November 17, 2021

Miramax sued Quentin Tarantino over NFT

Miramax sued Quentin Tarantino over NFT

Miramax Film Studios has sued director Quentin Tarantino, who announced on November 2 that he would launch an NFT collection of secret content from the legendary "Pulp Fiction" movie.

The Secret Network-based collection of unique tokens was to include a tokenized script, a scene of Jules and Vincent talking about "Royale and Cheese," and seven unpublished scenes from the 1994 film.

However, Miramax Studios notified Tarantino in writing that he had no rights to the film and therefore could not auction off the announced NFTs. However, the filmmaker ignored this notice. Because of this Miramax filed a lawsuit against Tarantino to "enforce, preserve and protect the contractual rights and intellectual property rights relating to one of the most iconic and valuable film projects."

Tarantino's lawyer has said that the filmmaker is not in breach of any agreements with the film company. The fact is that under his agreement with Miramax, Tarantino retains rights that allow him to publish the script, the film books, the soundtrack, and also allow him to shoot sequels and remakes.

As Vincent would say, "If you play with matches, you have to remember that you might get burned.

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