November 10, 2021

Dolphin (DLPN) Review

Dolphin (DLPN) Review

In BSC, Dolphin (DLPN) was invented with the purpose of creating ico. DLPN aims to be a decentralized, community-driven, and completely transparent token that supports cryptocurrency transfers through a cross-bridge.

Dolphin's purpose is to give the Blockchain community a solution that actually works. All tokens are supported by the project. And, once developed, the DLPN SWAP will let users effortlessly convert all Cryptocurrencies, Altcoins, and Note Tokens on a decentralized platform, regardless of the blockchain the cryptocurrencies were developed on.

DLPN tokens can be used for a variety of transactions. DLPN has been manufactured in a total of 7 billion units. Furthermore, the project provides you with all wallet links.

What was the distribution of the entire supply? Burning 85.7143% / IEO 2.4286%/ AirDrop 2.8571% / DLPN Faucet 5% and 5% Miner Burning / System development 1.4286%%.


The DLPN SWAP Platform will be similar to PancakeSwap. The fundamental goal of DLPN SWAP is to keep transaction fees as low as possible.

The DLPN NFT Market

NFT Market DLPN. You can trade DLPN tokens for NFTs in our own NFT market, where you can purchase and sell them.


GAMBLING ON THE DLPN On the DLPN games of chance platform, you can play gambling, dice, crash, and many other games of chance.


THE DLPN DAPP GAMES is a DAPP chance games platform with no administration, as opposed to DLPN GAMBLING. Both the DLPN team's games and the games developed by our community's supporters will be broadcast on a single website..


For performing various actions, DLPN Faucet rewards you with DLPN tokens, or someone with DLPN tokens rewards you with DLPN tokens for completing a minor task.

For instance, if you share a DLPN supporting photo, you will receive 10 DLPNs. Earn 10 DLPNs by visiting the website. Check out this video. Earn a total of ten DLPNs. DLPN can be obtained by completing tiny activities in your preferred manner.


Cross Chain Swap with DLPN You can move your DLPN coin between multiple blockchains.

If you want to transmit a DLPN token over BSC but the platform or wallet you're sending coins to doesn't allow BSC, immediately convert your token on the DLPN(BSC) platform to the DLPN(TRC20) platform and send your coins swiftly and effortlessly.

Why Choose Dolphin (DLPN)?

The project's power stems from the people who back it up. The platform's projects will be created and developed at a faster rate as the community grows. Here are the features that should convince you to choose DLPN.

DLPN tokens can be readily transferred across blockchains. On all blockchains, an equal number of 7 billion DLPN tokens were produced.

Because 7 billion coins on two distinct blockchains cannot circulate at the same time in simultaneous circulation, 1 DLPN token is equal to 1 DLPN across all networks.

  • Community Oriented
Community Oriented

For the community's rapid growth, DLPN has set aside 6% of the entire supply, or $ 100,030 AirDrop, at an ICO sale price of $ 0.007.

  • Transparent

The community will have access to all wallet addresses. All system innovations will be decided by the community.

  • Instant Transactions

Dolphin is capable of making quick money transfers.

  • Flexible

Dolphin tokens can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Decentralised Platforms

No company, fund, or individual owns any of the DLPN platforms. It has a development staff but no owner. Only members of the community who own DLPN tokens have a say in DLPN projects.

  • DLPN voting and Development
DLPN voting and Development

Dolphin organizes a vote in the community if members want a new idea or platform. If the Community approves the idea, their Software team will get to work on the project.

  • Low Costs

Unlike other currencies, DLPN tokens have no fees; you can only transfer DLPN tokens by paying the blockchain's gas commissions. On DLPN coins, there are no commissions. As a result, developers devised a method to prevent deflation, which you can learn about in the Deflation section.

  • Cross-bridge Blockchain technology

You can effortlessly move DLPN tokens between blockchains thanks to Cross-Bridge Blockchain technology.

To learn more about DLPN, visit their website:


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