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aglet app

What Is Aglet app?

Aglet is a free game that was created two years ago. Given its popularity, considered integrating NFT and thought it would be valuable to focus on building community as well as in-game interactivity before going ahead with it. STEPN is a clone of Aglet, in which you'll have to walk around to earn enough money so that you can eventually get your cash back. You'll have to walk around for a little while before your time runs out, and you run out of coins.

The popularity of the Aglet game has seen an increase in users who are sneakerheads. This is reflected in its fame and long list of players.

Aglet History

Ryan Mullins left his position as director of future trends at Adidas on 31 August 2019. About a month later, on 1 October, he moved full-time to the Aglet, a smartphone app that he describes as Pokémon Go. , but for sneakers.

He hired a small but dedicated team to bring Aglet to snickerheads around the world, and Aglet was introduced to the world on 12 April 2020.

On 6 May 2022,  announced the launch of Aglet NFC.

How does Aglet App Work?

The game converts your steps into in-game coins called Aglets that you can use to purchase and collect virtual trainers from brands like Adidas, New Balance, ASICS, and Yeezy (among others).

You can explore the world around you thanks to a map that lets you visit treasure chests - some containing blue aglets, gold aglets and virtual Sneakers as rewards. You can even find real ones!

The game is designed to measure your footsteps, converting them into Aglets - the in-game community currency which you can use to buy and collect virtual shoes from Adidas, New Balance, ASICS and Vans (to name a few)

The app is giving away real trainers as part of the rewards in this game. So far, players in Liverpool, UK, Melbourne, Australia and Chicago, USA and more.

Aglet Features

Each of the sneakers has different features. The following parameters can be found in the description:

EARN RATE is the minimum amount of coins you can earn by walking 1,000 steps in these trainers.

MAX BOOST RATE - the maximum amount of coins you can earn by walking 1,000 steps in these trainers.

DURABILITY is the durability of your trainers. The higher the value, the longer your sneaker will last.

CLASS - class of trainer that does not affect anything. Available from 6 to 0. The lower the number, the higher the class and the more expensive the trainer on the market.

LIFETIME STEPS - shows how many steps you have walked in these shoes.

PURCHASED PRICE - The approximate price for which you can sell your shoes on the Marketplace.

REPAIRS REMAINING - The number of times your shoes has been repaired.

Map and bonus icons for Aglet

When you open the map of your city, you will find geolocation points with different icons - geocaches. They mean the following:

REPAIR - repair your sneakers at 20, 40 and 60%.

DEADSTOCK - repair your completely worn out trainers.

STASH - boxes that can contain both new shoes and coins.

All you have to do is walk up to a point a few metres away and activate the badge. The Aglet stash can be activated once every 24 hours.

At the moment, various resources are available in the app, which can be used in the game itself.

The team is about to take the product into the crypto space.

They are already creating an NFT on the Immuttable X blockchain for this purpose, so it is possible that we will see a token from the project in the near future.

aglet moneys

Aglet Tokens

There are two currencies on the Aglet app:

RA - you can get for steps by opening boxes on the map or for selling shoes.

GA (Gold) - you can buy with a bank card, find a rare item in boxes or sell trainers on the market for them.
Now you can not earn real money in the game. I.e. the withdrawal of internal tokens is not yet available. Therefore, you just have to walk around. But it's possible that there will be some rewards for early users.

Should You Pay Attention to Aglet Game?

Aglet is a game. It is now a game with NFT. In the future, it will be a game with virtual assets of all types. It will be a space exploration physical device, it will be an e-commerce platform, and it will be a hub where online and offline merge into one.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aglet



  • Available on  iOS and Android
  • The Play-to-Earn system
  • One of the most popular NFT games
  • Opportunity to earn cryptocurrency legally
  • The registration process is too complex
  • Now is not possible to sell Aglet coins for real money (coming soon)

How to start playing?

1. To get started, you first need to install the app on your device.

You can do this by going to the website and selecting your OS:

If you are unable to install due to country restrictions, you will need to follow the steps below:

IOS & Android

For owners of Android devices, things are much simpler.

