exist on the majority of platforms.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our Bitcoin revolution review, and here is what we’ve learned. The Bitcoin Revolution website is a legitimate service. They have a competitive edge due to their bot with just the right amount of complexity and its systematized features. This suggests that you can actually earn money by using it. But nothing is guaranteed.

However, they did go overboard with their marketing tactics. Perhaps they aren’t responsible for TV show appearance rumors, but their promotional videos and online ads are still somewhat questionable.

Additionally, the reviews aren’t all positive. Even more, there are a few particularly enraged customers that we can’t ignore.

You’re free to try Bitcoin Revolution out anyway, but we can’t fully endorse the service. What we can recommend instead are several unquestionably trustworthy platforms that we stand behind.

Best Trading Platforms in 2023 – Quick Pick

BitcoinEra Logo

Min Deposit


Exclusive promotion



Bitcoin Era is an AI-powered trading system that provides automated cryptocurrency investment services for the sake of gaining profit. The platform is backed up by algorithmic analysis that ensures a high level of accuracy. However, you can also apply customized parameters and abandon auto-trading.

Bitcoin Revolution logo

Min Deposit


Exclusive promotion



Many people are looking for ways to make some money with Bitcoin. If you are new to Bitcoin and want to know how to make money with it, this Bitcoin Revolution review will show you how to make money with a trading bot.

Logo of Bitcoin Superstar

Min Deposit


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Bitcoin Superstar is an automated trading technology based on algorithms to determine which options will guarantee positive results in a risk-aversive approach and develop effective strategies.


  • Altcoin is short for alternative coins. These are cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, which were launched after the original cryptocoin’s success.
  • Technical data is data gathered from analyzing statistical trends and trading activity, such as price movement and volume. It is a part of technical analysis that is based purely on the price charts of an asset.
  • ListFundamental data is gathered from analyzing the intrinsic value of an asset, external events and influences, and industry/market trends. Element
  • Stop-loss is an order to buy or sell an asset once it reaches a certain price. This offers a more secured position in case the asset doesn’t move as previously expected.
  • Live trading is the process of trading in real markets with real money. It’s often contrasted with demo trading, which uses virtual funds and brings no actual profit.

Bitcoin Revolution Summary



???? Type

AI Trading Robot

 ✅ Is It a Scam or Legit?


???? Profit ratio


???? Minimum deposit

EUR 250

???? Software cost


???? Fees


???? Demo account


???? Assets

BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, BNB and others

???? Fiat Currencies


???? Withdrawal Process Time

24 Hours

????️ User data protection

Yes (AES 256-bit)

???? Customer Support:

Email, Live chart

✅ Verification required:



To conclude this Bitcoin revolution review, let’s look at several common questions about the service.

What Is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is an automated trading platform that allows users to make profits from cryptocurrency trading without effort. The platform aims to simplify the process of trading to make it accessible for people who are looking for an additional source of income.

How Does Bitcoin Revolution Work?

The trading system uses bots running on smart algorithms that detect potentially profitable positions. The system places trades on the user’s behalf. This means the account holder doesn’t need to constantly monitor the markets or have specialized trading knowledge.

How Is Bitcoin Revolution Different From Other Trading Bots?

Bitcoin Revolution boasts an impressive success score. Although it’s not perfect, it’s certainly better than most platforms. If you’re not sure whether the platform suits you, you can start with a demo account to verify its transparency and test the bot’s profitability. As a bonus, investors can look up tips and recommendations from seasoned specialists.

Who Is Behind Bitcoin Revolution?

Unfortunately, the names of the CEO and the team behind the project aren’t publicly available. The only thing the official website mentions on this topic is that their team consists of highly motivated individuals with a unique skill set. But it’s unclear who actually owns or operates the platform.

How Much Do You Need to Use Bitcoin Revolution?

You can start trading on the platform by making a $250 deposit. This unlocks the full functionality of the Bitcoin Revolution. The highest possible deposit is $15,000.

Do You Need Special Skills to Trade with Bitcoin Revolution?

You don’t need any trading skills to join the platform. In fact, this is the exact reason the platform was created - to give newbies a chance to participate in cryptocurrency markets. The bot is fully automated. It is both a pro and a con - you need to rely on the bot and trust it to handle your funds and assets correctly.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a Con?

No. Bitcoin Revolution isn’t a scam, and there are plenty of successful user stories. However, we need to mention that it won’t work for everyone. Perhaps you should look into other platforms that we can fully stand behind.

Bitcoin Revolution logo

Bitcoin Revolution Rating

90% Overall

All in all, Bitcoin Revolution is a great platform for trading cryptocurrencies. It has an easy-to-use UI, high accuracy rate, and quick transactions. What's more, the customer service is excellent and provides advisory services 24/7. The only downside at the moment is that it's restricted to certain countries. However, we hope this will change soon. Have you tried Bitcoin Revolution? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


How we write reviews of Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

When writing a review about a cryptocurrency trading platform, we consider key factors:

  1. User interface: navigation and understanding
  2. Available coins: supported coins
  3. Fees: Are the trading fees competitive with other platforms?
  4. Security:  Security of use and measures to protect your funds
  5. Customer support: Is the customer support responsive and helpful?
  6. Reputation: the platform's reputation in the community
  7. User Experience: robot to use, any bugs or lags or any other issues we've encountered.

We provide a detailed review of our experience with the platform, including all the pros and cons that we have experienced. 


Cryptocurrency trading entails a high risk and is not suited for all investors. You should carefully evaluate your investment objectives, degree of experience, and risk appetite before deciding to trade cryptocurrencies. You should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose because there is a chance that you will lose some or all of your initial investment.

You should be aware of all the dangers connected with cryptocurrency trading and seek counsel from a financial expert who is not affiliated with any cryptocurrency exchange. This website's Bitcoin Era review, opinions, news, research, analysis, pricing, and other information are offered as general market commentary and do not represent investment advice.

Jack Evans

I became a crypto asset owner in 2014, when the industry was in its infancy. Before that, I was working in the classic US and European stock markets. Since then, I have gained extensive experience in both cryptocurrency investing and day trading. I am happy to share with readers my experience with crypto exchanges, DeFi and NFT instruments.

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