Bullieverse: What Is, How to Play and Make Money


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Bullieverse: What Is, How to Play and Make MoneyBullieverse: What Is, How to Play and Make Money

The Bullieverse is a metaverse designed for a community of players and creators on Web 3.0 technologies.

What Is Bullieverse?

The Bullieverse is a gaming ecosystem, the core of which is Bulliever Island, an ever-expanding world designed for players. To become a citizen of this island, you need to purchase Bull NFTs. For its community, the Bullieverse offers many options for how to enjoy your time on the island:

  • Play games
  • Create and publish games
  • Create a variety of NFT items

Accordingly, the Bullieverse also offers several options for earning, such as playing games or selling created NFTs.

The developers plan to develop their meta-universe with an eye on the community. To that end, Bullieverse has introduced a management token called Bull. Currently, the project looks to be one of the most attractive for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who love computer games.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bullieverse



  • A unique metaverse
  • Several options for earning
  • Bullieverse offers games in a wide variety of genres
  • Games powered by Unreal Engine 5
  • To start playing, you need to buy an NFT item

Bull and Shell Tokens

Bull and Shell Tokens

There are two tokens available in the Bullieverse — Bull & Shell.

Bull token is the governance token of Bullieverse.

Interactions with Bull tokens are generally done by three actors. All transactions of Bulls across these actors will be on smart contracts.

  • Bullieverse Foundation: The foundation acts as the incubator platform for the creation engine. As a result, any assets created on the platform will share a portion of its revenues with the foundation via smart contracts. While the initial incarnation of the foundation is a centralized body, over the course of the next few years, we intend to become a decentralized ecosystem.
  • Staking Pool: This is designed to remunerate Bull token holders. Bull token holders who are also game players on the platform will have higher earning potential.
  • Bullieverse Treasury: This represents the Bulls that are owned by the foundation that comes from the proceeds of sales of DAO-owned assets with a 12 months lock-up. Proceeds generated through this Treasury will be sold back to the market to pay operational expenses.

Shell is the in-game currency in the Bullieverse. Players will use Shell tokens to acquire in-game assets like weapons, special powers, health potions, skins, and other cosmetics. It will be used as the currency in the marketplace. Shell tokens will also be used for play-and-earn rewards and create-to-earn rewards.

The supply of Shell tokens will be capped at 1,000,000,000,000 tokens for the initial 5 years and will be used to fund the gaming economy. Shell token supply will be governed by the Community DAO.

How exactly I can make money in Bullieverse?

The Bullieverse metaverse provides several options for earning money. The first is to play games to earn Shell tokens. Several factors will affect the number of tokens you get:

  • Number of NFTs held
  • Efficiency Score
  • Rarity of NFT
  • Difficulty Coefficient
  • Player Status Level (XP)

The second way of earning at Bullieverse is to create games and distribute them for a fee.

How to start playing?

Creating an account

Step 1 — Creating an account

To join the Bullieverse meta universe, click on the Enter Metaverse button in the upper-right corner of the project home page. This will open a page with two buttons: Login and Play Now.

Click on the “Login” button to open the registration window.


You can register in two ways: by connecting your cryptocurrency wallet to the project website or via e-mail. In this article, we will look at registration with MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet, an overview of which you can read on our website

Click on the “Sign In with your Wallet” button to connect your crypto wallet. A wallet selection window will open. The following options are available:
Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask and Wallet Connect. Choose the option that suits you.

The crypto wallet window will then open. Follow the instructions on the screen, it will literally take a couple of minutes to connect.

My Account

When you have finished registering, your account window will open.

Step 2 — Buying NFTs

Buying NFTs

To start playing, you must have an NFT item from the Bullieverse universe. The NFT can be purchased on OpenSea. NFT prices currently start at 0.075 ETH.

Step 3 — Downloading and installing the game

Downloading and installing the game

To install the game, you need to go to the 'Game Store' tab. The game Bear Hunt is currently available. Click on the “Download Bear Hunt” button. The download of the game client will start. Once it has downloaded, you can install it and start the game.

You can find out more about Bear Hunt Game gameplay from the video below:

Bullieverse Team

Bullieverse is developed by a team of specialists with extensive experience in the crypto industry. Here are some of the main members of the team:

Srini Anala — Cheif Executive Officer

Linked In / Twitter

Murali Reddy — Cheif Operating Officer

Linked In / Twitter

Arun Krishnakumar — Chief Growth Officer

Linked In / Twitter


The developers of the Bullieverse have a detailed roadmap outlining the development of the project until 2024.

2022 Q3

  • Metaverse Phase 1 Launch
  • New Collection
  • DAO Governance
  • Staking Dashboard
  • PVP Battle Royale game

2022 Q4

  • Mobile Support
  • Metaverse Phase 2 Launch
  • Annual COBI Virtual Summit in the Metaverse
  • DAO Governance and Staking
  • Bull Run Game


  • Bullieverse Creation Engine
  • Metaverse Full Launch


The developers of Bullieverse are taking their project seriously. The company's detailed vision for the meta universe, tokenomics and project philosophy can be found in the Whitepaper on their website.


Play-to-Earn games can be highly risky due to price volatility. It is worth remembering that the tokens used by Bullieverse are not only in-game currency, but also cryptocurrency traded on an exchange. This type of investment requires a balanced approach. Gamers' investment in the game could suffer. We do not encourage you to invest your money in such products, and we are not responsible for any money lost. All investments you make are at your own risk.


Is Bullieverse a pyramid scheme?

Bullieverse is a long-term investment related project whose activities are in plain sight. So, this project is not a pyramid scheme.

Can Bullieverse be hacked?

The Bullieverse developers take the security of the project seriously. So far, no hacking has been reported.

Is Bullieverse a scam in the UK?

Bullieverse is not a scam. The project is legal in the UK.


The Bullieverse metaverse is a very intriguing choice for those who have been planning to try their hand at Play-to-Earn projects. Not only are community members encouraged to play and create their own games, it is also possible to create and sell NFT items. Another important factor is that the community members can influence the development of the project. Those familiar with the PC gaming industry will love the use of Unreal Engine 5 as the engine for the Bullieverse games. If the developers stick to the Roadmap deadline and keep up the momentum, we will soon see one of the best Web 3.0 projects.

Bullieverse Review Summary


82% Overall

We have analyzed key features of Bulieverse based on 3 important criteria for choosing Play to earn games:

  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Analysis of $BULL value, capitalization and year-end value forecasts from analysts.
    Based on researches and our own tests, we have made an independent rating.

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