You can simply follow the link and download the .apk file.

Disclaimer. Downloading and installing applications from unofficial sources leads to additional risks.

aglet app andoid and appstore

Step 1 — Downloading the app

First, you have to install the app on your smartphone. Depending on the model of your phone, you can do this either from the App Store

Step 2 — Creating an account

Next, you have to open the app, register and create your character.
When you get to the stage of entering your partner you can enter the code "8HTDB8", for that you will get a bonus 1000 coins after the first 10,000 steps.

Step 3 — Choose your first shoes

You will be offered a choice of 3 pairs of sneakers.

You can choose any of them, as they are not that different in the first step.

Step 4 — Starting the game

You will need to allow the app to access your geo-logging and physical activity (pedometer), otherwise you will not receive coins.

Also, when you walk your first few steps, you will be given another pair of shoes.

And in the future you will be given trainers for a certain number of steps.

You can keep track of how many steps you have left by following these steps in the app

play Aglet

How can I win real shoes at Aglet?

If you want to win real trainers, do the following

  • Subscribe to Aglet  Instagram
  • Join Aglet Discord server
  • Find out more in Discord Community

Aglet Reviews

Aglet is rapidly gaining popularity. We surveyed users of the app and offer their feedback on Trustpilot.

  • 1 review with a score of 1
  • 132 reviews with a score of 5
aglet app reviews

“The shoes are beautiful”:

“The shoes are beautiful, great service! And fast delivery, I ordered my shoes and they arrived in 3 days. I would strongly recommend!”  Laura De Graaf Rated 5 out of 5 stars Jan 18, 2022

“Thank you!”:

“I ordered from Germany and I am very satisfied!! Very nice service and I will definitely buy more. 🙂 Thanks aglet!” Iva Rated 5 out of 5 stars Jan 14, 2021

“The Aglet good seller and dope collection”:

“The Aglet is really reliable and offer legit products. The products come packaged really nicely and the shipment came in really fast. They are willing to help you out with sizes and the purchasing process. I would order again from the Aglet!” Jacky Wang Rated 5 out of 5 stars Jul 6, 2020

Aglet Team

Owen Batt

Owen Batt — Co-Founder

Linked In

Przemyslaw Rudzki

Przemyslaw Rudzki— Co-Founder

Linked In 

Ryan David Mullins

Ryan David Mullins — CSO

Linked In 

Aglet Roadmap

By the time Aglet  launched the first NFT to Aglet sneakers shop, and already had over 1,000,000 players.

According to  NFT roadmap, planning to reach several key milestones by the end of 2022.

June 2022

From digital to physical: first ever IRL trainer shop connected to Aglet NFT

Throughout 2022 and beyond, in-game giveaways will include exclusive Aglet sneakers, shelf backgrounds and clothing exclusively for Aglet NFT owners.

 July/August/September 2022

Launch of Spatial NFT: NFT Mint and Cop Aglet treasure hoards worldwide

Additional NFT-related discounts at IRL's trainer shop

Players can buy and sell NFT Aglets at our marketplace

NFT Aglet can be purchased and exchanged for USDC and ETH in the Aglet shop and on the marketplace

Exclusive/early access to Aglet Merch items

 October/November/December 2022

NFT Aglet can be bought and sold on the ImmutableX Marketplace

NFT Aglet can be bought and sold on Tier 1 marketplaces (OpenSea, etc.)

Aglet Live Content series with trainers, meta universe and NFT luminaries - exclusively for NFT holders

Aglet backpack: players can integrate wallets into multiple blockchains to manage them in a single game space.

Aglet whitepaper

Unfortunately, there is no whitepaper on the project. We hope to add the document as soon as possible.

Is Aglet Legit?

Yes, Aglet is the real deal. It was developed by a known and skilled team of designers so that sneakerheads can fulfil their desires and fantasies of buying sneakers digitally.
It's also a way to earn virtual coins called "aglets" which you can use to buy a pair of sneakers.

Is Aglet Safe?

