Bitcoin Code Review: Is Robot Legit or a Scam Software?

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Bitcoin Code Review:

  • Automated trading software is not a Scam
  • Profit ratio of 88%.
  • Easy and fast withdrawals

Payment methods


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Cardano, XRP, Dogecoin and others.

Available accounts:

Only 50 new accounts a day

Types of support:


Minimum Deposit:


Free demo trading account: 

Open a FREE demo

Trading is no longer associated with the stock market only. Today, cryptocurrency trading is the new norm. With the recent spike of Bitcoin and, as a result, the whole crypto market, more and more investors started to consider investing in digital assets.

Today, crypto trading is available for anyone with a bank card and Internet access. With the robo advisors and minimal deposits, this kind of activity has never been simpler.

The ultimate challenge, however, is to choose a reliable Bitcoin Code platform that won’t steal your hard-earned money. Bitcoin Code automated trading software is one great example. We have decided to test it to know whether Bitcoin Code is a scam or legit. Read our Bitcoin Code review to find out!
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What Is Bitcoin Code?

First things first, Bitcoin Code is an automated trading robot that specializes in cryptocurrencies. Unlike many other similar services, it was designed specifically for the crypto market, and it deals with the following currencies:
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin SV (BSV)
  • EOS (EOS)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Tezos (XTZ)

Bitcoin Code Summary



???? Type

AI Trading Robot

 ✅ Is It a Scam or Legit?


???? Profit ratio


???? Minimum deposit

EUR 250

???? Software cost


???? Fees


???? Demo account


???? Assets

BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, BNB and others

???? Fiat Currencies


???? Withdrawal Process Time

24 Hours

????️ User data protection

Yes (AES 256-bit)

???? Customer Support:

Email, Live chart

✅ Verification required:


Bitcoin Code main page

According to the website, Bitcoin Code automated trading software was created by Steve McKay – a former software developer. The founder created a project that happened to be rather profitable. At the core of the site’s success lies an algorithm-based technology that is responsible for automated live trading.

It means that a person merely deposits the funds while the system handles the cryptocurrency trading process on its own. With the help of advanced technology that analyses piles of data, the Bitcoin Code robot chooses what crypto to buy in order to sell it with a profit later.

However, if you are far from a beginner and want to interfere in the process, Bitcoin Code provides such an opportunity. A user can be involved in trading by adjusting the parameters manually.

What about the Bitcoin Code website? It’s accessible from any device. Thanks to the optimization for all automated trading systems, you can reach the website from iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows.

By the way, there is no need to download an application for mobile devices: the site is compatible with any browser, including mobile ones. Therefore, on-the-go trading is a real possibility whenever you need it.

As you can see, trading on Bitcoin Code auto trading platform is simple. So are depositing and withdrawing. The system supports multiple payment options: a credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard), a bank transfer. The money will be credited to the trading account balance almost immediately. The withdrawals are also fast – within 24 hours maximum.

That is probably the most pressing question about Bitcoin Code: is it a scam or not? If you want to know a fast answer, then no – Bitcoin Code is legit, and we can prove it.


Bitcoin Code logo




  • Min. Deposit: 250$
  • Success rate: 88%
  • Free registration
  • Quick payout
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How Does Bitcoin Code Trading Platform Work?

Bitcoin Code auto trading app, like other auto trading robots, rely on technological solutions that assess the crypto market and make a decision of a lucrative deal. If a user doesn’t have a lot of crypto funds, the robot searches for the most lucrative crypto to buy, bringing later much more profit from selling. If a user has already accumulated some crypto funds, automated trading system will also look for the best time to sell the crypto at a higher than the purchase price.

All the calculations are based on complicated algorithms. They don’t only find the best crypto pairs to trade but also derive the optimum points for opening or closing a trade. The system is pretty speedy: according to some sources, it outperforms the market for 0.01 seconds.

As a result, the chances of gain are much higher. With this in mind, it’s hardly surprising that the success rate surpasses 99%. Indeed, this is quite an impressive achievement that indicates potentially high profitability.

Besides the auto trading robot, a user can also get involved manually. This option is more suitable for at least amateur or preferably professional human traders who understand crypto trading well. They can choose when to open or close trades, open long and short positions, specify the stop-loss parameter.

