Rollercoin Review

Rollercoin Review

It is a fact that the radical development of crypto technology in combination with the extended use of cryptocurrencies gave birth to new and innovative ideas. Rollercoin is a revolutionary bitcoin mining game that merges the playing excitement with the satisfaction of earning bitcoins.

Rollercoin is an online free mining game that doesn't need any setup on your desktop. You only have to connect to the internet and compete with other players through different side missions. The key factor of the game is the distribution of block rewards among players. Therefore it offers the chance to earn crypto coins depending on the user’s mining power. It’s reasonable to underline that in contrast to most crypto games, Rollercoin doesn't require a starting budget.

Getting Started With Rollercoin

Rollercoin is a virtual game where you construct and develop your mining data center. You can join it by signing up through your e-mail or Facebook account. Users can log in through the official page in a fast and simple way. As with all online games, players start with customizing their characters. To evolve in the game the user has the choice to invest some of his profits to upgrade his character or his mining center.

The player’s main goal is to maximize his mining power and develop his center. To do so he can either play as many mini-games as possible or acquire miners from the shop. Every ten minutes, the game allocates a bitcoin block alerting the online users to start mining. The profits are divided amongst them depending on how powerful their mining abilities are. Additionally, a strongly developed mining center can make the players more antagonistic against the others. 

Getting Started With Rollercoin

Although playing mini-games is fascinating, the raised mining power lasts only for a day. The best strategy for someone who wants clear profit from Rollercoin is through the miners. To purchase one you first need to buy a rack so you can place your miner in. Every shelf on a rack consists of 2 cells. Miners provide a stable mining power that is never reduced. Moreover, they keep mining even if the player is offline. This way, you can raise your profits earned from a given mining block.

Rollercoin Reward System

Rollercoin includes all the benefits of real-world mining but it is more simple and entertaining. Three crypto coins are supported from the game: ETH, BTC, and DOGE. The game offers the choice for multi-mining. Players can mine all three crypto coins at once. It depends on how you choose to divide your mining power. After block mining is finished, users can check anytime the amount of Satoshi they have acquired. All crypto coins can be transacted in the player’s virtual wallet time-efficiently and with no transaction fees.

RollerToken (RLT)

Rollercoin’s team took crypto-currency one step further by creating their in-game coin known as Rollertoken. It is used to purchase new miners or other pieces of equipment. It is also used to expand your territory or upgrade your virtual house. Moreover, the most important is that RLTS can be mined through the game with no further expenses.

RollerToken (RLT)

Rollercoin’s Pros and Cons



  • Free Online Game. There is no need to enter the game with a starting budget. You just make an account and you are free to play.
  • User friendly. The game’s interface is simple and easy to comprehend. Users don’t need to be previously related to crypto mining.
  • Secure. High encrypted protocols are used to assure Rollercoin’s audience.
  • Continuous customer assistant. Any problem that appears can be faced 24/7 by Rollercoin’s experienced technical team.
  • Compatible with Mobiles. Mobility helps users to control their mining centers from everywhere and anytime.
  • Some features and adjustments are still under development.
  • Needs a lot of time and effort to start gaining profits.


The sudden growth of crypto-coins has motivated a growing number of people to turn to digital currencies. Rollercoin is a highly promising virtual crypto mining platform. It has dynamically entered the world of blockchain games, diving the players into an exhilarating journey in the world of crypto-mining. Summing it up, users that join Rollercoin become a part of an innovating future that will be associated with tremendous changes in the digital crypto-mining world.


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