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Space Falcon takes virtual assets one step further with the addition of spacecraft, galaxies, and planets. In addition, players own and manage what they buy, earn, or craft with NFTs for in-game things. This allows for indefinite scalability rather than only proving the item's rarity.

What is Spacefalcon’s Mission

Space Falcon has designed a 3D version of the traditional space shooting game that can be played in the browser and incentivizes players through blockchain reward systems.

The game experience is made even more fascinating by our diverse assortment of configurable assets.

The Galaxy Ownership

Players will purchase galaxies, planets, spaceships, and other extraterrestrial goods, which will be necessary later in the game. To increase the utility of intergalactic assets, they will be tradeable in the in-game marketplace.

Users are awarded Galaxies for completing critical missions in the game, which may also be traded for NFTs. Players who own galaxies can engage in a revenue-sharing mechanism that taxes all players who visit them.

The Falcon Metaground

The Falcon Metaground

Falcon crews assemble on MetaGround, a neutral planet where they can socialize with other players and trade mission-critical items.

The Falcon crews assemble at the MetaGround, a neutral galaxy. Consider it an extraterrestrial bar. Players can have a fun time with a VR experience that is fully immersive. In addition, MetaGround will sell relevant advertisements, spaceship upgrades, and weaponry from its inventory.

Falcon VR

Falcon VR

The Falcon VR will be added to the project in the first quarter of 2022. Falcon VR is an entirely realistic virtual reality experience that will take you on a thrilling journey through galaxies. Players can develop and battle for resources with other players.

This is an entirely realistic VR experience that will take you on a journey through galaxies and allow you to connect with other gamers to develop and battle for resources.

Token Distribution

  • Total supply: 20BN
  • Initial marketcap $606K
  • Initial supply: 308M
  • Diluted marketcap: $40M
  • Public sale: $0.0020
  • Private sale: $0.0016

The Roadmap

Q4 2021

  • Auction of the NFT
  • Launch of the FCON Token
  • Alpha versions of the game for Android and iOS release

Q1 2022

  • Story improvements in the game
  • NFT Auctions for story mode assets
  • Integrate custom map creation architecture
  • Initial Play-to-earn reward mechanism

Q2 2022

  • Launch Unity/Unreal version of the game
  • Battle Royale mode
  • Regional Multiplayer server setup
  • Play-to-earn Monetization

The Falcon Mission

Players' Grand Strategy relies around constructing an empire by completing levels and acquiring NFTs across multiple galaxies. The metaverse of Space Falcon will be constructed around two gameplay journeys: nostalgic 1980s space exploration and futuristic 2080 galactic travel.


FCON is Space Falcon's native core utility token, designed exclusively for gaining access to in-game functionality. It's designed to keep up with the in-game virtual economy's expansion while also establishing a good common standard for in-game feature access, unlocks, and on-ramps to overall participation in Space Falcon.

FCON can also be staked (locked), and the user will be paid with the proprietary in-game currency FGOLD for providing stability.


The in-game Falcon Metaverse universal currency is FGOLD, which can only be gained by staking FCON or playing Space Falcon. Only FGOLD will be used for in-game transactions within the Metaverse, such as purchasing extraterrestrial land, imposing in-game responsibilities on other players, charging passage tolls, and more.

FGOLD will only be available and spendable within the Falcon Metaverse; it will not be traded or listed on any external secondary market, although it will be possible to redeem rare NFTs and, in the future, to earn even more FCON.


The iconic space shooter game has been remade in 3D by Space Falcon. Players own and manage what they buy, earn, or craft with NFTs for in-game things. In addition, intergalactic assets will be tradeable across the in-game marketplace to increase their utility.

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