November 10, 2021

Drive Token Review

Drive Token Review

Drive UG partners with companies all over the world to provide added value to its consumers in the areas of autos and traffic. Individual parking solutions, workshops, car rental, tuning, and other services fall under this category. The goal is to be able to pay with the token directly in the partner network or to benefit from it. In addition, the network strives to increase user numbers and fund competitions. Airdrops, stock market listings, competitions, and other marketing strategies are all available.

This is a community-based project. Proposals are shared with members in suitable forums, and votes are taken as necessary. This implies that every DRIVE holder, regardless of their holdings, can help create the future.

Drive Token

Drive Token

Drive is devoted to the entire range of individual transportation concerns, and it has given itself the goal of sustaining and continuously increasing the driving enjoyment and mobility of every person on the planet. DRIVE is enthralled by all sorts of vehicular transportation.

The following factors are crucial: Liquidity pooling is automated (LP) DRIVE's key competency is automatic LP. Here's a feature that serves as a dual-beneficial implementation for business owners.

For every transaction, all holders will receive 4%. 4 percent for the DRIVE token's liquidity To begin, the contract collects tokens from both sellers and buyers and adds them to the LP, establishing a stable price floor.

The increased liquidity benefits all token holders, network members, and the token itself in the long run. This method is necessary to provide stability in addition to pure speculation on stock exchanges, as well as to provide equal possibilities to all users.

All of this is in an attempt to address some of the issues with the current DeFi reflection tokens. For these reasons, we are certain that this paradigm and protocol will triumph over outmoded reflection tokens. The permanently applied LP method ensures all holders’ and users' long-term commitment. A pure "burn" technique is not only outdated but also opaque. Our method not only establishes confidence, but also a long-term relationship.

Drive's Objective

The DRIVE token should be able to be used to process payments within the network. This has various benefits for network participants as well as the token's exclusive owner. Payments can be made swiftly and easily from any location on the planet.

The payment method acquires a growing reputation as a result of the payment process and the acceptance of the members. As a result, in addition to pure speculation, a payment flow is ensured, supporting growth in addition to stock market trade.

Furthermore, it is critical for the network and its founders to ensure the long-term mobility of its members. After the initial IPO, a charity fund will be established for this reason, with the goal of providing personalized help for the Holder around the world.

To ensure extra value in addition to the pure ownership of the token, votes are held in the different social forums within the members.

In order to be able to offer individual added value to users, incentives are built in addition to pure network membership.

Discounts, bonus programs, better access to information, and expansion within network operators are all available to network operators. DRIVE should make a long-term contribution, in addition to the huge challenge of the predicted global shift in transportation from fossil fuels to CO2-neutral drive solutions.

Solutions from partners are already available in this area. This network should be built on the economic basis of decentralized payment alternatives and should expand in the short, medium, and long term.

Drive's Roadmap

August 2021

Initial public coin offering >network and investor initiation >management team expansion >Bscscan listing >network expansion

September 2021

Audit Positive by TechRate >Trust Wallet listing >Pancakeswap listing >preparations for coinmarketcap >preparations for Coingecko

October 2021

Showcase of the DRIVE App >showcase of the DRIVE Arcade Game

November 2021

Getting ready to go public on the stock exchanges.


Drive should be founded on the economic idea of decentralized payment alternatives and expand in the short, medium, and long term.


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