September 28, 2021

Coinbase to launch payroll-to-cryptocurrency service

Coinbase to launch payroll-to-cryptocurrency service

Coinbase will launch a cryptocurrency payroll service in the coming weeks. To do so, the US bitcoin exchange will partner with major recruiting players and payroll companies.

The Get paid in crypto feature will allow all or part of the remuneration to be paid in dollars, bitcoin, Ethereum or more than 100 other digital assets. It will be linked to a Coinbase debit card.

The connection is possible in the Coinbase app. Alternatively, bitcoin exchange staff can generate instructions for the accounting department of the firm in which the customer works.

The service is free of charge. Coinbase will earn revenue from the spread when converting fiat into digital assets.

With its initiative, the bitcoin exchange has gone out of its way to help clients. They advised to automate transfers, which are time-consuming and inconvenient.

Recall that in June, Coinbase announced the Coinbase Card debit card connection to Apple Pay. Previously, US residents could use Google Pay.

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