Best Free NFT Giveaways to Earn Money

Many NFT projects, in order to promote their new collections, announce free NFT giveaways via social media, usually Twitter, Reddit or Discord. Plenty of cryptocurrency companies, artists, and all kinds of NFT enthusiasts share and promote their projects on Twitter. After all, when entering the market as a newcomer, the first thing to do is to build an audience, and only then go with sales to popular markets.

This method has its own problems. There are many fraudsters in the cryptocurrency space, and there is a high chance that the project will not grow. However, since the giveaway is free, the risk is not high. Usually, the user is required to subscribe to the projects, leave a comment, tag their friends and similar actions.

Best 10 NFT Giveaways


  • December 15, 2022 – December 22, 2022
  • OpenSea

The NEUROMAP project is a smart collection of NFTs, created by Synapse AI. There are 10,000 objects on subjects like Snoop Dog to the periodic table. Each object has a unique definition with related information. Up to 50 satellites can be deposited within each NFT.

With our unique random minting process, you'll be able to get common or obscure words and themes. All NEUROMAP items have their own "Power" rating that goes up the more popular a word or topic is.

If you own shares of NEUROMAP, you can use Synapse AI to generate your own NFT. We'll also give you access to a few ready-made locations that’ll get people interested in your content. One such NFT could be an explanation of your business, a description of your company, or even a hobby.

Master Node Cards

  • December 15, 2022 – December 22, 2022
  • verified

Master Node Cards is a ethereum collection of 3000 cards in the metaverse that are "loaded" with rewards from the nodes we will aquire with 75% of final sales if you are into nodes but dont quite have upwards of 100s of thousands to invest join Master Node Cards where we will fractionalize nodes in the form of nfts!


  • December 18, 2022 – December 25, 2022
  • Cardano

Blacklist is a Web3 brand being built on top of Cardano. We aim to build/unite a community represented by bright-minded individuals capable of strongly supporting our brand, where each member represents a part of us. "We Stand Together" is our symbol of strength in any good or bad situation, and we focus on spreading that sentiment even in a bear market.

Cribz – Unique Galleries NFT

  • December 18, 2022 – December 25, 2022
  • OpenSea

Cribz is your personal, unique gallery to exhibit your items. We're providing a web3 social media platform for nft enthusiasts where you can share art, get feedback and make new friends.

Undead Panda

  • December 31, 2022 – January 07, 2023
  • OpenSea

Undead Panda is a NFT project that is community driven and community focused. We aim to back our members in every way possible, by letting members vote for what changes they would like to see and benefits.

Average Monkeys

  • January 01, 2023 – January 08, 2023
  • OpenSea

The Average Monkeys is an NFT PFP project that consists of 7001 unique monkey themed NFT's on the Ethereum Blockchain. The team was made up of a few teenagers from New Zealand who were still in high school when this project was launched. We want the people on our platform to be able to receive giveaways, sweepstakes and airdrops. For this reason, we plan to be ranked in the top 100 sights while donating some of our profits back into the community.

Dr. Punks

  • January 15, 2023 – January 22, 2023
  • OpenSea

Dr. Punks is a collection of 10,000 uniquely designed NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain (each of the 10,000 NFTs with a prize on release day) as well as hosting the world’s first monthly NFT lottery drawing among 300 randomly-picked winners. The sales and monthly royalties from our Dr. Punks NFTs will be used to build and maintain a shelter hotel in The Dominican Republic that caters to women (and their kids) who are victims of domestic violence, making them feel safe again.

Alpha Octopus

  • February 02, 2023 – February 09, 2023
  • verified

The ALPHA OCTOPUS is a collection of 888 unique digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. Your collectible will never be multiplied and will help you become part of an exclusive club with additional perks based on participation. Not to mention the charitable causes associated with this project and its Amazing roadmap.

Alphaducks Pre-Mint Release

  • February 02, 2023 – February 09, 2023
  • verified

RELEASE DATE: 04/20/23 The AlphaDucks New 3D NFT Project The future of Digital Art and 3 Dimensional renders! More than 200+ attribute selections.

