July 20, 2022

Jiu-jitsu star switches to cryptocurrency salary

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The world's first UFC fighter to be paid only in cryptocurrency

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) competitor Luana Pinheiro has signed a contract with Bitwage. This allows her to receive her entire salary from the UFC in bitcoin. She also plans to transfer all fiat royalties from sponsors into BTS.

Pinheiro is ranked 15th in the UFC's rankings among her category. She has won her last eight fights in a row and is considered one of the most promising athletes in Latin America.

The girl's bitcoin payday was inspired by her partner, martial artist Matheus Nicolaus. In March, he agreed that all fees for UFC fights would be transferred to him in digital money.

Pinheiro compares the crypto industry to the martial arts industry, and is therefore not worried about rate hikes. According to the Brazilian, there would be no growth without volatility.

If an asset wasn't volatile, it wouldn't grow and just stand still. Think of it this way: it takes an average of 15 years to get a black belt in jiu-jitsu. So I'll have patience here too. Everything else is just noise to me. The lower the price, the more bitcoins I can save.

The UFC martial arts federation is getting bolder about the cryptocurrency market. In April, they partnered with Cryptocom and offered crypto bonuses to athletes for successful fights.

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