Comprehensive Immediate Edge Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

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If you have been searching for an honest Immediate Edge review, then you have come to the right place. Here, we provide a comprehensive analysis of whether the platform is legit or a scam. We have undertaken an overall evaluation of Immediate Edge and compiled this information to ensure you form an educated choice.

Immediate Edge reports an accuracy of 90%. This review will decide the accuracy of the crypto robot by investigating facts from the Immediate Edge website. Immediate Edge depends on advanced technology to perform analysis and execution of trading automatically. There is no requirement for technical experience or expertise to work on this platform. Traders must note that all trade entails risks, and they must participate only in managed companies.
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What Is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge was founded by Edwin James, who claims to have earned billions in the foreign exchange market. Through the artificial intelligence-powered Immediate Edge application, James wishes to distribute his trading knowledge and experiences. James also says that the app was created to provide novice traders the chance to trade and begin earning within the first three minutes of registration on the site.
Immediate Edge Interface

With an accuracy of 90%, you can begin making money with a minimum deposit of $250. It is noteworthy that not even the best algorithms can have a 100% win-rate. A 90% win-rate means that as a trader, out of a total of 10 trades, you can profit from 9.

The platform uses time leap and artificial intelligence and provides trading options in Ethereum, varying coins, and tokens. You can deposit on Immediate Edge via Skrill, Klarna, bank transfers, credit cards, and debit cards.

How Does Immediate Edge Work?

With advancements in the digital era, technologies like blockchain, computer vison, artificial intelligence, etc. have also been advancing. Working on technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP), the system of the Immediate Edge application runs on an algorithm that not only completes the tasks of a human trader but also learns from the task data to improve its functionalities. This improvement in the model is possible through the machine learning technology embedded into the platform's algorithm.

The Immediate Edge app model is dependent on natural language processing (NLP) to enable the computer to understand and analyze human language. The crypto bot will search the Internet for details on trading and complete winning trades without human intervention. The trader can wait till the application completes its task. The natural language processing feature enables the bot to identify and leverage credible news reports.

The subject broker's platform works in conjunction with other crypto bot brokers. These brokers have certain responsibilities: collecting deposits, arranging trades, conducting machine orders, and offering liquidity. The Immediate Edge application does not manage deposits because, in most countries, the legislation forbids any non-financial company from taking deposits.

Immediate Edge has a 1:1000 leverage ratio, which ensures that traders have the option of opening large trading positions with small accounts. An investment of $250 may trade places close to $250k. Large amounts of leverage may earn you a high profit; however, it may also bring high losses. It would be best if you traded amounts that are affordable when lost.

Is It Legit in the UK?

We performed an in-depth Immediate Edge review and found it to be legit. We'll provide some solid reasons that show that the Immediate Edge is legit and not a fraud compared to several other crypto trading bots.

The subject broker's official website offers transparency in its details provided. There are no hidden fees involved. In trading, the profit potential would be high if the dealer's amount of cash is high. Through reinvesting the profits, it is better to begin with the basic level of $250 then expand the money. The maximum deposit is $15,000.

The collaborator brokers of Immediate Edge are regulated and trustworthy, offering outstanding customer service. Before actually registering with them, we strongly advise that the traders perform initial research on several brokers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Immediate Edge

We have listed down the pros and cons of the Immediate Edge application for your ease of understanding.



  • An easy-to-use UI (user interface)
  • The crypto platform has a win-rate accuracy of 90%
  • Immediate Edge allows a minimum deposit of $250
  • Quick transactions
  • All prices, fees, and commissions are transparent
  • Great customer service
  • Identifies with well-known digital currencies exchanges
  • Immediate Edge bot has an application for smartphones.
  • Restricted access based on your country

Immediate Edge Main Features

Immediate Edge lists on our list of the most efficient crypto trading bots. Here are some of the main features of Immediate Edge that make it stand out:

Reasonable Profitability

According to Immediate Edge, the daily profitability efficiency it has is 100%. This indicates that if you make a deposit account of $250 – also the minimum amount of deposit you can make, then your account can gain $200 daily. According to the customer feedback, many traders who make a $250 deposit make profits averaging $100 daily using the Immediate Edge bot.

This feature means that you can earn a higher amount of money if you invest more. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to begin with a $250 deposit first, make profits, and use these profits to later move on to larger deposits.

User-Friendly Interface

A key feature of the crypto trading bot is that the Immediate Edge website's interface is fully automated, thereby ensuring ease of usage to its customers. You can use it with minimal or no expertise. We suggest this online application to everyone, even people without a trading history.

