April 13, 2022

Chumbi Valley Staking Pool Ends

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On 14 April, the Chumbi Valley tokens unstake will take place. It is likely that the value of $CHMB tokens could drop significantly. Against this backdrop, the developers of this NFT game are offerings takers an interesting proposition.

To thank our loyal players and encourage positive use of unlocked $CHMB, we are pleased to announce that we will be offering players the exclusive opportunity to burn $CHMB in exchange for Chumbi Valley NFT crates!

Here's what the developers say about the contents of the box.

Each crate will include a guaranteed NFT item with in-game utility and the option to include some super rare NFTs you're sure to want!

You can read more about what awaits players after the Chumbi Valley token unstake by following this link.

As a reminder, Chumbi Valley is an NFT game in development that runs on BSC and Polygon blockchains.

A review of the Chumbi Valley game can be found on our website.

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