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IDHUS, also known as the Institute for the Development of Human Societies in full, is a consultancy and research firm focusing on application development, cybersecurity, and technology services to transform our communities into Smart Cities.

Their goal is to create a set of systems that will allow the platform to get real-time data on the status of all services and infrastructures in their Smart Cities. Then, using all of the data gathered makes it easier to manage city services and improve the quality of life for its residents.

The introduction and utilization of new technologies for acquiring, storing, and processing data allows for far faster development and transformation of the platform's cities while attempting to preserve the ever-important balance between technical advancement and habitability.

Humans use technologies to improve their quality of life, and the information required for this is available in every corner of these cities. Therefore, it is feasible to build policies and solutions to better the places we live by obtaining data and using it to make decisions by city administrators and city citizens.

IDHUS's Mission and Purpose

IDHUS's Mission and Purpose

The IDHUS Institute was founded to assist society in the transformation of their cities into connected, secure, and smart cities, ensuring the efficient use of resources and the preservation of the urban environment through the research and implementation of new technologies in the fields of communications, cybersecurity, data storage, digital twin solutions, and other related areas.

The IDHUS Institute aims to equip society with a set of related technology systems to enable any community to make the required changes to become a Smart City.

IDHUS, which was founded in 2019 and is based in Barcelona, collaborates globally with other organizations, businesses, and start-ups to promote the development and implementation of technologies, systems, and processes that enable cities to develop and transform into Smart Cities while making efficient use of natural resources and minimizing environmental impact.

The IDHUS Token

The IDHUS Token

The IDHUS ($IDH) is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token that facilitates the integration, interoperability, and management of all systems, applications, and blockchain-based technologies used to develop and deploy various Smart City applications and services inside the SCCM (Smart City Cohesive Model). The token aims to ensure correct operation and allow diverse systems inside a smart city to operate and be supervised by the city's central administration and control mechanisms.

Token Applications

Within the technology infrastructure that permits the operation of a Smart City, the token has numerous applications. However, it primarily addresses one of a city's most pressing issues: a large amount of data is required for administration, and this data must arrive in real-time to respond to any crisis that arises.

Their technologies rely on a blockchain-based platform to feed a digital twin that relies on data acquired by the Smart City's network of data-gathering systems to function correctly. The IDHUS token is in charge of maintaining the blockchain, which stores all of this information. For instance, a device at a traffic signal can offer weather and road conditions by simply transmitting sensor activity to its layer node, which, thanks to the IDHUS token and the blockchain, allows the data to reach the control and monitoring nexus, updating the city's digital twin in real-time.

Essentially, no portion of the SCCM network development or participation is possible without the IDHUS token. Therefore, this ERC-20 token serves as a crucial enabler for accessing the network's existing utility value and the components that make it possible to develop and use all of the SCCM's Smart City features.


Many improvements are still needed to live in pollution-free, environmentally conscious, and technologically advanced cities. IDHUS aims to provide a paradigm for transforming cities into Smart Cities, ensuring their cybersecurity and giving residents a sense that they have evolved into more than just a place to live and work.

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