March 23, 2023

Mainnet Sui to be launched in the second quarter of this year

  • The developers have also announced a "Wave To the Mainnet" initiative
  • It's a series of events to introduce the community to the Sui concept.
  • But no airdrop is in the plans.

This week, blockchain developer Sui announced a launch date for the mainnet. It is set for Q2 2023, but before then the administration is planning a series of "The Wave to Mainnet" events designed to introduce the concept and key benefits of the project to audiences.

The announcement appeared on Sui's official Twitter page. We previously covered the blockchain in a piece about the testnet.

In the same article we attached instructions for a possible airdrop. But then the developers have shocked the community with an unpleasant surprise - there will not be a giveaway, at least not yet.

A full release mainnet is scheduled for Q2, that is from April to June. It's possible that by that time, the administration's plans will have changed, especially since the announcement hints at "more details in the near future".

What exactly is Wave to Mainnet? It's a series of events designed to introduce the cryptocurrency community to Sui and its capabilities. Apparently, we are talking about mitups, conferences and AMA sessions.

As a reminder, Sui and Aptos are two projects by Diem team members. First it was a separate Microsoft blockchain, then a cryptocurrency, but the initiative was eventually abandoned. Both blockchains are now actively developing. For example, Sui was able to enter into a partnership agreement with the large cloud service Tencent. This is expected to give the necessary impetus to the development of the ecosystem.

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