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AGTI – the connection of crypt and reality, theses of mutually beneficial work:
1. AgroGloryTime is a Ukrainian agricultural holding with 2,000 hectares of land right on the borders with Hungary and Romania
2. There is a greenhouse complex that brings in about $ 2 million a year and continues to be built
3. Vegetables are grown in the open ground
4. The plans include mushroom, fish production, infrastructure projects, industrial processing and much more.
5. Not wanting to get involved with bank lending and standard types of investment, AgroGloryTime created their AGTI token using a unique model that allows mutually beneficial attraction of crypto funds from around the world, which is now so important for Ukraine, to use them in agribusiness and pay profits to token owners; while avoiding bureaucratic delays and encumbrances. The growth of the value and profitability of the token are mathematically justified.
6. The AGTI token model implies the following principles:
- all funds from the token sale (for USDT) are sent to the business
- 75% of the profit from agribusiness is paid to token holders quarterly in USDT
- the profitability and price of the token gradually increase with the capitalization of the company
- accordingly, the earlier you buy a token, the more profitable it is, but those who buy late still have good profitability.
7. Since August 2022, the price of the token has increased from 3 to 8 cents, an average of 85% per annum has been paid, over 11 million tokens have been sold, which, in general, corresponds to the model.
8. Since February, the company has been launching a multi-level referral program that will allow token holders to earn extra money by promoting AgroGloryTime's ideas about combining the crypto world and real business.
9. As part of its ideology, AgroGloryTime in February announces a utilitarian function (of a completely new type) of the AGTI token. When the world understands and accepts it, there is a chance that the price of the token and the demand for the AGTI token will grow significantly, while simultaneously increasing the capitalization of agribusiness.
10. Profitable agribusiness, utilitarian function and the AGTI referral program are combined to give active and passive income to token owners from all over the world; to spread the ideas of AgroGloryTime to change the world and business through augmented distributed computing; to support the economic sustainability of Ukrainian business in difficult conditions of war, without resorting to loans, grants, donations, or loans, and relying on cost-effective and mutually beneficial work strategies.
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