Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Simulators 2023

Constant practice is an integral part of acquiring skills in any business. To practice trading digital assets, you can use cryptocurrency exchange simulators. This is an ideal first step for beginners. The simulator will help you learn how to trade, learn the basics of strategies and not lose money at the same time. But it is a great tool not only for beginners. Experienced traders who want to improve their skills and strategies can also use simulators.

What is a crypto exchange simulator

Stock market simulator is a program or application that partially or fully reproduces and replicates trading on a real exchange. The purpose of such an application is to allow the player to get practice in trading without financial losses. Such systems use virtual money for trading, and change of quotes is carried out in a similar way, as it is carried out on a real exchange.

The benefits of such programs are obvious - beginners can try their hand at trading, namely, to learn how to work with trading terminals, analyze charts, choose the correct entry and exit points. More experienced traders can try new trading strategies and compare their productivity.

Top 10 crypto trading simulators

Here is a list of trading simulators for the cryptocurrency market, in which you can try yourself as a trader before you start real trading.

10.Bitcoin Hero

Bitcoin Hero is a free game for those who want to learn how to trade bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. At the start all players get 250 USD of starting capital and can use leverage up to x10. In addition to bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash can be traded in the game. The prices correspond to the real market prices.


One of the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitmex, offers to try yourself in trading without investing by creating a demo account. For complete beginners, this method of training may seem complicated, but a few sessions will be enough to understand the platform's functionality. In addition, users will be able to try their hand at the real trading terminal.

You can increase your virtual balance with Bitmex in several ways - open long and short positions, trade with leverage. Coin prices and listings correspond to the real ones.

8.CryptoLot Active

CryptoLot Active is a trader-simulator implemented in the web interface. All new players get $10,000 each for trading. The service has a rating of the best traders, as well as useful news from the world of cryptocurrencies.


StormGain is a cryptocurrency exchange for spot trading and futures. After creating an account, users can switch to a demo account in their personal cabinet, test their strategies and learn. To start trading, users are given 50,000 USDT, which is equivalent to $50,000.


The BTC-Alpha service was developed especially for those who always wanted to learn how to trade, but didn't want to risk their money. In just a few minutes, users can create a demo account with a balance in USDT or Bitcoin and practice their trading skills.

In addition, the platform has prepared a lot of rewards and opportunities to increase their balance.


The Currency exchange of cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets allows opening a demo account for testing and learning. First, users need to create a regular account on the exchange, and then go to the demo account by clicking the appropriate button in the upper right corner. After the transition to the account will be credited 1 conventional VTB. In this case, the balance can be increased or decreased at any time.

The advantages of Currency is that the functionality of the service allows you to try yourself not only in cryptocurrency trading, but also in tokenized shares of companies such as Amazon or Apple.


The TradingView platform is one of the most authoritative in this niche. To start trading, you need to select a trading pair in the top panel, after which you will be able to create orders. To get started, traders are given $100,000 each to work through their trading strategies.

On the site users can also read about other traders' strategies, find a lot of useful information and subscribe to the best authors.


Whaleclub is the largest cryptocommunity. Within the platform, users can share valuable experiences, share their trading strategies and discuss trends. But most importantly, the platform provides a training terminal with many options, where users can hone their skills. Like other platforms of this type, the service provides a conditional deposit for trading and an interactive guide for learning.


TraderBox is an inter-exchange terminal with which you can trade and arbitrage trades on five well-known exchanges simultaneously, managing all processes from one window. The service also allows you to open a demo account for 10 BTS in just a few minutes to try your hand at arbitrage or to practice trading on the exchange in real time and price conditions.

1.Crypto Parrot

Crypto Parrot is a free trading platform simulator. Created to help you learn how to trade fast, easy and fun. The service is easy to learn, which will be useful for beginners, and advanced enough to be interesting for experienced traders.

The developers believe that sharing experience is the best way to master cryptocurrency trading. Therefore, the platform has also implemented a space where experienced traders and beginners can exchange knowledge and success.

By learning on Crypto Parrot, users can gradually build up their virtual capital and earn rewards and other interesting rewards.


Crypto trading is a high-risk activity. In a fit of emotion, even experienced traders can make irrational decisions that result in loss of capital. This can be avoided by gaining market knowledge and being mentally prepared for the high volatility of cryptocurrency prices. Exchange trading simulators can help with this. After spending some time testing, you will be able to determine the best entry and exit points from the market, learn how to analyze charts and transaction history. And most importantly - all this without financial risks and loss of investment.

Jack Evans

I became a crypto asset owner in 2014, when the industry was in its infancy. Before that, I was working in the classic US and European stock markets. Since then, I have gained extensive experience in both cryptocurrency investing and day trading. I am happy to share with readers my experience with crypto exchanges, DeFi and NFT instruments.

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