Chumbi Valley Game: What Is, How to Play and Make Money




iOS, MacOS, Android & PC


BSC, Polygon






Adventure, battles


Playing you get the NFT


Variety of gameplay

What Is Chumbi Valley?

What Is Chumbi Valley?

Chumbi Valley is an NFT game in development that runs on BSC and Polygon blockchains. The use of these networks will keep input and withdrawal fees to a minimum, as well as provide high transaction speeds.

 It will be an Action-Adventure game with a design that is a mix of Pokémon and Zelda. The app will be available on personal computers and mobile devices.

The game will be distributed on a Free-to-Play model.

The project is being developed by Strange Planet Studio, an Australian company known for creating mobile apps, websites and online shops.

Token name


Market Cap

Chumbi Valley (CHMB)



At the time of writing in April 2022, CHMB is capitalized at £126,683 with a price per token of £0.00836.

Should You Pay Attention to This Game?

The game will be distributed on a Free-to-Play model. The developers promise that each player will receive a free pet, Chumbi. It won't be possible to sell him, but he will help in exploring the world where NFT items can be found. Visually, Chumbi Valley is beautifully done, the pets look like Pokémon and the world looks like classic Zelda parts. This project is definitely worth a look. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chumbi Valley



  • Available on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android
  • The Play-to-Earn system
  • Distributed as Free-to-Play
  • Opportunity to earn cryptocurrency legally
  • A rather high price for Chumbi

CHMB and LSTS tokens

CHMB and LSTS tokens

The Chumbi Valley game will feature two tokens, CHMB and LSTS.

The Chumbi token (CHMB) is a management token that will allow owners to influence the development of the project. CHMB is also the main in-game currency for which new Chumbi, land plots etc. are purchased.

Lucky Stars (LSTS) is a secondary Chumbi Valley token, which is needed to create new Chumbi and to improve them.

How to Play-to-Earn in Chumbi Valley?

Chumbi Valley provides many options for earning money. Some may focus on battles, others on farming.

The following ways of earning money are available:

  • Battling the cursed Chumbi and other players;
  • Growing and selling forest crops;
  • Creation and sale of NFTs;
  • Exploring the area to find NFT;
  • In-game quests;
  • Breeding rare Chumbi;
  • Raising and selling Chumbi;
  • Powerful referral system;
  • Buying and selling plots of land in the village.
Who are the Chumbi

Who are the Chumbi

Chumbi are charming two-legged creatures that live in a lush and mysterious forest valley. They have a spiritual connection to the forest and use magical spells to maintain and protect it.

The foundation of a successful game is pumping up your Chumbi. You will be able to fight wild Chumbi and other players to level up your Chumbi, this will be a sort of career mode. The stronger your Chumbi is, the further you get. You'll be able to send your Chumbi to a sage to pump up his spells. You can use food to boost your Chumbi's happiness level. The more time you invest in your Chumbi, the more expensive it will be.

Chumbi Valley Gameplay

Chumbi Valley Gameplay

Forest house

The game will start in a house that is located in the forest. There you will meet your first Chumbi. Work together and replenish your team with new Chumbi. Work together to gather resources for valuable NFT items to populate and build your home.


You can activate an ancient portal and explore random locations with your team of Chumbi. In these random locations, you can find rare NFT items and find the cursed Chumbi.


Rare forest seeds can be found to create a farm or for other purposes. Seeds are also in-game digital assets and need to be watered and grown regularly. In addition, the harvest is valuable material for creating Chumbi's favourite food.

Offline Rewards

When you send your Chumbi to Sage Chumbi, you'll learn how to automatically water crops, chop firewood, fish, collect rocks and other passive abilities. This means that your Chumbi will automatically collect valuable in-game tokens, even when you are out of the game.

Renting a Chumbi

You can rent out your precious Chumbi to other players and play with him. Of course, you will receive a percentage when another player wins with your Chumbi.

Chumbi Village

Chumbi Village will feature NFT-based plots that players will be able to buy as NFTs. Owning a plot means you can customize it, sell it and gain access to special events such as capturing wild Chumbi and joint raids against giant cursed Chumbi.

You can find out more about the mechanics of the game by watching the video below:

Chumbi Valley Team

The game is being developed by Strange Planet Studio, a Melbourne-based company that specializes in design, mobile app and website development.
Leading the team is Chumbi Valley:

Aisha Venables — CEO / Founder

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Nikki Druiven — CDO / Lead Artist

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Kieran Brumby — Business Development

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The developers at Strange Planet Studio are taking their new project seriously. Details on the developers' vision of the game in development can be found in the documentation, which is available at this link.


Play-to-Earn games can be highly risky due to price volatility. It is worth remembering that the tokens used by Chumbi Valley are not only in-game currency, but also cryptocurrency traded on an exchange. This type of investment requires a balanced approach. Gamers' investment in the game could suffer. We do not encourage you to invest your money in such products, and we are not responsible for any money lost. All investments you make are at your own risk.


Is Chumbi Valley a pyramid scheme?

Chumbi Valley is a long-term project that is being set up by a company that is well known. So, this project is not a pyramid scheme.

Can Chumbi Valley be hacked?

The developers take the security of their product seriously. To date, no successful attempts to hack into the platform have been recorded.

Is Chumbi Valley a scam in the UK?

Chumbi Valley is not a scam. The game is legal in the UK.


Chumbi Valley is an interesting project from excellent developers. With its incredible visuals and varied gameplay, Chumbi Valley is one of the most anticipated Earn-to-Play projects. Considering that the game will be distributed on Free-to-Play model, it will be able to attract a large number of players in the near future.

Chumbi Valley Review Summary 

85% Overall

We have analyzed key features of Chumbi based on 3 important criteria for choosing Play to earn games:

  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Analysis of $CHMB value, capitalization and year-end value forecasts from analysts.
    Based on researches and our own tests, we have made an independent rating.

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