July 31, 2021

IQeon: Here you can get cryptocurrency just by playing the game!


IQN token has been added to IQeon.com PvP gaming platform, where you can get it for free

IQN was launched on the basis of Ethereum almost 2 years ago, and during this time the asset has shown a steady growth. In the last year alone, its value has increased by 180%, which undoubtedly attracts more and more holders.

According to the project founders, by using a digital asset they motivate two huge communities of crypto enthusiasts and gamers, accruing bonus IQN as a reward for winnings in exciting PvP matches.

‘One of the reasons for the high interest in IQN token is the new wave of crypto games popularity, which are helping millions of exacting gamers to monetize their gaming success. We give them the opportunity to create custom tournaments and multiplayer competitions, as well as convert the expended energy and time into real assets, not virtual coins.

We believe that cryptocurrencies in games are a truly revolutionary step for the entire industry, which makes competitions more honest and transparent, and the gamer – an undeniable priority,’ comment the creators of the token.

The first platform to support transactions with IQN was IQeon.com – a website with more than 20 browser games of various genres, from shooters and casual games to racings and puzzles.

It’s not necessary to make a deposit to start earning cryptocurrency on the platform. IQN can be obtained absolutely for free for participating in various contests held by the project team, as well as for completing bonus tasks on IQeon.com platform. By the way, these tasks are pretty simple: participants just need to complete training, watch a presentation video about the project, take part in a quiz on IQeon social media and get from 0.1 to 5 IQN absolutely for free!

Deservedly earned IQN can be exchanged for other popular cryptocurrencies or withdrawn in fiat on such crypto exchanges as EXMO, BitForex, Exrates and HitBTC.

Website: iqeon.com

About IQN

IQN is backed by a team of professionals who pay great attention to the project quality and its constant development. Developers are creating a unique product across gaming and cryptocurrencies, which has few competitors in the blockchain industry so far. Thanks to its scope, which is now at the top, as well as the loyal community of the project, the value and price of IQN will only grow.

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