December 7, 2022

ConsenSys: MetaMask user data is stored for only 7 days

ConsenSys has clarified its data policy

  • They assure that they only keep the data for a week
  • They also promise new settings on Infure

Blockchain developer ConsenSys has published a clarification regarding data. They plan to store customer IP addresses and wallet data for a week.

The company will formally incorporate the new rules into its privacy policy shortly when an update is released, the statement clarified.

As a reminder, there was a major scandal in the crypto world last week. It turned out that leading wallet MetaMask was collecting data on 31 million of its users when they use the network through the Infura service. This software is installed by default and controlled by ConsenSys.

Many saw this update as a swan song to one of Web3’s core promises: privacy rights. Some users even called for abandoning the top wallet.

ConsenSys in its blog called the situation a “misunderstanding.” A quote:

“We are committed to protecting the privacy of users of our products so that our customers cannot be betrayed by another centralized authority.”

As for the Infura service, the developer promises next week to unlock new settings that allow users to choose their own service.

“Ultimately, the user with the highest privacy standards should be able to access MetaMask, and not work with a server they didn’t choose.”

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