What is more, a user can pre-arrange a trade opening. For example, as soon as the BTC price reaches $47,000, the trade should be opened. The Bitcoin Code robot will execute the order when its conditions are satisfied.

But how exactly are the trades placed? With the help of brokers, of course. Bitcoin Code has developed a wide network of reliable brokers to whom the data is sent. Such a scenario is applicable to both auto and manual trading.

Is Bitcoin Code Legit or a Scam in the UK?

  • Fast payouts – Bitcoin Code sends the payouts within 24 hours. It’s rather fast considering that many online services require 5-7 business days to credit your Visa or MasterCard.
  • Accessible customer support – Typically, non-responsive customer support service is a sign of a scam: frauds ignore the customers who want to complain or get their money back. With Bitcoin Code, such a problem merely doesn’t exist.
  • Enhanced security system – Bitcoin Code is famous for its security system. First of all, all users are subject to a verification process at the registration. Secondly, the website is well-protected, with a significant guard for users’ personal data.

With all these in mind, there should be no suspicions that Bitcoin Code is a scam. However, like with any popular auto trading platform, you can come across fraudulent activity that tries to win over customers with a famous name. Here is why you may find several websites bearing the Bitcoin Code name on the web. You should beware of them and deposit the money on an original one only.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Code?

Now that you know Bitcoin Code is a reliable website, we should focus on its functionality. To simplify the comparison, we have created a table of its advantages and disadvantages:



  • Reliable software based on mathematical algorithms
  • Auto and manual trading
  • Supports popular payment systems
  • Fast withdrawals – within 24 hours
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Fast and simple registration
  • Enhanced security
  • No hidden charges
  • Free sign up
  • Optimized for every operating system
  • No need to download an app for mobiles
  • Many rumors around it
  • Unavailable for some countries


Bitcoin Code logo




  • Min. Deposit: 250$
  • Success rate: 88%
  • Free registration
  • Quick payout
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What Are the Main Features of Bitcoin Code?

With the wide variety of auto trading systems, the mere list of advantages and disadvantages isn’t enough to understand what is so special about Bitcoin Code. For this, we have determined five main features of the website.

1. Auto and Manual Trading

Whether you are only beginning your journey as a crypto trader or you’re already an experienced crypto Wolf from Wall Street, Bitcoin Code auto trading app can satisfy your needs. Beginners will enjoy the automated trading that is managed by the Bitcoin Code robot from A to Z.

Professionals, on the contrary, will like the chance to get involved in the process. Since they have deep knowledge of the market, they know when to open and close a trade. Besides, they usually have defined strategies and plans to fulfill.

2. Web-Based Software

Unlike many other services that require an app for each device, Bitcoin Code doesn’t. It’s web-based auto trading platform, which means a user can open it from any device that has a browser. While some web apps lack proper mobile optimization, Bitcoin Code doesn’t. You won’t experience any inconvenience even if your screen is of small size.

Another benefit of the web-based service is accessibility. You can open the website wherever you are unless your Internet connection is off. It means that cryptocurrency trading on-the-go isn’t a pipe dream. You don’t need to stay all day in front of a laptop to monitor the process.

3. Fast and Regular Payouts

Here, Bitcoin Code outperforms its competitors, indeed. If you are worried that your money will get stuck somewhere in the digital realm, there is no reason for that. You can withdraw money daily if they exist on your Bitcoin Code trading account.

To eliminate all the doubts and suspicions, Bitcoin Code always sends an email as soon as a user submits the request for withdrawal. The email usually says that the request has been accepted, and the money will be transferred within 24 hours. Indeed, they are credited to your credit or debit card in time.

4. Precise and Transparent Calculations

Here, we mean the calculations that are linked to payouts. As soon as the trade is closed, the robot starts calculating your monetary gains. Many services apply some hidden fees that weren’t mentioned before at the stage. Very often, users even may not notice overcharges for some time.

Bitcoin Code boasts a good reputation: the service has no hidden fees. After the deal is done, it subtracts the commission that usually doesn’t exceed 0.003-0.005% and credits the rest of the money to the user’s account.

