April 14, 2022

Ultima creator preparing MMO game with NFT

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Ultima creator preparing MMO game with NFT

Richard Garriott is working on a new project. It's an online role-playing game using NFT technology. It was reported by PCGamer.

The developer is best known for Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness, which was one of the first full-fledged RPGs, and Ultima Online, the first commercially successful MMO.

“Lord British”, together with long-time collaborator Todd Porter, wants to release another game, a new MMO using NFT technology. In an interview, both authors revealed that in their opinion, there is not a single interesting and successful NFT-based product on the market right now. Players want to avoid using the new technology.

The ambition of the creator is to create a decent game with blockchain capabilities. The name of the project has not been revealed at the moment, but Garriott has revealed that the novelty will resemble an improved version of Ultima Online. It's an isometric MMORPG set in a colourful fantasy world. The use of NFT technology will allow players to buy plots of virtual land in the game as a property.

At the same time, the developers understand the scepticism towards crypto-games and share the concerns. The game is not intended to involve large numbers of people in the crypto system, but the authors are confident that the project can make money for players.

Garriott has assured that the future MMO has already received sufficient funding.

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