August 25, 2021

Cryptocurrency Prices 20 Aug , 2021

cryptocurrency prices aug 20 2021

Yesterday morning bitcoin reached the local bottom, in a moment breaking through the level of $44,000, but soon began to restore quotations. The BTC rose above $47,000 at a fairly fast pace, where it is now trading. The bulls have hopes of breaking through $48 000 and reaching the circular psychological level of $50 000.

Altcoins, encouraged by the growth of the market flagship, also began to show strength. First of all, ADA should be highlighted, which grew by as much as 17% and took the third place by capitalization, displacing BNB.

Only VGX (+28%) stands out among the top-100 assets. All other coins are growing within 5-15%.

UMI cryptocurrency price is still not moving from $0.16.

????BTC $47,243 (+5.39%)
????ETH $3,212 (+6.71%)
????ADA $2.51 (+17.65%)
????BNB $427 (+5.26%)
????USDT $1 (0%)
????XRP $1.24 (+9.4%)
????DOGE $0.3208 (+6.11%)
????USDC $1 (0%)
????DOT $26.67 (+10.16%)
????SOL $71.74 (-0.36%)

????XLM $0.3719 (+7.43%)
????TRX $0.08771 (+4.72%)
????UMI $0.16 (0%)

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