March 23, 2023

OneCoin crypto-pyramid member faces 40 years in prison in the States

  • The person in question is Irina Dilkinskaya
  • She was deported from Bulgaria on 20 March
  • The prosecutor's office is demanding the maximum possible punishment for her
  • Dilkinskaya was involved in a money laundering scheme
  • She also destroyed evidence after the arrest of her colleague

The US Justice Department has brought fraud charges against the head of OneCoin's legal department, Irina Dilkinskaya. The prosecutor's office is demanding a maximum possible sentence of 40 years in prison for her.

Recall that OneCoin was launched in 2014 as a blockchain analogue of Bitcoin. In practice, the platform turned out to be a regular pyramid scheme.

Its founder, Ruzhi Ignatova, secretly left Bulgaria in 2017 for an unknown destination. In February, we reported that she was allegedly murdered a year later.

Project co-founder Sebastian Greenwood pleaded guilty to fraud and violation of money laundering law. The trial is still ongoing, with prosecutors demanding a sentence of 60 years in prison for the accused.

On Tuesday, 21 March, the US Department of Justice filed charges against another member of OneCoin's top management, Irina Dilkinskaya. She was head of the legal department.

Ironically, Dilkinskaya's job was to oversee the company's compliance with the law. She is accused of fraud and violating AML rules.

Allegedly, she was involved in a scheme to launder $400 million. Moreover, upon learning of Greenwood's arrest, Dilkinsky destroyed evidence and compromising communications.

The media report that she has already been deported to the States. The prosecutor's office is asking for the maximum possible sentence - 20 years for fraud and the same amount for violating the money-laundering law.

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