5. Responsive Customer Support

Whichever problem you have, you can count on Bitcoin Code’s customer support. The service is highly responsive, and it operates 24/7. The representative can help with numerous issues, from technical ones to advisory. The latter is a significant benefit for beginners: they can get a consultation from a competent specialist.

Can I Earn Money with Bitcoin Code Automatic Trading?

An auto trading robot's profitability is obviously among key differentiators for whether to use it or not. Here, it’s vital to understand that there is no single software that will gain profit in 100% of trades. Therefore, it’s normal that sometimes auto trading may fail.

The main factor of profitability is the success rate. For Bitcoin Code, it’s supposed to exceed 99%, which means that the majority of trades gain money. However, these statistics are relevant for auto trading only.

If you decide to follow a manual path, you are responsible for the outcome. However, you don’t need to worry that Bitcoin Code will rob you: the minimal deposit is only $250 – you don’t need to invest a fortune to try trading.

Is It Simple to Trade with Bitcoin Code?

Unlike many other trading sites that are difficult to navigate, Bitcoin Code is user-friendly. The service is rather intuitive: you won’t get puzzled over the layout to sign up, deposit the funds, or start trading. Nonetheless, we have decided to describe the main activities you will have to proceed with if you decide to trade on Bitcoin Code:

Step 1 – Sign Up

The registration process is fast and easy. The first thing is to visit the official website, where you find a button to start registration. You can sign up with your name and email only; therefore, it won’t take more than a couple of minutes.
Sign up button

After that, you will receive an email confirmation. Basically, it’s the second stage of the registration process: you must verify your identity. Just follow the prescribed instructions, and you will have your account activated within around twenty minutes.

Step 2 – Try a Demo Account

So, you have your account ready-to-use. What’s next? We suggest you explore the site and start from a demo account. There, you will be able to get acquainted with the auto trading robot, as well as get a grasp of the platform’s basics. Good training never hurts, especially when money is at stake. Please note: the demo account doesn’t imply making a deposit.

Step 3 – Deposit Funds

In order to start trading, you first need to put some initial capital in your account. This money will be used by the robot to carry out trading activities.

Bitcoin Code requires a minimum deposit of €250, like most other platforms, and has a maximum deposit of €15 000.

Depositing window

The €250 fee is a reasonable amount to consider if you lose your entire stake.

This is and remains the risk of (crypto) trading, even with the best robot. So take care not to invest too much in the beginning and only invest what you can possibly spare.

It is better to reinvest your profits over and over again to reduce the risk of entire (and large) losses.

To deposit money to your account, Bitcoin Code offers MasterCard, Visa, iDeal, and some other payment methods.

Step 4 – Start Live Trading

Bitcoin Code offers two options for live trading:
  • Auto – This approach implies that the robot does all the work. You merely select the sum of trade, and the automated trading system starts to buy and sell crypto to make a profit.
  • Manual – Here, you can get involved and pre-set certain parameters: for example, you can specify an open and close position, as well as many other factors.
Manual and auto trading

Whichever method you choose, you will receive your gain after the trade is closed. Bitcoin Code will automatically calculate your profit and credit it to your trading account.

To prove the mentioned-above, we will provide some examples of the reviews:


Bitcoin Code logo




  • Min. Deposit: 250$
  • Success rate: 88%
  • Free registration
  • Quick payout
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Was Bitcoin Code Featured on TV and in Big Mass Media?

Bitcoin Code is a relatively new automated trading platform with an embedded robot. It didn’t manage to establish its reputation in mass media. This, however, doesn’t mean that the service isn’t popular.

In fact, it is on the crypto trading market. A lot of similar services with the same name prove this. They try to hype on the famous platform’s name and gain customers this way.

As for the reputable web resources, Bitcoin Code was featured by GlobeNewsWire. The site described the service and called it reliable.

What Do Celebrities Say?

There have been many rumors that celebrities were talking about Bitcoin Code. For example, some were related to Daniel Craig and Filip Hammar. One of the most widespread news touched Holly Willoughby. Is it true? Hard to tell.

On the one hand, there is no proof that these celebrities featured Bitcoin Code. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that the rumors are false. We all know how difficult it is to say what is true or false when it comes to famous people.

Customer Reviews About Bitcoin Code

To do our bitcoin code review as exhaustively as possible, we have decided to see what users think about Bitcoin Code. For this, we turned to a famous portal – TrustPilot.

