PrimeBit Profit Review in the UK 2023: Scam or Legit?


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PrimeBit Profit Review

  • PrimeBit Profit software is not a Scam
  • Demo account available
  • Easy and fast withdrawals

Payment methods


Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Cardano, XRP, Dogecoin and others.

Available accounts:

Only 50 new accounts a day

Types of support:


Minimum Deposit:


Free demo account: 

Open a FREE demo

Cryptocurrency trading platforms, also known as virtual trading assistants, are software that are used both as analytical tools and for conducting transactions.

Once investors have deposited money, trading platforms buy and sell cryptocurrencies based on probability calculations based on price trends.

One such crypto trading platform is PrimeBit Profit, which is very easy to use and does not require any fees, using APIs (application programming interfaces) and AI keys, it reacts to market movements and generates profits for investors.

PrimeBit Profit Summary

???? Type

AI Trading Robot

???? Profit ratio


???? Minimum deposit

EUR 250

???? Software cost


???? Fees


???? Demo account


???? Assets

BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, BNB and others

???? Withdrawal Time

24 Hours

????️ User data protection

Yes (AES 256-bit)

What is Primebit Profit?

PrimeBit Profit is an app-only trading robot created by "a team of highly qualified, talented and experienced professionals". The founders of PrimeBit Profit are not mentioned by name, and it is not known how long the app has existed.

However, they have combined all the experience of several decades of computing and online trading to develop their trading assistant. As of this writing, Primebit Profit is focused on bitcoin trading, but still offers trading of more than 300 coins.





  • Min. Deposit: 250$
  • Free registration
  • Quick payout
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Primebit Profit Pros  & Cons



  • No fees
  • Very clear user interface and easy login to Primebit Profit
  • Automated 24/7 trading
  • Very safe platform
  • Constant work
  • $250 as a minimum deposit may be too high for some investors

How Does PrimeBit Profit Work?

PrimeBit Profit aims to be simple and accessible software for everyone . To this end, its work is based on 3 main functions, which are as follows: Use of advanced algorithmic technologies, Multiple levels of support, Optimized level of security.

Using advanced algorithmic technologies

PrimeBit Profit is an autonomous robot that uses advanced algorithmic technologies and is able to analyze the cryptocurrency market in detail. By accurately studying various key elements of the market, its artificial intelligence will be able to catch the moments that are favorable for selling or buying.

Multiple Support Levels

To satisfy all traders, PrimeBit Profit offers different levels of support . More experienced traders can choose minimal help, while beginners can choose automatic trading. The user-friendly and intuitive interface makes the platform ergonomic.

Optimized security level

PrimeBit Profit works in such a way that users are in an optimally protected environment. Traders don't have to worry about the security of their assets or personal data. Technologies such as SSL encryption and other security protocols are used to ensure the integrity of your sensitive information.

How To Start Trading With Primebit Profit

Step 1 – Register Primebit Profit Account

To create your account, all you need to do is go to the official Primebit Profit website and fill out the registration form.

Step 2 – Deposit Funds for Trading

After creating an account, you can make your first deposit . This money will be used to open positions and buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium and others.

Step 3 – Trade Cryptocurrency on PrimeBit Profit

Now all you have to do is configure the bot by setting the help level or enabling automatic trading. Now you can take full advantage of Primebit Profit and start making profits, regardless of your trading level.





  • Min. Deposit: 250$
  • Free registration
  • Quick payout
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PrimeBit Profit Key Features

Easy Login

As we will describe in more detail in the next chapter, it is possible to open a PrimeBit Profit account in a short time and in a completely uncomplicated way. Only some personal information is required, which can then be verified.

Intuitive control of the app

The Primebit Profit app is a very clear trading app, intuitive to use.
Even if you have no experience with cryptocurrency trading platforms or trading in general, you will get oriented very quickly. Logging in to PrimeBit Profit is always quick.


