The Best Trading Signals for Cryptocurrencies

What are cryptocurrency signals

What are cryptocurrency trading signals

In order to trade profitably on cryptocurrency exchanges, you need to have a workable strategy. Not everyone has one, and beginners are mostly at a loss as to which cryptocurrency to buy and when; it's hard to know when to sell an asset so as not to incur a loss. This is where trading signals come in.

Trading signals for cryptocurrencies - recommendations to traders about profitable points to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

The principle of working with trading signals is quite simple. A novice trader only needs to follow the analyst's recommendations and open and close orders based on the signals that will be provided immediately when the market changes.

Cryptocurrency signals are delivered through specially designed communication channels in chat rooms, messengers, social networks or other resources. The channels are divided into three types:

  • Open - anyone can view the signals for free;
  • Closed - you have to pay a subscription fee;
  • Conditionally open - access is granted upon registration or other formal actions. Often such channels are paid and sometimes fraudulent.

Advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency signals

Cryptocurrency trading signals have advantages over independent market analysis, but they also have a number of disadvantages. Let's briefly list them:



  • The signals are based on the analysis of a large number of market factors, and the search for the best positions to enter and exit a transaction is carried out using mathematical formulas. It is impossible for a simple person to analyse so much information and make calculations. Automated cryptocurrency bots analyse this data and make recommendations instantly.
  • Most trading robots have a limited number of built-in market indicators.

Where cryptocurrency trading signals come from

Trading signals are the result of detailed market monitoring and situation forecasting. Signals can be insider information from major market players alerting about a cryptocurrency dump or dump, or they can be the result of analytical work by professional traders, or a symbiosis of the two.

Naturally, few people would want to share potentially lucrative information for free, so cryptocurrency signals are usually provided on a fee basis. Although, there are channels that provide analytics for free.

The provider of trading signals can be an experienced investor or analysts who monitor the market and quotes, and on the basis of the data determine trading strategies, moments when it is necessary to buy or sell assets.

Many providers provide signals for only one specific asset or analyse several top ones. Some also work with signals for traders, while others provide recommendations for long-term and short-term investments and signals for the sale of assets.

Signal providers are divided into direct and indirect. The former provide first-party information, usually in a narrowly defined direction, the latter collect information from various sources, provide signals to the exchange based on their analysis of recommendations or copy advice from other analysts.

Paid cryptocurrency signals



TradingView is a web-based service for tracking quotes in real time via any browser. It allows you to track other users' forecasts or make your own.

The service has three plans ranging from $9.95 to $39.95 per month, each can be activated for 30 days in test mode. Depending on the plan chosen, users get different tools for analysis.


  • Pro 14.95 GBP/month
  • Pro+ 29.95 GBP/month
  • Premium 59.95 GBP/month


CoinMarketAlert is an online platform that provides convenient tools for tracking the crypto market. CoinMarketCap data can be divided into two categories:

  • Free. This category includes informing about changes in the value of a specific cryptocurrency and possible profits and losses.
  • Advanced. They are provided for £1 per month and additionally inform the trader about changes in trading volume, market capitalizations, and the release of new coins.

Users are informed about all important changes in the market via emails, push notifications or Telegram.

The platform provides users with tools to embed cryptocurrency alerts on their website using HTML code or JavaScript, and also offers Bounty campaigns to promote the site.



Coindera allows you to create signals with changes in trading volume, value, study charts and moving averages such as EMA & SMA in order to track trends easily.

The service works on two tariff plans: Free and Pro. In Free mode, users have access to 5 signals, and with the Pro option, unlimited notifications are available for £10 per month. Moving averages and other more advanced features are ideal for more experienced traders. They come with an advanced set that allows for instant alerts.

The platform collects data from more than 30 trading venues, including Cryptsy, Bitfinex, Coinbase, OKCoin, BTC-E, BTCChina and Bitstamp, allowing users to follow any of 11,000 cryptocurrencies.

Signals are sent out via SMS, push notifications, email and Telegram.



CryptoWolf is the first tool on the market of cryptocurrency signals. The service was created by a team of experienced cryptotraders in the middle of 2017. At the moment it is used by more than 7000 active traders.

CryptoWolf offers a wide range of profitable signals for various cryptocurrencies and other functionality:

  • Quality signals for altcoins (Binance).
  • Signals for intraday margin trading on BitMEX
  • Individual consultations for subscribers on all trading-related issues
  • Author's video course on trading, which will help you learn the profession of the future and start earning from day one

Premium Club subscribers get up to 3 trading signals per day, extended functionality and analytics in a personal cabinet, where it is convenient to track all the statuses of their signals and trades. An important advantage is the access to the private chat, where you can get advice directly from members of the project team or discuss current trades. In addition, traders have access to an individual trading system on pending orders, which can easily be tested on past quotes.


  • Monthly subscription 0.007 btc/month
  • Unlimited subscription 0.07 btc/forever and ever

Free cryptocurrency signals

Bitcoin Ticker Widget

Bitcoin Ticker Widget

Bitcoin Ticker Widget is a smartphone and computer app in which you can track bitcoin and lightcoin values. Users can set up their own signals and display options. The widget shows the current value index and price movement over the last hour and also sends alerts when the rate is rising or falling. Widgets can be customized and changed to suit your needs. Users can use GBP, USD, EUR and other fiat currencies to track cryptocurrency values. Time intervals can be set from 1 hour to 5 minutes.

The crypto app

The Crypto App is an app for tracking the value of all cryptocurrencies in one place. The widget can be placed on the desktop in several variants, including a small 4 × 1 format or a larger 4 × 4 format. Naturally, users can filter the assets reflected in the widget, and clicking on the widget opens the app with detailed statistics on all cryptocurrencies.

The app has a built-in Twitter feed through which any market news is displayed.



Coinwink is an open-source platform that provides alerts via email or SMS. Users can set up notifications as they see fit. The software tracks more than 1,500 coins, including GBP, BTC, ETH, EUR, AUD and CAD. Notifications come as soon as the value of a coin reaches a certain value. The service has thousands of registered users and sends more than 100,000 notifications every day.

The platform was completely free, but as of recently, a fee has been introduced to send notifications via SMS.

Should I trust cryptocurrency signals?

The cryptocurrency market is quite young and has become an attractive field for fraud, as there are many inexperienced traders willing to follow the path of least resistance and dispose of their savings according to expert tips. But, unfortunately, not all the signals are accurate, especially when it comes to free information sources.

On the other hand, signals providers earn indirectly or directly on providing information and are interested in attracting more users, and the only way to achieve this is to offer high-quality and correct market analysis.

You should understand that a trading signal is only a recommendation for less experienced traders, not a call to action, so signal providers are not responsible for profit.


Trading signals make it much easier to make profitable deals, especially for beginner traders. There are many channels that are ready to share the information about the upcoming changes or timely notification of the exchange rates' movements on a paid or free-of-charge basis.

It is up to the trader to decide which principle to follow in trading operations, but, one way or another, trading signals allow you to find out the information as quickly as possible without the need to monitor the price on the trading floors by yourself.

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