September 1, 2021

CoinEx added 10 new cryptocurrencies to financial account

CoinEx added 10 new cryptocurrencies to financial account

CoinEx Exchange has added 10 cryptocurrencies to its financial account. This is reported in the blog of the trading platform.

With the financial account, CoinEx users lend traders funds for margin trading. The exchange added:

  • BNB;
  • DOT;
  • SOL;
  • UNI;
  • LINK;
  • MATIC;
  • ICP;
  • XLM;
  • ETC;
  • VET.

In addition, the financial account supports USDT, BTC, BCH, ETH, ADA, DOGE, EOS, LTC, TRX and XRP.

Deposit yields are measured in seven-day APY, the annual percentage yield over the past seven days. At the time of publication, it stands at 9.4% for USDT deposits. The peak value for the year is 25.2%, the minimum is 3.8%.

Users receive remuneration every 24 hours. CoinEx credits it to the financial account and thus reinvests profits.

In addition to funding margin trading, CoinEx users earn an average of 74.6% APY from providing liquidity to an automated market maker (AMM). A total of 430 AMM markets are available on the platform.

CoinEx is a cryptocurrency exchange with support for 594 spot and 46 futures markets. The platform is part of the ViaBTC Group ecosystem, which also includes the ViaBTC mining pool, CoinEx Smart Chain blockchain, ViaWallet wallet and ViaBTC Capital Fund.

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