It may be surprising, but Bitcoin Code has an excellent reputation there. The auto trading robot accumulated 27 reviews, the majority of which rate the service as great and excellent. The overall score on TrustPilot is 4.3.

Holly Willoughby talked about Bitcoin Code

– this user admits that they decided to try the auto trading robot because it was featured by Holly Willoughby. They say that a trading site is all right.

Bitcoin Code is very user-friendly

– a Malaysian user likes that the platform is user-friendly and easy-to-navigate. He highlights that even time monitoring is simple. Probably, here’s why he spends there much more time than on any other trading website.

My friend here in New Zealand suggested

– a user decided to register on the platform because of a friend’s advice. She found the customer service great as the representative assisted her during the initial steps.

Both service and product 10/10! Highly Recommended!”

– a positive review from a user who liked the platform at every stage.

Basic Tips for Newbies

While amateur traders will easily immerse themselves in trading on Bitcoin Code, newbies may have a hard time beginning. Moreover, they can go all-in and rely on the system 100%. Although the auto trading robot is rather reliable, there is still no guarantee of 100% success. Here are some tips that will help to adapt to the trading world:
  • Be competent: Many newbies make a similar mistake: they completely rely on an auto trading bot and don’t have at least a basic understanding of crypto trading. This is wrong: you should be competent to be able to monitor the process.
  • Start from training: We advise you to choose a demo account over live trading in the beginning. You will have some practice that is crucial at the initial stages.
  • Always keep learning: Don’t stop following the latest news. If you want to become a professional trader, you need to be aware of what is going on in the industry. Otherwise, you risk neglecting important factors that make the price of cryptocurrencies rise or drop.
  • Don’t overinvest: It’s better to start with the minimum deposit and increase the input as you start to make some profit. Otherwise, you risk losing a fortune all at once at the very beginning.

What Is the Difference Between Bitcoin Code and Regular Trading Systems?

An auto trading robot isn’t the only option to start trading cryptocurrencies: you can always turn to a regular trading system. But which one is better, and how do they differ? We have compiled a comparison table.


Bitcoin Code Pros

Regular Trading System

Trading Options

A user can opt for either manual or auto trading

Only manual trading


100%: Beginners can practice with a demo account. Moreover, they can get help from the customer support

Depends on the platform. Typically, a experienced trader should be competent enough to trade crypto on his own

Success Rate

According to some data, it’s above 99%

The profitability of the deal depends on the trader’s skills and knowledge

Customer Support

Available 24/7. Can provide advisory services

Depends on the platform. Typically, it aids in solving technical issues only


Supports the major cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc.)

Depends on the platform: some are limited to a couple of cryptos, while others support all.

Demo account

Available for all registered and verified users

May not exist on the majority of auto trading platforms.

Bitcoin Code: Is It Worth Trading On?

If you are looking for a reliable auto trading bot with strong back-up auto trading platform, Bitcoin Code is the right choice. As our Bitcoin Code review shows, the platform boasts all the features of a safe service. It offers:
  • Quick and timely payouts
  • Transparent fees system
  • Minimum deposit
  • High level of security
  • User’s fast verification system

With this in mind, there should be no doubts about whether to trade on Bitcoin Code or not. At this stage, the benefits should be considered. The service offers a lot. Auto and manual trading options are the first one. It means that the site is suitable for both newbies and professionals.

Moreover, you can always get help from customer support. They are responsive regardless of the question: you can consult about cryptocurrencies or technical aspects. After all these, we can claim that Bitcoin Code is worth trying.

Best Trading Platforms in 2022 – Quick Pick

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Bitcoin Superstar is an automated trading platform based on algorithms to determine which options will guarantee positive results in a risk-aversive approach and develop effective strategies.


