Kingdom Karnage Review

Kingdom Karnage Review

Kingdom Karnage (KK) is not just a cross-platform Trading Card Game, but one of the most appealing crypto-card games. In contrast to its competitors, the Kingdom Karnage makes use of Enjin’s JumpNet blockchain method that offers a unique gas-free blockchain experience. As a result, KK gives you the capability to withdraw your credits in the form of tokenized FTs/NFTs which are merged with Enjin Cryptocurrency.

ΚΚ captures a player’s interest by stimulating the excitement and the satisfaction that a card game has to offer while providing a great chance on gainful rewards. This combination can dive players into an exhilarating journey in the world of crypto- card games.

What is Kingdom Karnage?

Βefore entering the battle, every player forms a deck that consists of 30 cards divided by uniqueness (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary). Each card is represented by health status. Your main goal is to overcome the enemy’s troops and then beat his hero by reducing health value to zero before your troops get outplayed.

What is Kingdom Karnage?

The game offers a variety of cards consisting of dynamic and upgradeable characters as well as a wide range of equipment. Every character card is used differently during the game and has a maximum of 3 special abilities, helping players to form a unique strategy and differentiate their deck.

As pieces of equipment are combined with a hero, the player can empower specific skills of his cards, getting a bigger advantage against enemy decks. Moreover, there are two possible options for how to level up the heroes: either by combining two of the same cards or with the help of rare magic coins.

Although KK’s gameplay is quite simple to understand it offers its players a magical experience in the world of card games. Moreover, as with all the games, it requires time and effort so you can move onward levels and missions. For each fulfilled mission, the user is granted cryptos based on Enjin token which can be transferred to any digital wallet.

Gaming Modes

Kepithor Studios makes a difference in the card game world by providing players with a chance to take part in different gaming modes. Some of them are already available but others are still under development. This way Kingdom Karnage offers a continuously adventurous gaming experience to its audience. The accessible gaming modes are the following:


  • They are designed to train the player in different gaming mechanisms. To continue to the next campaign you need to finish the current one. The prize for winning each campaign level is an account-bound character card.


  • Challenge. A safe practice gaming mode.
  • Endurance. The main goal is to achieve the highest kill score before getting defeated. As high it is as more Blue Gems are awarded.


  • Ranked 1vs1. Players can take part only if they have formed a deck consisting of 30 cards. Frequently participating here and keeping a score of over 2000 PvP grants you unique prizes.
  • Balanced 1vs1. Only skilled players can attempt this mode. Not yet available.


  • Normal Dungeons. A 3vs1 battle experience provides winners with any character or equipment card. If the player is lucky enough he can end up owning an epic or legendary card.
  • Event Dungeons. Coming Soon.
  • Catacombs. A three staged game mode. To have the chance to play in that mode, the player needs a special key that now should be purchased or leased from other players.

King Of Karnage (KoK)

  • One of the most challenging modes in the game. Winning the current King gives you the choice either to keep the throne or to continue to the next levels. In every failed arrogation the King receives a challenge fee.

Collecting Enjin in KK

Kingdom Karnage uses two types of currency: the blue and the red gem. Blue gems can be found by taking part in Grind Dungeons, Daily PvP, Weekly PvP, and Endurance mode. Red gems, in turn, are a unique premium currency that is only used in multiplayer mode and mostly on King of Karnage. The gems give players the chance to purchase more cards and items. Both of them can be taken out from the game to be traded on the Enjin Jumpnet Marketplace.

Moreover becoming the King of KoK mode guarantees you 90% of the entrance fee repaid by the intruder every time you effectively defend your throne.

Collecting Enjin in KK
Collecting Enjin in KK

Kepithor Studios organizes frequent events at Kingdom Karnage. Players can enjoy Social media promos/events as well as Seasonal events. By taking part in competitions players can not only win NFTs but also items of value. Last but not least, we should mention that using the referral link which is located on the Kepithors website account page the player receives 10% in any referral’s store purchases as a repository credit.

Kingdom of Karnage Pros and Cons 



  • Well-developed platform fitted for Browsers, Androids, Steam, iOS and available for PC download.
  • Compatible with Mobiles.
  • Continuous development. Never get bored.
  • Connected with Enjin multiverse providing unlimited benefits to the user.
  • Gaming tokens connected with NFT’s. Easy to be exchanged.
  • Loyal players see their awards increase.
  • Tremendous opportunities to earn some income.
  • The value of the profits is low but with future expectations.
  • Some features and adjustments need further development.


Kingdom Karnage is a highly promising crypto-card game dynamically entering the world of blockchain games. Thanks to the constant efforts of Kepithor’s Studios team, Kingdom Karnage provides its audience with the excitement that a game has to offer while giving the opportunity to gain good profits. Moreover, the benefit from the use of Enjin’s JumpNet gives players the flexibility to turn their tokenized FTs/NFTs to direct profit in their wallets.


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