August 8, 2022

Morgan Stanley has opened a new position. The bank plans to add more cryptocurrency products to its list of services

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management is looking for a manager to develop new financial crypto products. The corresponding vacancy appeared on Linkedin on August 1.

The new employee will join the Investment Solutions division. This division develops investment products for the company.

The group has about $900 billion under management, distributed across various funds and programs. The new manager's job is to develop ready-made indexes and packages for the division.

Notably, the group is paying increased attention to cryptocurrencies. The posting of such a vacancy may indicate that the conglomerate's stance on digital assets has changed.

If last September the bank was only "probing the ground", now it is ready to offer its clients ready solutions for investing in this market. Also recall that in late July the organization's analysts advised investors to pay attention to bonds of El Salvador.

However, experts call for less enthusiasm. This is how, for example, Bitwise CEO Hunter Horsley commented on the news of the job posting: "Hiring a mid-level employee to potentially promote something does not guarantee that a new product will come to market."

However, to deny the fact that Morgan Stanley is really interested in the cryptocurrency market is still meaningless. And further actions of the company aimed at promotion in this sector is only a matter of time.

Jack Evans

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