The browser-based version of Primebit Profit gives you a lot of up-to-date information about cryptocurrencies and their future prospects, especially about bitcoins and of course about the trading software itself.

The fact that there is no commission for trading is also openly reported, which leads us to the following feature.

Free Use

Investors can use Primebit Profit for free. There are no fees for deposits or withdrawals, transactions or anything else. This is what sets this virtual trading assistant apart from others on the market.

If this remains the case, the trading software will certainly be able to make a statement in the long run, provided that the performance of the Primebit Profit app, etc. does not also change negatively.

High security standard

With SSL encryption and other strict security measures, Primebit Profit ensures that traders and their money are protected from hacker attacks and data loss. This shows that a high level of security can be found here.

PrimeBit Profit Fees

From what we could see on the official PrimeBit Profit website, the robot does not charge any commissions and can be used for free.

Minimum deposit:


Trading Fees:


Account Fees:


Deposit/Withdrawal Fees:


Software Cost:


Subscription Cost:


PrimeBit Profit Customer Support

Customer support for the trading software is available at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

A very good point in our review of the PrimeBit Profit, as it is quite rare. Indeed, enough to legitimize the trading platform some more.

Is PrimeBit Profit a Scam?

PrimeBit Profit is undoubtedly a reputable provider with a good concept.

Investors must be verified before creating an account, strict security measures are applied, and the trading assistant works with reputable, regulated brokers.

The lack of commissions only confirms this. In any case, our experience with PrimeBit Profit has been very positive.

Our top robot trading tips for beginners

  • Analyze your individual situation and determine your risk appetite
  • Set realistic goals and strategies
  • As a beginner, trade with the amount of money that you can risk
  • Check the reliability of the broker
  • Gain initial experience and critically evaluate the results
  • Those who invest conservatively, that is, buy and sell cautiously, have less risk.


In conclusion, we recommend Primebit Profit. Reliable, safe, and easy to use trading robot, in our opinion, deserves its chance. However, you should always remember that investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin exposes you to some risk because of market volatility. Limit your investments and proceed with caution.


What is Primebit profit?

It is a trading robot that allows to automate cryptocurrency trading.

Is Primebit profits reliable?

Yes, the platform uses various security measures to protect traders' data and assets.

Does Primebit Profit pay?

No, using the Primebit Profit app is completely free.

Is Primebit Profit really profitable?

The algorithm used by Primebit Profit maximizes the chances of profit during trades. On the other hand, the developers have not given any figures about the potential profit.

How to use Primebit Profit?

To use Primebit Profit, you need to register on the platform, make a deposit and set up the robot, and then start trading.

How we write reviews of Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

When writing a review about a cryptocurrency trading platform, we consider key factors:

  1. User interface: navigation and understanding
  2. Available coins: supported coins
  3. Fees: Are the trading fees competitive with other platforms?
  4. Security:  Security of use and measures to protect your funds
  5. Customer support: Is the customer support responsive and helpful?
  6. Reputation: the platform's reputation in the community
  7. User Experience: robot to use, any bugs or lags or any other issues we've encountered.

We provide a detailed review of our experience with the platform, including all the pros and cons that we have experienced. 


Cryptocurrency trading entails a high risk and is not suited for all investors. You should carefully evaluate your investment objectives, degree of experience, and risk appetite before deciding to trade cryptocurrencies. You should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose because there is a chance that you will lose some or all of your initial investment.

You should be aware of all the dangers connected with cryptocurrency trading and seek counsel from a financial expert who is not affiliated with any cryptocurrency exchange. This website's Bitcoin Era review, opinions, news, research, analysis, pricing, and other information are offered as general market commentary and do not represent investment advice.

Jack Evans

I became a crypto asset owner in 2014, when the industry was in its infancy. Before that, I was working in the classic US and European stock markets. Since then, I have gained extensive experience in both cryptocurrency investing and day trading. I am happy to share with readers my experience with crypto exchanges, DeFi and NFT instruments.

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