JazzyNFT.art Review

JazzyNFT.art Review

JazzyNFT. Two pals have come up with an exciting initiative in the form of art. The project brings together digital collections of Kamila Stefania Tkaczyk's one-of-a-kind artworks, innovative blockchain technology, and charitable giving. Some reputable art galleries throughout the world have recognized Kamila's contemporary art. Investors, NFT collectors, and other modern art enthusiasts can now purchase it as an NFT.

The project intends to spread an idea to share. First JazzyNFT collection called ‘Reality Galaxy’ is an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind NFTs developed on the Solana blockchain. Next collections will be created in both Solana and Ethereum blockchains. If you purchase JazzyNFTs - you will receive evidence of ownership of unique digital artworks created by Kamila. It also proves that 10% of the money you pay goes directly to people in need.

About JazzyNFT founders



In Warsaw, Poland, Kamila Stefania Tkaczyk was born on September 21, 1975. She earned a bachelor's degree in television and cinema production management from Silesian University's Krzystof Kieslowski Department of Radio and Television.

She also holds an MBA in International Marketing from Warsaw's Higher School of Trade and International Finance. Kamila has worked as a graphic designer on various projects since 2006. In 2001, she founded. The Artistic Advertising Agency. She worked as an art director on BTL/ATL design while maintaining her professional image.

For the past 20 years, the designer has shaped HBO's image in Poland. Painting is her most significant interest. She is also involved in wall décor, which includes painting directly on the walls of architectural interiors and fashion art, providing designing bags and other accessories.

Kamila Stefania Tkaczyk has been painting and creating since 1998. She is a commercial art designer, photographer, and television and film production manager. She is enamored with color composition, pure abstraction, and the mapping of reality to conception. Kamila began developing hand-painted bags in 2006, and she has been working on fashion art since 2015, generating unique projects in the realm of fashion for accessories.


Christina Kuciska was born in Abkhazia, a small republic in the South Caucasus that is only partially recognized as a breakaway state. She fled a protracted war between Abkhazia and Georgia as a 15-year-old refugee girl to Poland in 2000.

Christina graduated from Warsaw School of Economics with a Master's in Banking and Finance in 2010. She works for PayU as the EMEA Treasury Manager (an American fintech company that provides payment technology to online merchants).

Where it all started

The friendship between the two started many years ago when Christina was a 17 years old girl who came to Poland from a weird country; Kamila was a CEO of a successful advertising agency, doing creative ads for big international corporates. When they met, she studied finance and banking at one of the best polish economic universities - Warsaw School of Economics. Kamila was (still is) an artist with capital who loves jazz. Most of her artworks saw daylight while listening to jazz. Hence the name of the project

How To Buy a JazzyNFT

On the Solana blockchain, the JazzyNFT digital collection will be built. The first collection of JazzyNFTs - ’Reality Galaxy’ -  is already available for buy on Solsea.io, a public NFT market. Our NFTs are aimed at art collectors, NFT investors, art galleries, and businesses looking to broaden their philanthropic reach!

If you are eager to see everything the JazzyNFT collection has to offer, you will have to wait a bit longer. However, you can visit their website on https://www.jazzynft.art/  or even sign up to their email list to get updated



The first collection of NFTs built entirely on the Solana blockchain has been coined and listed on SolSea.io under the "Public display/Non-Commercial exploitation" permission.


Soon, the collection will be available. On an "NFT on Demand" basis, the sale will occur.


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