November 2, 2021

B-MONEY: Mementos for Blockchain

The demand for blockchain technology has actually arisen from the need for honesty and security against the economic and financial cycle/system that dominates the world. An alternative to the current financial sector has been created by offering services and investment opportunities as an alternative financial tool with blockchain. It has been ensured that this ecosystem has been developed and consolidated with the projects that are constantly growing and creating volume in the system.

Since the development of Bitcoin in 2008, thousands of new cryptocurrencies have been produced and “Bitcoin” has been described as the basis/exit point of them. (Currently -May 2021-total market cap of $2.5 trillion) But there are many scientific and social steps behind the power of today's cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. These steps require us to take a closer look at the leading names.

B-MONEY-DAO, which was developed based on the history of these scientific and social steps and pioneering names; It appears as a blockchain developed to inform people about the crypto money ecosystem and to create a social memory by bringing up important people and events in its history. It is a project that is a tribute to those who serve the crypto money community and aims to be the first in this field, transforming important milestones in its history into a “Memento” cryptocurrency.

Memento CC is the first digital version of Mint's Commemorative Coin. B-MONEY-DAO's cryptocurrency is B-MONEY. B-MONEY-DAO and Memento CC are named after Wei Dai's "B-Money" project in 1998 that inspired Satoshi Nakamoto. (Satoshi Nakamoto is the inventor of Bitcoin and the blockchain technology used today.)

B-MONEY-DAO aims to honor and reward people who are known to play an important role in the crypto ecosystem for their impact and contribution in the historical process. Each Memento CC allocates a stake to the people behind a historical event and their relatives. B-MONEY represents a reliable and strong exchange. Memento is the name of a project with CC and serial numbers in preparation for a market that will serve NFT vehicles in future planning.

B-MONEY: Blockchain Collectibles

These commemorative coin collections, which represent milestones and milestones in the evolutionary process of blockchain technologies, will be printed one by one and are aimed to preserve their value due to limited production.

New Directions in Cryptography

“New Directions in Cryptography” / Whitfield Diffie & Martin E. Hellman

Blind Signatures for Untraceable Payments

“Blind Signatures for Untraceable Payments” / David Chaum

Smart Contracts

“Smart Contracts” / Nick Szabo

Hash Cash Postage Implementation”

“Hash Cash Postage Implementation” / Adam Back


“b-money” / Wei Dai

Secure Property Titles with Owner Authority

“Secure Property Titles with Owner Authority” / Nick Szabo

RPOW – Reusable Proofs of Work

“RPOW – Reusable Proofs of Work” / Hal Finney

Bitcoin Domain Register

“Bitcoin Domain Register” / Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin Network is live

“Bitcoin Network is live” / Satoshi Nakamoto

First Bitcoin Transaction

“First Bitcoin Transaction” / Satoshi Nakamoto – Hal Finney

First Purchase with Bitcoin”

“First Purchase with Bitcoin” / Laszlo Hanyecz

Decentralized Apps

“Decentralized Apps” / by Ethereum

B-MONEY: Roadmap

The roadmap determined for B-MONEY covers the projects to be developed within the time frame covering the years 2021-2023. According to this; The activities of the project are segmented as follows:

  • Smart contract deployment and auditing in 2nd quarter 2021, “ICO” sale and “Dex” pool creation in 3rd quarter, and BSC-ETH cross-chain creation and commemorative token planning in 4th quarter.
  • B-MONEY coin-based staking system and B-MONEY NFT sales (serial numbers 1 to 1997) in 1st quarter 2022, governance 1.0: community enablement and B-MONEY Club launch 2nd quarter, next CC according to community management in 3rd quarter and the launch of NFT, and the launch of the NFT Marketplace in the 4th quarter.
  • Local blockchain development in 1st quarter of 2023, first event and physical coins for B-MONEY club members in 2nd quarter, Blockchain testing and launch in 3rd quarter, Interoperability across other chains in 4th quarter, and exclusive exchange for B-MONEY club members platform launch.

B-MONEY: Token Economics

  • Name: B-MONEY
  • Symbol: BMNY
  • Price: 0.02 BNB
  • Decimal: 8
  • Soft Cap: 118.220 BMNY
  • Personal Cap: 500 BMNY

The total supply of B-MONEY is determined as 808,400 BMNY. 788,190 BMNY (97.5%) is allocated as public share. 20,210 BMNY (2.5%) is reserved as locked supply. Locked supply is also allocated for founders, developers and marketing costs.

•	Marketing
  • Marketing: 1500 tokens locked for until soft cap reaches 25%.
  • Dex Pool Creation: 500 tokens will be available after contract deployment.
  • Developer: 2730 tokens locked for 6 months.
  • Investor: 1000 tokens locked for 9 months.
  • Founder Team: 5280 tokens locked for 2 years.
  • Wei Dai: 2021-1998=23 is equal to 23*400=9200 tokens locked for 1 year and if not claimed by Wei Dai, tokens will be burned.

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