October 27, 2021

Rollyhoo Review

Rollyhoo Review

What Is Rollyhoo?

Rollyhoo is a Spanish corporation with experience in audiovisual, entrepreneurship, and technology. This is the first Participatory Film Production Company to relaunch with a new business strategy. It is now working on the creation of a blockchain-based entertainment ecosystem. Its goal is to find new methods to reward content creators and bring them closer to moviegoers, so it's designed a decentralized streaming software for movies and shows in which everyone wins.

  • The paucity of financial resources in the audiovisual sector was the key motivator for the company to undertake this project.

Dosis, a gamified SVOD streaming app from Rollyhoo, is available for iOS and Android devices. It lets users connect with other audiences, share their experiences, create rooms for watching content, receive prizes for watching content, get closer to idols, and donate to them. The app's major concentration is on miniseries, and it is primarily aimed at a demographic of 14 to 45 years old.

The Team

The Team

Rollyhoo Films, S.L. was founded by two experienced professionals of the audiovisual industry. This is Antonio Higueruelo and Cristina Palomino. Tony is a film director with 22 years of experience, participation in 320 projects, and collaboration with the world's recognized actors and directors. Cristina is a professional with 20 years of experience in management and the development of competencies and skills of sales teams, join with professionals in the entertainment sector such as Gabriel Arias Salgado, producer of great films and former head Content of Movistar.

These individuals have come up with a plan to take the film industry to the next level and have enlisted the help of a number of other specialists. Ricardo Maldonado (CFO), Danielle Caldelli (CTO), Amanda de Luis (Content Manager), and Alejandro Gomez (lawyer specializing in blockchain and crypto assets), Anne-Lous Van den Ende (Data Analyst), Kanwarpal Rathor (System Software Engineer), and Alex Kiforishin are among the core team members (Software solutions).

The company has just joined forces with Bit2me's sude project (Bitstartups) to launch the Token through its platform that offers multiple functions for holders Rollyhoo Films S.L.


The features that Rollyhoo provides are determined by the platform's users. If you are a talented person who has been paid an annual fee, these are the options presented to you:

  • Putting together a professional profile;
  • Applying for Dose-related job openings;
  • Creating a fan base that is supportive of your work;
  • Fan donations are accepted;
  • Promotions;
  • Advertiser representation;
  • Career tokenization;
  • Affiliate URL sharing on Rollyhoo & Dosis

Producers that obtain a yearly quota can benefit from the following:

  • Receiving reports and metrics on pieces, genres, emerging talent, and so on;
  • Getting project financing;
  • Saving production expenses;
  • Creating a fan base that is supportive of their work;
  • Fan donations are accepted;
  • Promotions creation;

Advertisers have their own set of features to exploit, and this is how they look like:

  • Budgeting;
  • Advertising space reservations;
  • Access to various Slates;
  • Interactive advertisements;
  • Audience monitoring;
  • Receipt of trend data and stats;
  • Representing celebrities, producers, and newcomers;
  • Product placement;
  • Ad centralization by geographic zones;
  • Small company access to personalized films.

How does the Rollyhoo Platform Work?

How does the Rollyhoo Platform Work?

The Rollyhoo App is a platform that allows production firms to participate in the creation of microformat films and series and then broadcast them using a platform that reduces production time. They will be able to monetize in the short run and will be able to cut out the middlemen.

This platform lets fans watch their favorite celebrities, discover new talent, and take part in the development of their professional careers. Experiences and exclusive material are another way to be rewarded.

The Rollyhoo software is built on the Ethereum blockchain and allows content creators, talented individuals, and true creators to share earnings properly. There are various ways to gain prizes on the platform thanks to app gamification, including:

  • Seeing what's available;
  • Inviting people; and sharing it.

Content creators can be rewarded in the form of donations from viewers, as well as the opportunity to participate in live discussions, video calls, meet & greets, and exclusive content, among other things.

Pros and Cons

What makes Rolyhoo unique, and why could you be unsure if this project is worth your time? The benefits and drawbacks of this research may provide answers to these issues.



  • Experienced development team;
  • Clear objectives;
  • iOS and Android apps;
  • Tangible token backed by real assets participants
  • Over 200 investors have expressed interest.
  • The minimum investment amount is large, and there are little specifics about the project.


It's too early to draw any conclusions regarding Rollyhoo's authenticity because the project is still in its early stages. Only a small number of people have signed up to participate. However, the fact that ROLY is a legally authorized security token, and that the project was developed by a corporation registered in Barcelona, Spain, in collaboration with world-renowned industry professionals, encourages people to trust it.

Why should you go with Rollyhoo?

Rollyhoo is a unique blockchain project in the audiovisual industry that focuses on miniseries and pays all platform players, making it an excellent investment opportunity. For more information email them at [email protected]

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