Zombz NFT WL

  • January 15, 2023 – January 22, 2023
  • OpenSea

This giveaway is exclusively for people looking to mint a FREE Zombz NFT. WL winners shall receive a token to mint FREE from the first wave ahead of public mint. To be in for a chance to jump onto this OG list, please follow our guidelines by following our pinned tweet. We won't be opening our discord until after the mint date, for more info and community head over to our Twitter + Website. If you have any Q's or suggestions for the collection, slide them into our DMs, open a tweet thread or give us an Email. Thanks for the support! We look forward to.

Other ways to get the NFT for free

Play-to-Earn games

Blockchain-based gaming projects often reward users with cryptocurrencies and NFT for completing tasks and defeating opponents. True, many decentralised games require an initial investment, but there are exceptions.

The initial investment can be quite high. But in the process you can get NFTs of varying degrees of rarity and sell them on the free market.

Examples of games with NFT tokens:

  • Axie Infinity
  • Cryptoblades
  • The Sandbox
  • Decentraland

A separate category of such games are metavillages, where each NFT can also be bought, sold or rewarded, and the lands themselves are NFT (although you can't get them for free - they are usually in limited numbers and their value only increases over time). See real estate in metavillages.

Contests on cryptocurrency exchanges

Binance, and other cryptocurrency exchanges periodically hold contests where users can get NFT tokens as gifts.

Options for requirements for customers wishing to win:

  • Register and be verified.
  • Invite referrals.
  • Trade for a certain amount of money.

Special mention should be made of fan tokens. For example, on the Binance Fan Token platform, owners of a particular Fan Token can receive exclusive NFTs and Mystery Boxes (boxes with random NFTs) as a reward for loyalty.

NFT Perspectives

The three main areas of NFT that analysts believe will develop particularly strongly:

The gaming industry. We have already looked at the Play-to-Earn model above. But it's not the only way to use it. Professional gamers, bloggers and streamers also benefit from this ecosystem. The combination of DeFi and NFT will allow many to learn a new profession and make a living in the gaming environment.

Meta universes. So far, these projects are more like regular online games. But Facebook's entry (Meta) is a serious step towards making the tools more diverse over time, bringing financial freedom to users and lowering barriers to entry.

Music industry. Bands and labels have recognised the potential for NFT to retain control of intellectual property and fair royalties. This does indeed look better than working with record labels who take most of the revenue. In addition, NFT provides new models for rewarding fans.

2020 and 2021 were crucial years for NFT technology, with 2022 continuing the trend. There is a large influx of artists, designers, developers, community leaders into the industry. Many are convinced that NFT is the next step in revolutionising the global economic model.


What are NFT tokens?

Blockchain-based tokens, which are different from conventional cryptocurrencies. Each one is strictly unique at the code level and contains information about the author and owner.

Can I create an NFT myself?

Yes, this function is supported by most popular marketplaces for trading.

Is it possible to get the NFT for free?

Yes, like playing P2E games, participating in competitions and giveaways.

What are NFT games?

Blockchain-based games in which almost all functional items are in the form of NFT and can be bought/sold between users directly.

Where can I find free giveaways?

There are a lot of them on Twitter, Discord, Reddit. There are special sites that track new handouts.


NFT tokens can be obtained for free in various ways, and one should not neglect this opportunity, as there is a probability that the asset will eventually grow in value and bring in profits. Nevertheless, such guarantees are difficult to give, there are many failed projects which then simply stop developing. In this case, it is a good thing if you do not have to invest money in them. NFTs are stored in decentralized wallets that support appropriate standards, and are sold/bought on special marketplaces. You can also mint your own token there to try to sell it.

Jack Evans

I became a crypto asset owner in 2014, when the industry was in its infancy. Before that, I was working in the classic US and European stock markets. Since then, I have gained extensive experience in both cryptocurrency investing and day trading. I am happy to share with readers my experience with crypto exchanges, DeFi and NFT instruments.

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