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What Is SolChicks?

What Is SolChicks?

SolChicks is an NFT game on the Solana blockchain in which you take on the role of a warrior from the SolChick race and fight against your implacable enemies, the SolFox. At the moment the project is in development, the alpha version of the game is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2022. However, on the SolChicks site you can play a demo version of the game right now.

SolChicks is one of the most promising projects on the Solana blockchain. Companies such as Labs, Unanimous Capital, Fundametal Labs, Blocore, KV Ventures and many others have already invested in this project.

Token name


Market Cap

Solchicks [CHICKS]


$ 25.83M

The currency in the game is the CHIKCS token. CHICKS is a Solana-based token that is available for purchase on the Raydium exchange and a number of centralized exchanges. In December 2021, the token is capitalized at £19,400,759.56 with a price per token of £0.104.

Should You Pay Attention to This Game?

SolChicks is one of those games that immediately attracts attention. The thing is that the gameplay in this game is a cross between several genres. Here you need to take care of your pet like in Tamagotchi. The combat reminds the MOBA-games like Heroes of The Storm. And the storyline could well be used in any of the upcoming World of Warcraft addons.

But first of all SolChicks is an investment project, because you won't be able to play without financial investments. At the moment the game is in development and the entry threshold is unlikely to be high, but you need to act with an eye to the potential financial risks.

The project is definitely worth getting to know.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SolChicks



  • The Play to Earn system
  • Fight, collect and raise your pets in a vast universe
  • One of the most popular NFT games on the Solana blockchain
  • Opportunity to earn cryptocurrency legally
  • The purchase of an NFT item is required to start the game
  • Only the Web version of the game is available

How exactly I can make money in SolChicks?

How exactly I can make money in SolChicks?

In SolChicks, each user is the full owner of an NFT chick. Without buying one, it is impossible to start the game. A total of 10,000 chicks have been released so far, each with a unique design and attributes. In addition, these NFTs are classified by rarity, and the price of each of them will directly depend on this: the distribution starts from the most common "common" chicks with a share of more than 60% of the total issue and ends with "mythical" and "legendary" tokens with a share of 2% and 0.1% respectively.

All chicks can be bought and sold on marketplaces - SolChicks are already present on major platforms (Solanart, DigitalEyes, Solshop, Solsea, MagicEdene and FTX US).
One of the most interesting things about SolChicks is the possibility of breeding - i.e. the owner of two chicks can "cross" their tokens and get a brand new unique NFT, thus increasing the total issue and adding another asset to his wallet. The "exclusivity" and price of the chicks will depend on the status of the parents in the SolChicks meta universe.

In addition, the developers promise to give users a lot of other tools for profit: from growing crops and sell them on marketplaces to quarterly bonuses for the best fighters on the battlefields of the virtual world.

So the main way of earning in SolChicks is the sale of NFT-assets.

How do I play the SolChicks demo?

How do I play the SolChicks demo?

The demo version of the game is available to all comers. To access it, you need to go to a special page on the website and click on "Play our Game Demo".

Link your Twitter account

To access the demo, you must link your Twitter account to the site as well:

  • Provide your name
  • Provide an email address
  • Subscribe to SolChicks tweets
  • Retweet the record that you gained access to the demo

After completing the above steps, a page with an active link to access the demo version of the game will be available.

SolChicks Gameplay

SolChicks Gameplay

Who are the SolChicks

SolChicks are the main characters of the game. They are chicks caught in difficult life circumstances. The world around them is full of enemies, so they are destined to be warriors. There will be three classes of warriors available in the game:

  • Bishop
  • Gladiator
  • Wizard

All three SolChicks classes differ from each other in different characteristics, accessories, and skills.


One of the mechanics of the game is to take care of your chick. You will need to strengthen the bond with him. This is achieved by having your pet play, feeding it, and keeping an eye on its health. The higher the level of bond between you and your pet, the more victories you achieve in PvP battles, the higher your chick's level will be.

Game modes

There will be two game modes available in the game: PvP and Raids.

PvP battles is the main game mode, where your SolChicks fight opponents in team battles to gain experience and win prizes. This mode is a classic MOBA.

Raiding is a mode for high-level players who will team up for battles against powerful monsters. The demo version of the game presents exactly this mode - together with your computer partners you fight against a powerful enemy called SolFox.



The gameplay in SolChicks is reminiscent of the Diablo series. The player needs to monitor the consumption of life and mana. Life can be replenished with vials of health elixir of varying capacity, the same mana is restored automatically.

Several types of attacks are available, which must be skillfully combined, because they have different rollback time.

Death of a Hero

If you don't keep track of any of the aspects during combat, its outcome will be obvious. The gameplay is well-balanced, the game evokes only positive emotions.
You can learn more about the gameplay from the video below:

SolChicks Team

More than 50 employees from all over the world are involved in the development of the game.
The leading members of the SolChicks team:

William Wu — CEO

Linked In / Instagram

Lewis Grafton — COO

Linked In 

Jun Ho Lee — Game Development / Graphics (Lead)

Linked In


The developers of the game has a roadmap, which shows the future development of the project until the third quarter of 2022.

Q4.2021 / Q.1 2022

  • Release of SolChicks Alpha. Expected launch date of the SolChicks gaming platform. You canexpect to evolve your SolChicks, engage in P2P battles and beginbonding with your SolChicks.


  • Battle of the SolFox Challenge. Challenge the SolFox! Only seasoned players and the chosen fewmay undertake this periodic challenge. Amazing spoils await.


  • Release of SolChicks Community and Second Update


  • Release of Third Update. Additional features to be released including flocks,buildings and weapons.


The developers of SolChicks take their game universe very seriously. They call their product revolutionary, saying they aim to make it the leading game project on the Solana blockchain. You can read more about the developers' vision for their product at this link.


Play-and-earn games can be highly risky due to price volatility. It is worth remembering that the tokens used by SolChicks are not only in-game currency, but also cryptocurrency traded on the exchange. This kind of investment requires a balanced approach. Gamers' investments in the game can suffer. We do not encourage you to invest your money in such products, and we are not responsible for lost funds. All investments you make at your own risk.


Is SolChicks a pyramid scheme?

SolChicks is a long-term investment-related project whose activities are in plain sight. So this project is not a pyramid scheme.

Can SolChicks be hacked?

At the moment, SolChicks has not yet been released. But the developers of SolChicks are very serious about the security of their product, the security of the project is hardly something to worry about.

Is SolChicks a scam in the UK?

No, SolChicks is not a scam. The game will be legal in the United Kingdom.


SolChicks is a game that is sure to gain fans. A well-designed universe, excellent graphics and gameplay make this project one of the most interesting at the moment.

The only thing that may upset the players is that the game is not distributed on a Free-to-play model. Despite the fact that now the entry threshold is not very high and does not require a large investment, the need to buy an NFT character to start the game may discourage some users from it.

SolChicks Review Summary 

85% Overall

We have analyzed key features of SolChicks based on 3 important criteria for choosing Play to earn games:

  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Analysis of $CHICKS value, capitalization and year-end value forecasts from analysts.
    Based on researches and our own tests, we have made an independent rating.

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