July 22, 2021

Cryptocurrency Digest Jul 22, 2021: News, Analysis & Opinions

cryptocurrency digest jul 22 2021

⛔️ Alabama (USA) regulator followed New Jersey authorities in accusing BlockFi of selling unregistered securities.

JPMorgan allowed customers to transact in cryptocurrency products.

???? Global X applied to launch a bitcoin ETF.

???? Goldman Sachs surveyed 150 family wealth management firms and found that 15% have already invested in cryptocurrencies and another 45% intend to do so.

???? Paxos presented information on the assets that provide PAX and criticized USDT and USDC.

???? Tether said it will audit its stablcoin.

⚠️ The head of the SEC said that tokenized stocks should be regulated like securities.

???? FTX bought its shares from Binance.

???? The media has learned that Stellar intends to buy MoneyGram.

⚠️ British bank NatWest restricted transfers in favor of Binance.

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