XBTS Crypto Exchange Review

If you are undecided which exchange to use, we suggest you look at XBTS. The platform with impressive functionality will be equally suitable for both beginners and experienced users. And thanks to a number of unique features can become a favorite for many users.

Navigating the Risks: A Crypto Trading Disclaimer

Trading in cryptocurrencies involves significant risks and may not be suitable for all investors. The cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile, and prices can fluctuate rapidly. Investors should carefully consider their financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment goals before trading. It's essential to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.
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What is XBTS?

XBTS is an inter-chain DEX (decentralized exchange) used by traders and players to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The exchange offers a large variety of trading pairs, as well as support for most languages of international communication. XBTS Dex & DeFi has been operating on the BitShares blockchain since 2018. In terms of transaction speed, the exchange demonstrates good indicators. The average transaction processing time is around 3 seconds. The exchange also has interesting affiliate and training programs. In addition, XBTS offers the DeFi AMMob platform. XBTS decentralized exchange provides access to advanced blockchain trading tools and is used by traders from all over the world. The only exchange on the blockchain with named accounts. All transactions are recorded in the blockchain, the entire history of account is available in the block explorer. You can trade popular cryptocurrencies in any direction and create your own trading pairs.


  • Fully decentralized  
  • Variety of trading pairs
  • Unlimited deposit and withdrawal.
  • Powerful trading toolset
  • Highly profitable affiliate program
  • No transaction limits


  • Ability to deposit only in cryptocurrencies 
  • Bulky web version interface

Is XBTS Safe ?

Thanks to decentralization of BitShares blockchain you can trade on XBTS anywhere you want. Access to 99% of countries all over the world. No failure points. BitShares blockchain nodes across the globe. The platform ensures the safety of all transactions of its customers. The BitShares blockchain is the first DPoS blockchain in the world since 2014. It was created by Dan Larimer, creator of EOS, Steemit, Cardano. Your XBTS account is your address in blockchain. A secret phrase is provided by a blockchain during registration, keep it safe! The exchange does not keep your keys. Only you can access your account.

Crypto-Scam Warnings

Beware of crypto-scams! Trading cryptocurrencies carries risk and may lead to loss. Research our selection of trusted services to protect your investments. Stay informed, stay secure.

XBTS Features

The exchange has ten features that make it stand out from the rest, about the security and speed we have already said. Let's look at the others.

Integrated Block Explorer

All of your transactions are in the blockchain, so no one can change or delete them. Thanks to this feature, you can track not only exchange transactions but also specific ones such as airdrops and giveaways.

DeFi liquidity pools

XBTS DeFi AMMob platform is a DeFi with Automated Market-Maker of an Order Book. Prices in pools are updated in real-time. DeFi pools traders act as Informed Market Makers. Its benefits are in the form of fast exchange and the ability to preserve the value of your assets.

Cross-Chain bridges

With the fast deposit and withdrawal of assets, Cross-Chain bridges allows you to implement any of your strategies.

XBTS Cross-Chain bridges is an automated blockchain system with instant transfer to popular trading platforms: Binance BNB Beacon Chain (BEP2), Binance Smart Chain BSC (BEP20), Huobi HECO, Waves, Ethereum, and transfers to 42+ native blockchains.

Free trading bots

Another important successor of XBTS is the flexible automated trading toolkit. With a simple setup and configuration, you can implement any strategy in automated mode and multiply your profits if you use it correctly.

Ability to track transactions.

The platform also provides the ability to fully track the block in which your transaction is placed, thanks to this feature you will always be able to assess the network congestion and be able to trace the full path of your assets.

How to start use XBTS

When registering, you will only be prompted to choose a username; the password will be generated by the blockchain which also works as a private key and needs to back up for complete access. After registration, you will have access to the full functionality of the platform. XBTS users get access from uniform blockchain accounts to all exchange functions, multiple markets, DeFi pools, BitShares blockchain services. There is also a function to improve your account by purchasing premium status, which guarantees a number of bonuses. There are features for the professional trader in the advanced trading interface, as well as a simplified DeFi interface for the beginner, with one-click exchange, staking and a multi-functional crypto wallet.

And here is the interface itself, it is fully customizable and everyone can configure it based on their needs.

XBTS fees

The exchange has its own fixed fees, which are paid in cryptocurrency BTS. Fees on exchange are much cheaper than in the Ethereum blockchain for example. Save on trading fees and benefits from the competitive trading conditions in the decentralized markets. Here are examples of fees for different transactions.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is one of the most attractive factors of the platform. If you participate in the referral system, you will receive 80% of commissions from each transaction of your invited user.

Social media


Any exchange carries risks, so we remind you that you are personally responsible for all transactions and it's up to you to decide whether to use this product or not. Be careful. This is not an invest recommendation.


Are there mobile versions of the exchanger?

Yes, the project is presented on both IOS and Android.

What does premium status give?

With premium status you can get 80% of the cashback from fees regardless of the operation.


To sum it up, XBTS was very surprised by huge set of features for professional trading, and flexible settings along with automation through the bot help experienced traders to maximize profits. It's also worth noting that the design of the project makes it a reliable tool to organize your assets. We will follow the development of the project and hope to see more interesting features.

XBTS exchange review

XBTS Review Summary 

82% Overall

We have analyzed key features of XBTS based on 3 important criteria for choosing crypto exchange:

  • Trustworthy
  • Usability
  • Fees
    Based on researches and our own tests, we have made an independent rating.

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