June 1, 2022

Gate.io rebranded

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Gate.io rebranding

The Gate.io exchange has updated its logo, corporate colours, slogan, and brand mission statement. The rebranding is linked to the platform's nine-year anniversary and the registration of 10 million users on the exchange.

According to the Gate.io design team, the new logo in blue and green colours symbolizes the exchange's honesty, reliability, and energy.

Gate.io's new slogan “Gateway to Crypto” (Gateway to Crypto) emphasizes its newcomer friendliness and large range of cryptocurrencies and trading tools.

The Gate.io team also presented a list of the platform's values:

  • Integrity — keeping promises;
  • Insight — keep an eye on the industry and create long-term value;
  • Innovativeness — seek solutions to important problems and keep products flexible;
  • Purposeful — to identify and meet user needs;
  • Collaboration — to share information, help users and partners and build a healthy ecosystem in the blockchain industry.

Gate.io is a Chinese crypto-exchange that serves 10 million users and is among the top 10 exchanges in terms of traffic.

The platform was rated 4.5 by Forbes Advisor in 2021. The exchange adheres to the recommendations of global financial regulators and may deny residents of the US, Canada, and several other countries access to some instruments.

You can read our review of Gate.io on our website.

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