Gamestarter Guide: Participation in IDO, Tiers and Launchpad Requirements

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Gamestarter Launchpad

What Is Gamestarter?

Gamestarter Launchpad is a gaming system that sets a new standard for financing indie games. It creates a lGO launch pad, platform and marketplace based on NFT.

Gamestarter Launchpad is focused on creating high-quality games on blockchain. There is a simple and straightforward interface for the player and plenty of possibilities in design. You can build and track your entire portfolio by acquiring assets.

Should I choose Gamestarter Launchpad? 

Crypto-gaming is attracting a lot of attention and showing great growth rates. Gamestarter Launchpad has introduced a new standard of fundraising for games.

The interests of the community are taken into account and a democratic gaming industry has been created. Fair terms of participation and sales for all. . All terms and conditions and sale price are the same for both regular and private sales.

Gamestarter Statistics and Performance

Should I choose Gamestarter

According to, Gamestarter ranks in the top 15 Launchpad by revenue platforms in the market.

So far, Gamestarter has raised $2.89 million in investment, with an average ROI of 64.46x.

It is growing fast and has a lot of room for growth. Given this fact, Gamestarter is really worth a look.

The results of the latest IDOs conducted on Gamestarter are shown in the following image.

IDOs conducted on Gamestarter

How Does Gamestarter Work? 

Launchpad on Gamestarter has different levels. Users can bid $GAME to gain early access to new game projects and tokens. The first IGO on Gamestarter Launchpad was Dark Frontiers.
You can find a detailed review of Launchpad levels at:

How do I buy GAME? Read our detailed guide here.

Current Price, £ 0.0374154  Market Cap, £ 1,040,270

What do you need to Participate in IDO on Gamestarter Launchpad ?

Gamestarter is a crowdfunding platform for NFT-based indie games in its market.

To participate you need to:

1. Enter your email address to register. A confirmation email will be sent to you.
2. Confirm your email address by clicking on the button or link.
3. Bid $GAME to get your ticket for free.

Gamestarter  Tiers & Levels 

The recommended requirements for Gamestarter tiers are currently as follows:


  • 750 $GAME ( Allocation size [1x]) (10% lottery chance)
  • 1250 $GAME (Allocation size [2x]) (25% lottery chance)
  • 2500 $GAME (Allocation size [2x]) (50% lottery chance)


  • 5000 $GAME ( Allocation size [2x])
  • 7500 $GAME (Allocation size [3x])
  • 10000 $GAME (Allocation size [6x])
  • 15000 $GAME (Allocation size [14x])
  • 30000 $GAME ( Allocation size [22x] )
  • 60000 $GAME (Allocation size [28x])


  • 100000 $GAME (Allocation size [32x])
  • 150,000 $GAME (Allocation size [32x])
Launchpad levels

The more $GAME you wager, the higher the allocation you will receive. Participants of the lottery and guaranteed levels will have to bet within 5 days, the legendary levels will be blocked for 3 and 6 months. The allocation amount will be individual for each project.

How to get Whitelisted on Gamestarter IDO: $GAME Rules

Gamestarter Launchpad has all levels with increasing rewards for platform users depending on the amount of $GAME bid. The main objective is to release new games and projects for investors who want to gain early access to IGO (Initial Game Offerings).

The size of the basic allocation (x1) will be set for each project individually, depending on the amount they want to raise. For example, the Maxi level in the lottery category requires users to bid $2500 $GAME for five days to receive a 50% chance of receiving a double distribution (x2).

Launchpad levels

Benefits of $GAME

$GAME facilitates the operation and functionality of the entire Gamestarter platform.
Ownership of $GAME will allow for significant discounts in the NFT market.

One of the biggest benefits of $GAME for the Gamestarter Launchpad is that it will give access to the most anticipated launches in the crypto industry.


  • If you use an NFT-based game and own a $GAME, then there is the possibility of having a significant advantage in the game itself. For example, if you merge an NFT ship into Dark Frontiers, you have to wait 3 days for the process to complete. And if you use $GAME, the merge process will only take a few hours.

Gamestarter is a game-focused IGO launch platform built on Polygon Chain. This platform will be part of Polygon's gaming studio as a platform. In addition, the platform is considered one of the most prominent second Gamestarter tier solutions, and its $GAME is already running on Uniswap, Pancakeswap and

In fact, $GAME is one of the top ten coin start-up platforms in terms of current ROI. as shown in the figure below:


GameStarter's full-featured platform, on the other hand, is already up and running for subscribers. PixelPixio, DarkFrontiers and ProjectSeed have confirmed that their pre-sales will be done through GameStarter.

Gamestarter Launchpad will also serve as an IGO platform for GameFi's most promising projects.

How to bid $GAME to Access IGOs

Once you have some $GAME in your wallet, place a bid on the Gamestarter by following these steps:

  • 1. Approve the interaction.
  • 2. Place a bid on the amount of $GAME you wish to wager.
  • 3. Once the pool page for Project SEED opens, be sure to register for the IGO to get a guaranteed spot. You can easily sign up via Metamask, Wallet Connect or Trust Wallet.
  • 4. KYC will be provided in the registration panel. Make sure you have a valid ID and mobile/computer camera at hand. KYC confirmation will take between 2 minutes to 6 hours. Driver's licence will be accepted, but a passport may shorten the confirmation time.

Gamestarter Team

Gamestarter is made up of experts from all over the world. They are employees with many years of experience in large projects.
The team has recently tripled in size! We now have more than 30 people working on our projects.
You can find our team on our website: Here are some of them:

Andrius — CEO

Linked In

Julius — CTO

Linked In

Gin — COO

Linked In


As the platform economy is based on an internal GAME Coin which has no other monetary value outside the platform, no taxes are applicable to holders of GAME Coin.

However, if a holder of a GAME Coin chooses to sell his or her coins for fiat or digital currency, he/she may be subjected to taxation, depending on jurisdiction of residence.

Gamestarter bears no responsibility for any taxation issues arising from surrendering of GAME Coins on a secondary market.


Is Gamestarter available in the UK?

Gamestarter is not a scam, the site is legal and available in the UK.

Is Gamestarter Safe?

Yes, the platform takes security very seriously. Gamestarter has been audited by, one of the best blockchain cybersecurity companies. They also do not store any sensitive information. Logging in is done through authentication.

How do I participate in Gamestarter? 

Register, purchase a $GAME and place a bet. The Gamestarter Launchpad has tiers that are divided into three categories: Lottery, Guaranteed and Legendary, depending on the amount of the $GAME bet.


Crowdfunding platform Gamestarter ranks among the top 15 Launchpad by revenue in the market. Everyone has the same opportunity to buy and invest $GAME in crypto games created by indie developers. The platform has a clear user interface, easy registration, high security and unique active users in the gaming category demonstrating an outperforming growth rate for the platform.

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