August 25, 2021

Cryptocurrency Digest Aug 20, 2021: News, Analysis & Opinions

cryptocurrency digest aug 20 2021

⛔️ Binance introduces mandatory verification for all customers.

???? Bitcoin today renewed its local high above $48,000 and ADA entered the top 3 by capitalization.

???? Read our cryptocurrency market analytics, including UMI.

???? Missouri Mayor Jason Stewart intends to give away $1,000 worth of BTC to citizens to promote cryptocurrency.

European derivatives exchange Eurex will add ETNs on bitcoin.

???? Mike Tyson auctioned off a collection of NFTs on the OpenSea Marketplace. The NFT with Evander Holyfield's ear bite is there.

???? Bitcoin's chief critic Peter Schiff regretted not buying the cryptocurrency in 2011.

⚠️ Brian Brooks resigned as CEO of Binance․US because of disagreements with CZ.

???? Coinbase intends to buy $500 million worth of cryptocurrencies and channel 10% of its revenues into them in the future.

⛏ The world's largest asset manager BlackRock increased its investment in bitcoin mining to $383 million.

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