  • Live trading implies trading in real-time when real money is involved. In other words, a user becomes a player in a trading market.
  • Demo trading is the opposite to live trading. It means that a user practices trading on a platform that imitates real trading processes. No real money is involved.
  • Crypto pairs are also referred to as trading pairs: crypto assets to be traded on an exchange. For example, you can sell Bitcoin for Litecoin – the pair will be BTC/LTC.
  • Stop-loss is an order that specifies the financial benchmark when a bot must stop trading. It’s implemented to minimize the risk of complete failure.
  • Long position or trade – purchase of a cryptocurrency with the aim of selling it in the future at a higher price.
  • Short position or trade implies selling a cryptocurrency to repurchase it later at a lower price.
Bitcoin Code logo

Bitcoin Code Rating Summary 

85% Overall

That’s it for our overview of Bitcoin Code. We hope this article has helped you decide whether to sign up. Please remember that, like all investment opportunities, there is always some risk involved. However, we believe that the pros of using Bitcoin Code outweigh the cons. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 



Here are a few extra facts about Bitcoin Code.

What Is Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is an auto trading bot that, based on mathematical algorithms, carries out crypto trades on the user’s behalf. The system also allows manual intervention when a user specifies certain orders that are later executed by a robot.

How Safe Is Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is a safe trading website. Here are three reasons why:
  • Verification system obligatory for every user at registration
  • Security system that protects personal data, including banking information
  • Fast payouts that are executed within the first 24 hours after the request for withdrawal is accepted.

Is Bitcoin Code Legitimate Software?

Yes, Bitcoin Code is legit. Auto trading is based on a technology that analyses market data and detects lucrative deals. Although the high success rate isn’t officially confirmed, the software features a technical analysis that provokes trust in the community.

How Do You Get a Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code can be accessed from any device. The site is web-based; therefore, no application is required regardless of the device. It means that you can open the site as long as you have Internet access and a browser. Looks like Bitcoin Code is not a scam

How Does Bitcoin Code Robot Work?

Bitcoin Code is backed up by complicated software. It’s based on mathematical algorithms that analyze trading data, charts, prices, trends. This allows identifying profitable open and close trade orders that are instantly executed. The bot, however, doesn’t place a trade: it sends the data to a broker.

Can You Make Money with Bitcoin Code?

Yes, you can make money if you trade carefully. It’s advisable to start from a minimal deposit and increase it gradually as you make a profit. It’s vital to note that no robot guarantees 100% success: losses are inevitable.

Who Owns Bitcoin Code?

According to the website, Bitcoin Code was founded by Steve McKay. He used to be a software developer in a large enterprise.

What is difference between Bitcoin Era with human traders?

The primary difference between the Bitcoin era and human traders is that human traders have emotions which can lead to trading errors, while the Bitcoin Era algorithm does not. For example, humans may panic when they see their investments fall in value, sell at a loss, and then miss out on potential profits if the market rebounds. In contrast, the Bitcoin algorithm will continue to buy and sell assets according to its set parameters regardless of whether the market is rising or falling. As a result, human traders are at a disadvantage when competing against an automated system like Bitcoin.

Can I make maximum profits with Bitcoin Era robot?

Absolutely! With Bitcoin Era, you can maximize your profits by trading the most profitable cryptocurrencies on the market. By using our state-of-the-art algorithms, you can always be ahead of the game and make sure that you're making the most profit possible. 

How we write reviews of Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

When writing a review about a cryptocurrency trading platform, we consider key factors:

  1. User interface: navigation and understanding
  2. Available coins: supported coins
  3. Fees: Are the trading fees competitive with other platforms?
  4. Security:  Security of use and measures to protect your funds
  5. Customer support: Is the customer support responsive and helpful?
  6. Reputation: the platform's reputation in the community
  7. User Experience: robot to use, any bugs or lags or any other issues we've encountered.

We provide a detailed review of our experience with the platform, including all the pros and cons that we have experienced. 


Cryptocurrency trading entails a high risk and is not suited for all investors. You should carefully evaluate your investment objectives, degree of experience, and risk appetite before deciding to trade cryptocurrencies. You should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose because there is a chance that you will lose some or all of your initial investment.

You should be aware of all the dangers connected with cryptocurrency trading and seek counsel from a financial expert who is not affiliated with any cryptocurrency exchange. This website's Bitcoin Era review, opinions, news, research, analysis, pricing, and other information are offered as general market commentary and do not represent investment advice.

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  • I used to be a full-time day trader, but with the decreasing value of bitcoin and the rising cost of living, it became impossible to do any trading anymore. When I found this trading bot, it changed my strategy. It is really convenient and helps me understand the market so much better now.

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