Yes, Aglet is completely safe. Together with his talented design team, Ryan Mullins has created this app for the fun and enjoyment of sneakers. It's also called 'pokemon go' for sneakers lovers.


Play-and-earn games can be highly risky due to price volatility. It is worth remembering that the tokens used by STEPN are not only in-game currency, but also cryptocurrency traded on an exchange. This type of investment requires a balanced approach. Gamers' investment in the game could suffer. We do not encourage you to invest your money in such products, and we are not responsible for any money lost. All investments you make are at your own risk.


What is the difference between NFT sneakers and regular?

The major difference between NFT sneakers and regular is that they will be available for sale on the ImmutableX, OpenSea, etc. trading platforms. And it is possible that there will be some rewards for early users.

How do I buy an Aglet NFT?

You can buy Aglet NFT in the Aglet Shop just like any other shoes' asset using our in-game currency (gold or regular Aglet). Later this year you will also be able to buy Aglet NFT on our market for other currencies (USDC and ETH) as well as on other trading platforms.

How do you sell an Aglet NFT?

First, not at all. But during 2022, you will be able to sell the Aglet NFT on the Aglet trading platform (just like regular trainers) and eventually like the NFT on other NFT trading platforms.

What happens to my in-game shoes if I sell NFTs?

Once you put up or sell your NFT, the in-game trainers will disappear from your shelf.

How do I connect my wallet?

For first releases, Aglet will create an ImmutableX wallet when you purchase your first Aglet NFT. At this stage, because of the connected gameplay and world of Aglet, you do not need to connect an existing wallet that you may have. We are a custodial platform - you simply access your NFT through your account, just like on Coinbase or Binance. In the future, we will add features and the ability to integrate any other wallets.

What format tokens does Aglet NFT represent?

Aglet NFT use the ERC-721. Read more about them here: -

Does this mean I have to buy NFT to play Aglet?

No, you can continue to play Aglet as usual if you like. You will still be able to walk, earn and buy trainers as usual and buy new trainers in our shop with regular and gold Aglets. On the plus side, some of your trainers can also be NFTs, and if you so choose, you can sell these NFTs for currencies other than RA and GA!

Is Aglet a move to earn (M2E) or a walk to earn (W2E)?

Not yet, but we will be introducing new ways of playing and earning in the near future. Aglet NFT roadmap is a good place to get more information.

Will we be able to convert regular Aglet (RA) or Gold Aglet (GA) into real money?

No, it's an in-app currency. However, later this year we will introduce an option to buy and sell NFT Aglets in our marketplace using ETH and USDC, so NFT trainers that you bought or found in Treasure Stashes can be converted to cryptocurrency. Later, we will add the ability to trade these trainers on other trading platforms (ImmutableX, Opensea, etc.).

What is the technical document for Aglet?

There is no technical document for the current Aglet game, as there is no token. We will release a technical document in the future when we introduce important new features and gameplay.

Will the current shoes be converted to NFT at a later date?

This is not part of our current roadmap, although we are developing a new gameplay that may include this feature in the future.


In any case, if there is an opportunity, it must be seized. Yes, there is a project Stepn, the entry threshold to which is from 13 SOL which is about $509,73 (at the time of writing this article), but is this "game worth the candle"? If you have the resources to buy these trainers for $509,73 + resources left to make money in other areas - then yes, it's worth a try.
But if you want to make a fortune with just one sneaker, do not risk resources, you may not be able to quickly turn a profit.
So think before you do anything. It's not certain that your investment will pay off quickly, and you'll be out in 0 for a month. Although who knows, maybe after 2 weeks you'll be earning on them already in the plus. So I think if there is an opportunity to go into the project without investing - so it's worth at least look at it. Everyone decides for themselves whether to go, but giving it 10 minutes a day is worth it, I think.

aglet app

Aglet app Rating Summary 

86% Overall

We have analyzed key features of Aglet based on 3 important criteria for choosing Move to earn games:

  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Analysis of token value, capitalization and year-end value forecasts from analysts.
    Based on researches and our own tests, we have made an independent rating.

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