October 21, 2021

Walmart has placed bitcoin terminals in dozens of chain shops

Walmart has placed bitcoin terminals in dozens of chain shops

Major US retailer Walmart has offered customers the opportunity to buy bitcoin at several dozen US retailers. This was reported by CoinDesk.

Bitcoin is sold through 200 Coinstar terminals placed in the chain's shops.

Coinstar has partnered with CoinMe to launch a pilot programme to allow customers to buy bitcoin for cash, said Walmart communications director Molly Blakeman.

After depositing money in the terminal, the customer receives a paper ticket with a code. He has to register on the CoinMe wallet website and get verified. The terminal charges a 4% fee for bitcoin purchases and 7% for cash exchanges, according to the Coinstar website.

As a reminder, an announcement circulated in the media in September on behalf of Walmart that the retailer allegedly intended to integrate Litecoin. Both organisations later denied the news. Against this backdrop, the cryptocurrency's price soared by more than 35% before plummeting just as sharply.

In August, Walmart opened a vacancy for a cryptocurrency-related product manager.

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