A simple click of the mouse or a simple touch on the screen, and you'll enter the world of live trading through the Immediate Edge app. After switching to the live option, you can sit back and relax. The bot will carry on with the trading tasks, and you can go about doing your work.

Since there will be live trading, you can expect it to carry on till 7-8 hours daily. For tracking your account's tasks, 30-40 minutes per day will do, including about 10 minutes to switch the bot on and then switch it off when live trading is done. All these steps, including the setup and trading, are included in the Immediate Edge platform's manual.

Easy Withdrawals

Users can easily withdraw their money from the Immediate Edge application at any given moment in time. The procedure includes submitting an application form on the management page of their accounts. Then funds require just under two workdays to arrive in your savings account.

Immediate Edge's noteworthy feature is that it does not ask for any withdrawal fees, unlike other crypto traders. Instead, the platform earns a commission on the profits created by the traders. So when you make a profit, the platform will also gain a profit, and when you don't make a profit, the bot will also not get any profits.

On the Immediate Edge application, you can extract all your finances and the trading money. Other bot traders fail to offer this feature.

Good Customer Support

Reliable customer support is critical to any user-centric business and can make or break a business. Immediate Edge offers its customers great 24/7 customer support. The platform has many users internationally and is therefore in high demand for its consumer services. Through telephone, email, and live chat support on their platform or Facebook, you can contact Immediate Edge.

How Much Money Can I Earn with Immediate Edge

According to Immediate Edge's official website, users trading through the application can earn returns that are anywhere from $950 to $2,200 daily. Beginner traders are usually recommended to begin with a minimal deposit of $250 and may expect to earn $100 or more per day.

How to Trade with Immediate Edge

Before trading, it is important to register and create your account with the crypto trading platform. Below is a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process on Immediate Edge:

Step 1 - Register a New Account

For registering on Immediate Edge, open the broker's official website, and on the right side of the display, you'll see an entry form for registering yourself. The entries would request your 'Full Name', 'Email', and 'Phone Number' (with the country code) for providing you with instant access to the platform. Click on the 'Instant Access' or 'Get Started Now' button. You will receive a verification link on your email and phone number.
Immediate Edge Registration

Once done, you will need to make a password for your account. Your Immediate Edge account is registered now. However, to begin trading on it, you should deposit money first.

Step 2 - Deposit Funds for Trading

Now you'll need to deposit funds into your registered account to access the trading platform further. As a beginner, we would advise you to deposit $250 first, keeping in mind the trading risk factor.
Deposit page

You can make the deposits via Maestro, Visa, or Mastercard. Your card information is kept secure on the platform through the GDPR rules and SSL certificates.

Step 3 - Practice on a Demo Account

A demo account is a great way not only to familiarize yourself with the practice of trading but also to test the trading software. Immediate Edge also offers the opportunity to experience trading through a demo account first, without putting your real money at risk. This option is great for both trade beginners and professionals. Once you are confident of the platform's functionalities and trading strategies, you can opt for a Live Account for live trading.

Step 4 - Graduate to Live Trading

After the demo account experience, you can begin with auto trading. Once you have gained significant experience as an investor, you can further opt for manual trading.
Immediate Edge trading window

Immediate Edge on TV and in Big Mass Media

Immediate Edge is a widely successful automated trading platform that operates in more than 164 countries and has thousands of reviews. The platform has found itself on several reputed sites and TV shows in the United Kingdom, Asia, and Australia.

Apart from this, several rumors and fake news have also surrounded Immediate Edge, as stated on the platform's official website. Some of them are:
  • The news that Immediate was in the British show 'This Morning'. Immediate Edge has stated that their marketing is not done via celebrity TV programs.
  • Another rumor that circulated was that a Singaporean actor named Ben Yeo as their investor. Immediate Edge has, however, denied the claims.
  • Indian businessman and investor Mukesh Ambani was also rumored to have invested with them – which was clarified as false by Immediate Edge.

What Do Celebrities Say About Immediate Edge?

The Internet has some stories circulating that world-famous faces like Elon Musk, Gordon Ramsay, Bill Gates, Martin Lewis, and many others have invested in cryptocurrencies using Immediate Edge. These rumors have, however, been denied by Immediate Edge on their official website.

Customer Testimonials

While Immediate Edge has received its fair share of good reviews, the platform has a few average reviews. This aspect is a good sign because it indicates humans are using the platform and not bots. If a trading bot has either positive or only negative reviews, it would be a red alert.

