TruePNL Guide: Participation in IDO, Tiers and Launchpad Requirements

TruePNL Guide

What Is TruePNL?

TruePNL is a new crosschain Launchpad with an interesting pooling system for IDOs. Also providing investors with DeFi investment products within a simple but secure system.

Launchpad offers a fair distribution model through dedicated pools. They help distribute tokens to actual users, filtering out bots and duplicates.

TruePNL Launchpad also offers two sales models: a standard private model and an initial DEX offering (IDO) with two pools, a whitelist PNLg pool and an acquired pool.

Navigating the Risks: A Crypto Trading Disclaimer

Trading in cryptocurrencies involves significant risks and may not be suitable for all investors. The cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile, and prices can fluctuate rapidly. Investors should carefully consider their financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment goals before trading. It's essential to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.
Read our advice to avoid losing money in financial markets. Protect your investments today.

DAO Maker is currently one of the most productive and active lunchpads, having launched a total of about eighty projects with an average ATH ROI of almost 3,700%.

Should I choose TruePNL? 

Can be considered the best start-up platform TruePNL.

TruePNL Launchpad, as the core product of TruePNL, is designed to be an honest and secure investment vehicle.

They never require upfront fees and ensure that there are no hidden fees or charges. All platform users confirm their identity through KYC procedures.

Pools TruePNL are designed to maximise and equitably distribute the distribution to real users. At the same time, the participation of bots and multi-accounts is excluded. Any user has a high chance of receiving a guaranteed distribution in the TruePNL Launchpad tokenseal.

Unlike other platforms, TruePNL fulfils its mission of transparency in the trading process, as you can read further in our TruePNL review.

TruePNL Statistics and Performance

TruePNL statistics and Performance

According to statistics cited by, TruePNL ranks 38th among similar platforms. To date, TruePNL has raised $1.8 million in investments, with an average ROI of 7.59x.

TruePNL is quite a young platform, token sales are going fast, TruePNL Launchpad requirements are high, which means we have a great opportunity to watch the project develop.

The results of the latest IDOs conducted on TruePNL are shown in the following image.

conducted on TruePNL

How Does TruePNL Work? 

Launchpad offers allocation of tokens through special pools.
The pools in turn distribute the tokens to actual users, weeding out bots and duplicates. Everyone can benefit from launching fundraisers through TruePNL Launchpad by creating pools to exchange tokens and launch sales.

There are two sales models: standard private and initial offering on DEX (IDO) with two pools.
You don't have to have a huge investment to get a guaranteed allocation to IDO. It is a platform designed for a wide range of users, so that everyone can participate in the sales.

Crypto-Scam Warnings

Beware of crypto-scams! Trading cryptocurrencies carries risk and may lead to loss. Research our selection of trusted services to protect your investments. Stay informed, stay secure.

What do you need to Participate in IDO on TruePNL?

To participate in TruePNL, the basic steps are universal: you need to create, if you don't have one, a cryptocurrency wallet. Then buy a certain amount of tokens from the launchpad itself, put them into the wallet, start stacking tokens.

Detailed instruction:

1. Create a wallet if you don't already have one.

2. Register and verify your account.

3. Connect your wallet to TruePNL.

wallet to TruePNL

4. Top up your account with major cryptocurrencies such as USDT, BTC.

5. Buy TruePNL on decentralised exchange Uniswap or centralised exchange (our example).

6. Transfer PNL tokens to MetaMask wallet.

Transfer PNL tokens

The ETH/ERC20 grid must be used for translation.


How to get Whitelisted on TruePNL IDO: Pool Rules

There are three ways to get an whitelisted on TruePNL.

Lottery Pool

Lottery Pool - participation is free. You register on the site and apply. If you win a place in the lottery, you will need to take an additional KYC. You don't need a KYC to enter the lottery itself, which makes it very easy for newcomers.

PNLg Pool

PNLg Pool - conditionally guaranteed whitelisted. The PNLg pool allows an investor to receive a guaranteed whitelisted, which depends on their contribution to the TruePNL ecosystem.
The minimum number of PNLg points to participate is 3000 PNLg tokens.
But, if your share of the total pool is less than 0.25%, you will not receive an whitelisted.
You can keep track of your PNLg points in the Invest tab.

PNLg Pool

The example shows the amount of PNLG points credited. You can click on the link Show history to see the history of your credits.

True PNL Tiers: What is PNLG and What are They Credited for?

Currently there are three ways to accumulate PNLG points.

  • Hold onto your PNL tokens and you will be credited exactly that many PNLG points each day. For example, if you hold 500 PNL tokens then you will be awarded 500 PNLG each day.
  • 2.5 times as many PNLG points are awarded for participating in the pool of liquidity in the PNL-USDT pair on the Uniswap exchange.
  • Invite referrals and receive 20% of the amount they earn PNLG points.

PNLg Distribution

PNLG points you can spend for participation in the PNLG POOL.
All users who have entered this pool share in the whitelisted depending on how many PNLg they have contributed.
But in order to receive an whitelisted, your share of PNLg must be greater than 0.25% and not more than 5% of the total share of all PNLg tokens.
Thus the platform wants the whitelisted to be as affordable as possible.

IMPORTANT: minimum and maximum pool shares are subject to change.

This is always worth keeping an eye on the luchpad announcement channel.
Participants who do not reach the minimum share threshold (0.25% for the latest projects) are excluded from the distribution. The PNLg they have contributed will be refunded.

Vested Pool

Vested Pool - a pool for large PNL token holders.

To access this pool you must:

  • Hold 10,000 or more PNL tokens
  • Invest 5,000 or more tokens in liquidity on Uniswap

After all redemptions of whitelisted secured by PNLG, TruePNL will set up an FCFS round where absolutely every PNL holder can participate. There will be an appointed time when you can go to the site and invest freely in the project. But this will have to be done faster than other investors, as the collection on this round is severely limited. Selling tokens in this pool is done according to the FCFS (first come, first served) principle. If a transaction in this pool is not fully redeemed, all other participants can enter and collect the remainder.

Once you have purchased more than 10,000 tokens and passed KYC, the team will verify you within 24 hours and allow you to enter this closed pool.


The information contained in this article is for information purposes only. It should not be construed as financial advice. Investing in cryptocurrency involves significant risk of loss, and we advise you to consult a financial advisor if you decide to invest in cryptocurrency. Remember that all investments are made at your own risk.


Is TruePNL available in the UK?

TruePNL is not a scam, the site is legal and available in the UK.

Is TruePNL Safe?

The platform follows all security standards that make it 100% safe and secure. There are no upfront fees or hidden commissions. Identity verification is done through KYC procedure.

How do I participate in TruePNL? 

In order to participate in IDO on TruePNL, you first need to register on the project website and complete identity verification. Then you need to purchase tokens to participate in the IDO. The minimum number of PNLg points to participate is 3000 PNLg tokens.


Although TruePNL is still a young project, but thanks to a great development team, it is quickly gaining momentum. TruePNL pools are created to distribute the distribution as fairly as possible among real users and exclude bots and multi-accounts. Users have several profit options, including active and passive income. By all standards it is a safe and secure platform. Easy to use, well made product that does its job brilliantly.

TruePNL Guide

TruePNL Rating Summary 

82% Overall

We have analyzed the main advantages and disadvantages of TruePNL based on 3 important parameters for choosing IDO:

  •  Trustworthy (we made an independent research based on Trustpilot reviews and other independent sources on the internet).
  • Our usability tests and experts researches.
  • Analysis of token value, capitalization and value forecasts for the year by analysts.

Based on all this data an independent rating was compiled


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