September 13, 2022

Today we talk to the CEO of

Tecra is a startup that brings together young crowdfunding enthusiasts and creative visionaries of the future

Tell us about the creation of  your project. When was it founded?

Hi. When we start thinking about Tecra, we know that in the near future the economy will change rapidly. The old world economy will collapse, and the centralized system will need replacement. When we started the Tecra project it was 2018, as you can see we didn't make many mistakes, the world requires a new marketplace.

What objective do you set for yourself in terms of helping people moving forward?

We are implementing a worldwide marketplace. This is a SaaS model for the new generation of fundraising. We connected fintech payments (web.2), cryptocurrencies (web.3) and tokenization in one place. We are focusing on fast-tracked alternative IPO for startups and speeding up the exit point for investors by tokenizing fundraising using Tecra blockchain technology as a NEW FINNOVATION TREND.

Our main goal is to support the beneficial development of high-impact technologies to accelerate progress toward flourishing futures.

What's next in the pipeline for now?

We have to finish CMS for companies and our DEX exchange and also CEX BIG BANG to implement economy enablers for startups.

Did the DeFi movement change the industry in your opinion?

It will but when it will be more regulated. DeFi is like Pirate Bay, with a lot of scams, almost 80%. So we need to create a system to secure investors' money, then yes, DeFi will be the next generation of finance. 

What is your opinion on the current state of the STO market?

I am not a big fan of STO, too much regulation. We want to make tokenization safe for investors but without burdening it with the old way of thinking, bureaucracy and excessive protectionism of the different institutions.

What are the most promising asset categories to be tokenized?

Definitely the Longevity field and Green Transition. Gaming industry also, but we prefer to focus on state of the art technology, like Space. 

How has the bear cycle affected you?

Not too much, we are still in development. We have secured funds by the European Union grant program Smarth Growth. We are an established and well designed company, not just one sezon coin. We will survive and rise a lot. 

5 reasons why your project is worth investing in.

  • Unique technology targeting 96% of non crypto users, 

  • Vivid UI/UX for adaptation of mass user, 

  • Establish company and regulated rules for fundraising, 

  • Great team, from UK, USA, Poland and China with huge tech experience. 

  • And last, our coin price is very low 😉

We wonder if you have other projects in your portfolio? Do you plan to get any?  

Yes, we have more than 400 projects waiting, but for now we are not ready to list it manually. We are focusing on development. We are focusing on longevity projects. 

What kind of partnerships are you looking for (integrations, media partnerships, contractors, etc.)?

Yes, exchanges to build a global marketplace of real startups tokens. And secondly, marketing a lot. We are developers and what we need is more noise. 

Do you have any specific plans for the UK market?

Yes, but not only, we are a US based company, but we want to be global. We have a few interesting startups from the UK that we love to tokenize. We will see 😉

When do you think the bull phase will start?

Not very fast, we have bear market, stock market and crypto for the first time in history. It can take a few years. 

What are the most important and immediate goals for you in 2023?

We will finish development and start full scale operations. Also we will finish our VC round. 

To summarize, we thank the project and recommend their project for review.

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