Good Reviews

Immediate Edge has some great reviews, TrustPilot. Below are a few 5-star reviews:

“Immediate Edge gives me a lot of opportunities”:

This user found Immediate Edge to be outstandingly easy and recommends the platform for anyone starting in trading as well as for trading professionals.

“Great Investment, Guys!!!”:

This user found her choice of Immediate Edge to be worthy enough to leave a 5-star review. After praising their customer support, she states that she will be investing more.


This user found the platform's features such as investment options, quick withdrawals, and customer support as excellent.


This user assures other traders that they can place their trust in Immediate Edge.

“I received the first payment!”:

This user expressed her joy in earning her first payment through Immediate Edge.

There are a few reviews that have 4/5 stars to Immediate Edge on Trustpilot. Though the users have given one star less, the reviews are mostly good.

Bad Reviews

Though there has not been any verified news about Immediate Edge's involvement in fraudulent activities, we found two negative reviews on TrustPilot for Immediate Edge:


This user has stated the service to be a scam. The user has, however, not given any particular experience for the claim.

Another user gave 1 star, though this user did not use Immediate Edge.

Tips and Tricks for Newbies

If you are a beginner who decided to foray into the trading world, here a few useful tips you could use:
  • Always begin with small investments. Though huge investments indeed bring huge profits, however, the risks are also higher.
  • Once you earn profits, quickly withdraw them.
  • As a beginner, trade with the amount of money that you can risk.
  • Contact customer support whenever you face any obstacles.

Immediate Edge vs. Regular Trading Systems

Here is a comparison of Immediate Edge with other trading systems.


Immediate Edge

Regular Trading System


Immediate Edge has a 90% win-rate.

Most crypto trading bots do not have a similarly high win-rate.

Demo Account

Immediate Edge's demo account is a great way to test the platform before beginning live trading.

Most of the other crypto trading bots may lead you to deposit money without any future security.


Immediate Edge's registration and account verification and creation are easy and hassle-free. You can activate your account within minutes.

Many other trading bots will need you to through steps and documents that would make the whole registration process tedious.


Immediate Edge has efficient withdrawals that process within 24 hours.

Many other bots would lag the withdrawal process trick you into repeated investments.


Immediate Edge has a minimum deposit of $250.

Other trading bots demand a higher minimum deposit.

Customer Support

Immediate Edge has great and supportive customer service.

Other crypto trading bots may leave your questions unattended for days at an end.


Based on our analysis, customer feedback, and the cutting edge technology that Immediate Edge has applied to its bot, the platform is legitimate and is recommended. These factors indicate you can make money in trading with Immediate Edge.

However, a few negative reviews should also be taken into consideration, which is why we cannot fully stand behind this service.

You can try out a few other more trustworthy trading services such as Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Storm, etc.


  • Win-rate: This term refers to the total number of trades you gain from a particular number of trades.
  • Live Trading: This type of trading involves trading in real-time.
  • Interface: Interface refers to the system that is used for interaction.
  • Deposit Account: Deposit accounts are used to save and deposit money and are situated with a financial institution.
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to how machines display human-like intelligence.
  • ML: Machine Learning (ML) is a branch of AI. It involves the process of machines learning from models and algorithms to mimic humans.
  • NLP: Natural Language Processing (NLP) is also a sub-field of AI that involves how computing devices are trained to learn the human language.


Interested to know a bit more? Here are answers to some common questions.

What Is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge is a crypto trading platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to enable the trading bot's software to perform automated or live trading.

How Safe Is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge is regulated, and your card information is kept secure on the platform through the GDPR rules and SSL certificates.

Is Immediate Edge Legitimate?

Yes. Immediate Edge is a legitimate cryptocurrency trading bot because it has been registered and approved for trading. There are also a lot of multiple positive customer feedback and success stories.

How Do You Get an Immediate Edge?

It is very easy to get an account with Immediate Edge. Go on their official website, enter your credentials, and register yourself within minutes.

How Does Immediate Edge Work?

Immediate Edge works on cutting edge technology of AI, ML, and NLP. It uses these technologies to search the market for the best trading practices.

Can You Make Money with Immediate Edge?

Yes. The app claims to have a win-rate of 90%. With a minimum deposit of $250, users have claimed to earn $100 daily.

Who Owns Immediate Edge?

Edwin James is represented as the founding individual and owner of Immediate Edge.

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