Salsa Valley Review

Salsa Valley Review

Salsa Valley is a promising new GameFi project from the BSC network. In November, the project participated with its concept Metaverse in the BSC GameFi Hackathon, where it took 4th place among 63 blockchain games. At this competition, the project was highly praised by recognised blockchain industry experts: representatives from Binance Smart Chain, Animoca Brands, 1Inch, Mercurio, Bitscale Capital, Tiger Trade, Infinity Ventures Crypto.

Salsa Valley is currently represented on dozens of expert resources such as BscProject, PlayToEarn, DappRadar, etc.

Also Salsa Valley project has won 1 place in JGN NFT contest.

What is Salsa Valley?

Salsa Valley is a unique place in Mexico, but only in a parallel Universe. Salsa Valley residents are crypto enthusiasts who have long since introduced cryptocurrency into their daily lives.

Create, explore and trade in the virtual cryptoworld owned by its users.

Salsa Valley is the virtual crypto Mooniverse, which is powered by blockchain. It is an online NFT game, but with a focus on social and economic interactions between crypto-enthusiastic users.

The universe is based on the animated series Salsa Valley Stories, which tells the realities of the crypto-world in a humorous form.

Salsa Token.

The main currency of Mooniverse is the Salsa Token. It is a meme token. Unlike other meme tokens such as DOGE, it has real-world usage scenarios.

In addition to the token being used to purchase in-game items and NFTs, the creators of Salsa Valley have developed several charity programmes aimed at helping children and animals in Mexico.

Salsa Token can be purchased on PancakeSwap.


The development strategy of the project, the tokenomics, and the idea behind it are all described in a detailed whitepaper, which can be found here.


Project development projected for the next two years.

Q4 2021

  • Full packaging of the first stage of creating the NFT Metaverse game;
  • Creation of a full professional technical specification;
  • Massive marketing to scale the community — investors and the future players;
  • Win=win partnerships and collaborations with crypto projects;
  • Negotiations with CEX;
  • Registration of an international trademark;
  • NFT charity program;
  • Launching the token vote platform.


  • Listing on well-known exchanges;
  • Board game release;
  • NFT Metaverse game release;
  • Launch of a line of sauce under our own trademark;
  • Negotiations with Disney, Pixar about a joint adaptation of the animated series;
  • Negotiations with Mexican restaurants on the possibility of paying for Salsa Token;
  • International event for participants in the cryptoindustry.


  • Release of a full - length blockbuster cartoon about the events in the crypto valley together with a well-known animation studio


Salsa Valley is a really interesting and very cute new GameFi project that aims to introduce people to the world of cryptocurrencies through humour, fun and kindness. It's probably worth a look.


To learn more about this project, visit:


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