WECAN.dev Review

WECAN.dev Review

The tremendous growth of blockchain technologies brought significant changes to international trade and the global economy. WECAN is an innovative distributed ledger game development team that has a leading role in the blockchain gaming world.

Their ambitious projects embody the exhilarating experience of playing with the innovating crypto technologies. WECAN’s team ensures the complete satisfaction of their audience by providing them with high-quality development services and constant technical support.

What Does WECAN Create?

WECAN’s developers are pioneers in MMO games. They have created the first game that operates on multiple distributed ledgers. Moreover, they have also accomplished linking game worlds throughout chains by implementing inter-ledger blockchain communication (IBC). The key element of WECAN is creating gaming dapps by bridging EOSI with WAX blockchain.

What Does WECAN Create?

The Projects


A strategy game based on the 19th century Gold Rush. The concept of the game is to set, develop and run a successful gold mining business. Through the game, players acquire their land with the use of NFT certificates.

Moreover, it implements a real-time user-generated economy based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The game is the outrider of MMORTS providing players the ability to move their assets between different game worlds and blockchains. Summing up, Prospectors offers its audience unlimited possibilities of the free economy.

Tribal Books

Tribal books is a highly promising PvP NFT card game. The users can play it online and join it for free. Every player’s main goal is to defeat all his opponents. Every user can obtain a hero NFT that is summoned with the ritual “Call the hero”.

The game uses an in-game token called MANA. Collecting enough of it players proceed to the ritual to earn their free NFT hero. Winners collect NFT cards which later they can use or trade between each other. The game uses the eco-friendly system of the WAX blockchain.


R-Planet is a real-time strategy NFT game. Players choose a base, develop their army, and make strong alliances to fight against foes. The key element of the game is the use of a Staking system, assisting players to mine in-game token Aether. 

WECAN’s developers’ team introduced an innovative idea on which R-Planet is based. They decided to adopt a complete use of in-game NFT assets and develop a real full-scale MMO game.

WECAN Monetizing Model

“Prospectors” is the first step in a new era of MMO games, that has established a real-time in-game economy. Prospectors Gold (PSG) became the key element of economical exchanges between the players. This way users are rewarded for staking PGL. Their reward is a result of a 5% tax fee it the game.

WECAN Monetizing Model

As WECAN’s team is continuously trying to provide its audience with the best experience they developed an innovative Staking mechanism, enabling NFT trade among multiple platforms. R- Planet's in-game token called Aether can be used to acquire FTs which can be combined to provide players with NFTs. 

R-Planet uses a DAO system that benefits DAO token owners giving them an opportunity to influence the project’s future development. Summing up, with the use of DLT technologies WECAN’s development team connects all projects between each other and implements them into a thriving free-market economy. 

WECAN Pros and Cons



  • Rewarding system for loyal players.
  • Complete interconnection between the projects.
  • NFT assets can be traded between projects or even exchanged for cryptos.
  • Gaming tokens connected with NFTs.
  • Continuous development. Never get bored.
  • A bright opportunity to earn profit through playing.
  • Continuous support from an experienced tech team.
  • Extremely reliable and professional developers.
  • Some projects’ features are still under development.
  • New tech implementations are in the experimental stage.

7B Team

7B Team


The rapid growth of blockchain technologies and the sudden spread of crypto coins gave birth to a new dimension of the Internet called Metaverse. Although most of the companies are struggling to adapt, WECAN already provides its customers with the futuristic benefits of this new technology. The development team has managed to connect the EOS with the WAX blockchain. Moreover, they established a trade of NFT assets between chains.

WECAN is a highly promising and qualified developer’s team that helps its clients become a part of a promising and bright future that will be associated with tremendous changes in the blockchain gaming world.


e-mail: [email protected]
website: wecan.dev


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