December 15, 2022

Walken launches Christmas promotion and gives away lootboxes

walken Christmas promotion

So now there are banners with festive symbols on the mobile app. Players get special sweets when they click on them. And they can also compete with other participants to collect even more sweets. The rewards depend on the League.

Walken Christmas promotion

Users will also spin the Wheel of Fortune every day until the end of the promotion. There you can win $WLKN tokens, sweets and artifacts to play with. The top prize is a Christmas and a premium lootbox. The Christmas one contains festive clothes for KOTLET. The Reward box also contains other special prizes.

The top prize is the Christmas and Premium Lootboxes.
But there is one more way you can get a Christmas Lootbox. To do this, you need to collect 1250 sweets and exchange them for the prize. It is advisable to hurry with earning sweets. Because as soon as KOTlet gets dressed up in festive accessories, he will earn twice as many points (until the end of the promotion).

In total, the game will give away 5,000 loot boxes. And the Top 500 players who collect the most sweets will get it for free.
In total, the game will give away 5000 Loot Boxes. Moreover, the Top 500 players who collect the most candy will get it for free. The rest 4500 Lootboxes will be raffled off among all the participants who have collected the sweets and applied.

The promotion will end with a drawing for a Premium Lootbox. You must have $1200 WLKN or 3 SOL to enter.

Read more details on the activity page.

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