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eShark Token aims to build a decentralized platform to connect gamers, game developers, e-sports teams and traders worldwide. The project’s mission is to provide safe transactions for different gaming platforms. eShark Token is also going to create equal opportunities for gamers worldwide to receive income within the eShark ecosystem and participate in the government voting.

How does it work? 

eShark Token ecosystem includes Coral Pools, Scholarship, SharkieLab, and Marketplace.
Coral Pools will reward liquidity providers for depositing tokens to the pools. Additionally, users will be able to earn digital assets for staking eShark native tokens.
Sharkie Labs is a platform for merging NFTs. Rare and unique NFTs can be created by merging 1 or more NFTs. These NFTs can be further sold on the eShark NFT marketplace through auctions.
Finally, eShark Scholarship initiative will fund selected players by providing digital assets, including NFTs, required to start playing the game. Scholars will be able to play and earn without having to make their own investments, while investors will be able to share the players’ profits.

How does it work?


eShark was founded by Steven Taslim, Leonardo Winardi, and Gilbert. Steven is also an eShark CEO, he has been in gaming since 2012 and in blockchain technology since 2015. He ran more than 50 gaming events. Leonardo became first interested in games when he was a child. He had experience working in banking and marketing and now is a company’s COO. Gilbert has been in software engineering since 2016 and is currently a CTO of eShark.


Coins accepted

Since eShark is built on BNB Smart Chain, it supports BEP-20 tokens.

eShark Pros and Cons



  • The team members have a relevant experience in a gaming field.
  • Earning opportunities thanks to the integrated gaming guild, which sponsors gamers in return for profit sharing.
  • Equal participation through the government voting.
  • eShark is built on BNB smart chain, which is not fully decentralized and is less scalable compared to its competitive blockchains, such as Solana and Polkadot.
  • The team members have not worked in blockchain and cryptocurrency fields, this is their first project.
  • There are no major partnerships and investors.

Why invest in this project?

eShark ecosystem is intended to provide seamless transitions and earning opportunities for gamers around the world. Such services are likely to become more and more popular due to the blockchain gaming and e-sports market growth.

This information should not be construed as an investment advice. Investments involve risk. Any investment decisions should be made at your own discretion.


ESHK Token is not intended for sale or use in any jurisdiction where the sale or use of digital tokens may be prohibited.

Project Roadmap

eShark is planning to launch its staking system as well as integrate game payments and platforms in 2022. In 2023, they are going to build its own blockchain network and blockchain game. The POG (Proof of Gaming) system will come in 2024.

Project Roadmap

Customer Reviews

The eShark project is relatively new, there has not been any customer reviews yet. Stay tuned!


eShark is a young but promising project which is going to build a whole ecosystem in a gaming world to simplify the transactions between the parties. Considering the blockchain games are on the rise, eShark definitely deserves gamers and investors attention.


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